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What Will You Do to Make Your Career Recession-Proof?

January 16, 2008 6:20 PM

In a challenging economic climate you might not be able to recession-proof your specific job, but you can definitely recession-proof your career. If you’re a mortgage lender and your company is in trouble, that job is likely impossible to save at this time, but that doesn’t mean your career is in the gutter. Right now is when all of us should be taking stock of our situations, assessing our jobs and developing a smart safety net for our careers. How are you assessing your company's financial health and your career's stability? Share your specific tips and tactics to help other women avoid being out of work.

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Consider initiating an Exit Strategy. This is a laundry list of steps to jump-start a change of employment while still gainfully employed.

Examples: Dust off your resume and update it. Talk with recruiters to see if you can parlay your skills into a different industry sector. Reconnect with friends and colleagues (they may have great insight or connections to share). Taking these steps will put you in charge of your life so when and if the ax does fall, you've got a Plan B already in motion!

Recently, WomenCo ran an article about the Ten Worst Innovation Mistakes During a Recession. I think these are a good start...but what else can we add to the list?

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