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Forget the Campaign Trail: Hillary's Hot on the Blog

February 13, 2008 5:12 PM

Whew. Things got hot on our blog last week when we asked if it's ok to vote for Hillary because she's a woman. All of the responses were passionate; many were heated. (The majority of people, by the way, said absolutely not to voting on gender or race.) We thought we'd look at another angle that some of you raised: Does Hillary carry the torch for our gender? If she loses, does that somehow crush the trajectory of women in positions of power? When Carly Fiorina was ousted from her perch at Hewlett-Packard, many pundits said her failure would make it harder for other women to nab those elusive Fortune 500 corner offices. Others thought it'd be unfair to use her firing as a barometer for an entire gender.So if Hillary loses her bid for the White House, what impact, if any, do you think it'll have on women's career advancement? Post a comment and share your thoughts with us.

Comments (27)

I am voting for Hillary because I feel that she is a great leader. She debates and fights harder than Obama and Mccain. I have watched the debates and clearly Clinton has won them all. We need a powerful and intelligent President and I feel very confident that Hillary Clinton is the ONE! The fact that she is a woman makes me PROUD. Go Hillary!

I very much admire Margaret Thatcher, and Hillary Clinton is no Thatcher. Barack is naive and his advisers don't know what they're doing. So, these two folks are out for me when it comes to electing the next president.

Hillary is simply running on policies which she believe in and those who vote for her should have similar beliefs. If she does reach her goal this should not deter any women, in the future, from picking up the torch and continuing the journey or from finding their path.

I believe one should vote for the best candidate no matter if that person is female or male. One has to consider that anyone running in the Democratic party now is far superior an intellectual than the current dumb, ignorant, inarticulate, low IQ score, President. He should see the writing on the wall. NO MORE REPUBLICANS!!!! Amen!

In my heart of hearts I want Hillary to get the nomination because it would be a major victory for women. However, I don't believe she will get the nomination because she doesn't have charisma. Obama does. Sadly, I expect most people will say she didn't win because of everything under the sun - except the fact that she was a woman. That wouldn't be politically correct. Most women are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Next time around, I hope we get a female candidate who has the magical quality of charisma, and then she will take this country to great heights.

A lot of people only see her as her husband. That a vote for her is a vote for Bill Clinton. That is why they call her "Billary". This type of rhetoric is basically saying that women can only be led by men. This propaganda comes from men and women are repeating it because they are influences by men of power. I am not an advocate of Hillary's but it makes me mad that they choose to condemn her because she is a woman rather condemning her on what is or isn't capable of accomplishing.

I think the fact that Hillary is running and that some people are taking her seriously, shows how much things have changed in this country. But I don't think if she looses that it will impact women's position in this society. Let's face it. She was able to run for presidency because she knows the right people and understands how the system works. This is also how men run for presidency as well. And isn’t this true for all positions of power? Hard work is definitely a factor. But from what I see success is about knowing the right people and being at the right place, at the right time. I still do not believe Hillary is the right president for us now.

dear mep: integrity in politicians? how is that not naivete? obama is reading from a script (just like everyone else). today his soundbyte was: "we need to make politics cool again". hello 18-year olds, LOL.

If Hiliary loses it will not directly affect my life. It will say that our country did not choose her for president. The opportunity for another woman to run for president will still exist. As for affecting our career advancements her loss may propel more of us to reach our fullest potential as working women and maybe she'll concentrate her efforts on the issues of working and non- working women. We need more examples of women helping women.

I hope the first woman President will be very successful and popular. A divisive woman President with no real experience who makes only easy decisions and blames everyone else for her failures is probably not the kind of President I'd like to see be the first woman President. Hillary can't win anyway, even if she gets the nod from the Democrats.

Regarding Carly Fiorina, do any of you know how often CEO's change jobs? Answer - all the time, for whatever reason. She didn't fail AT ALL. Quite the contrary. She continues to be among the most powerful people in the country.

just wanted to add...I am not a 'youth', nor am I a 'naive idealist', and it is precisely because I read and do my research and pay attention to politics, and value something called personal integrity in our leaders that I will absolutely NOT vote for Hillary...I mean Billary...

NO, NO, NO on Hillary!!! :( Have you guys not read all the negative work that she did in Arkansas and in the White House? The liberal media won't tell us that!!! You better research as I don't have enough time or room here to tell you how she will hurt our country!!! We don't just vote for her just because she is a female. She definitely DOESN'T represent me and I'm a 51 year old lady.

It's going to be an interesting race to the White House. I voted for Hillary on Super Tuesday and will vote for her again. Based on Presidential hopefuls today, I strongly believe Hillary has much to offer in terms of experience and platform. I find Obama, yes a bit too inspirational. Right now our country needs a leader not someone who inspires through a thoughtful process of verbal delivery. McCain, I believe will give us more of what we already have received through the Bush administration and that I find a bit scary. Hillary Clinton she's our woMan!

Obama is the hero of the youth and naive idealists (sadly, a lot of women on this forum seem to be those). He has tapped into a demographic that was untouched. He speaks empty rhetoric and gives soundbytes, for example, when he visits industrial USA, he talks the whitefolks what they want to hear - no more jobs going abroad. He tells people what they want to hear. That is not a presidential quality for me. Even though i would be a democrat if i ever beacme a citizen of the US, i am leaning towards McCain if it is Obama on the dem camp. i would vote for hillary.

33, engineer


I am a grad student at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, Women in Politics and Public Policy and probably the only woman voting for Obama. I refuse to vote for hillary just because she's a woman.

I don't like what her husband did when he signed NAFTA, causing factories to go overseas leaving hard-working Americans in the dust, having to get lower-paying jobs in service-oriented jobs of less-paying jobs.

He also put Welfare women in low-paying, dead-end jobs, and giving tax credits to many businesses. These jobs pay minimum wage, and many times a woman is not hired after the 90 days, therefore the company doesn't have to pay for benefits. Massachusetts is the 3rd highest cost of living state in the country. The National Average income is $34,000 to be able to live.

Women cannot raise their kids on those jobs, and remember. many women who go through a divorce end up on welfare becasue they can't afford to live as well. We should be paying no more than 30% on rent, however, due to the low-paying jobs, mothers are paying up to 50% of their inocme if not more.

Women should be encouraged to get a higher education, since education contributes to getting out of poverty. Working a low-income, dead-end job, is a barrior for women and keeps them in poverty.

Not to mention that the Clintons had to return furniture that they took from the White House.

And how about the Whitewater scandal in pertaining to real estate and someone ended up dead?

I don't have trust for them and neither do a lot of other people. I will vote for Obama. I want change, not 'business as usual'.

I want a woman, but not someone who's married to Bill.

Hillary has my vote because she is the best candidate running for the democrats. She has experience on capitol hill and years fighting as a lawyer. She is been a solid senator for NY. She cares about issues that matter. I think people misunderstood her message. People who actually work for a living get their wages "garnished" for their healthcare too. The only way you can opt out is by proving you have care some other way. Why should tax paying americans provide free medical care to other working people??

Obama is nothing but a soundbite.
He has very little political experience. He has not even finished his first term as a senator. What has he actually accomplished for his state of Illinois??? He has no notion of foreign diplomacy and has threatened our allies. His inexperience could be very damaging. He would not be respected by foreign countries. I don't even know what he particularly stands for or is interested in improving. All his ideas are old hat and he is merely latching on to what others are saying.

I have been turned off recently by Bill Clinton's comments about Obama and Hillary's strident voice. Whether she wins the nomination or not she has only herself to blame and possibly Bill. I will vote for a Democrat because of Bush and current administration. Can't see how Hillary's winning or not effects other women's jobs. That is just silly. I'm a former Republican Precinct Chairman who resigned to be an Independent many years ago. Right now I wouldn't vote for a Republican for dog catcher. Just hope Hillary or Obama gets the chance to be our next president!!!

There are so many unsung heroes that are carrying the torch. They may not get public notoriety, nevertheless, they are doing great things for the advancement of women. From the small business owners to the female managers and up to the executive level. Let's not forget about the grass roots efforts of all women.

Wow, I am quite taken back by some of the responses I read in the blog, ie saying Hilary has a "holier than I" attitude and thinking she is not affecting the woman in the work place. I am a woman who has fought my way in a male dominated workforce to make 6 and 7 figures. I have been a republican my entire voting life, yet I have to admit, I did my research on Hillary. I have read her bios, I have met her, I have seen the positive improvements she has made that the public will never hear. I support her. My Ivy league sisters also support her. She is a woman of strength that we need now. I am shocked to read that other women criticize her without doing their research. I have traveled the country and partipated in all male meetings so for me to read/hear that most of America is not prejudice against women is tragic. Hilary is a woman who stands in confidence not holiness. Why do we slap these cruel labels on women who are smart, brillant and stand up and defend good causes. Why do we/ women say its okay for a man to be this way but not a woman for she must be "holier than I" if she behaves in a confident, strong manner (as a strong man in the white house would act)- this is ignorance for we have a strong female leader. If you watch her in the debates Clinton's intellect, knowledge and confidence consistently show through and the better for her. When we have over 30million women who don't vote and women who don't educate themselves on who they should vote for - no wonder why we get ourselves in trouble. We need more women leaders like Clinton. I know myself that I would like to see more women in the boardroom. I would like to see more women making 6 figures and 7 figure salaries. I would like to see less women go through the pain that I do when working with 68 men on a large billion dollar project. Clinton could be a stepping stone for all women. Its a start. If you heard the men I met critizing her saying she should stay home and cook - you'd scream. We need to stand behind our sister. She is smart, brilliant and will be good for our country and strengthen our global policies. She has my vote.

I do not admire Hillary Clinton. Those of us who are educated and came of age as the boomer generation, generally struggled for equal pay, titles, recognition for our own work, often raising children alone and dealing with sexual harrassment in the workplace. Hillary seems to have had a far less difficult route. Her public and business record is blemished, people's lives have been permentantly damaged by the Clinton machine and her personal disregard, even visciousness, toward her secret service detail, the people who are sworn to give their lives to protect her, is abhorant. How can any self-respecting person vote for her?

There was a time when we women united and encouraged women to run for public office in larger numbers and we did vote for our gender, just to have representation. Some of those choices for mayors, counselpeople, judges, state and national representatives turned out very well; others were no better than the previous office holders. We remedied that with better candidates second time around. We applied to professional schools in fear of rejection. Today medical, dental and law schools graduate 50% or more females, but when we broke those barriers in the '70s and '80s, only around 2-3% of the grads were female. I want our first female president to do the office honor, do the job well and be a stellar example for the world to see. Hillary Clinton is not that woman, has little regard for others and is an angry, difficult person under the best of circumstances: It's her way or it's her way. Last week she said if people didn't want to pay for her ridiculous concept of a health care system, she would GARNISH THEIR WAGES, and yes I heard her say that. Garnishment is for deadbeat parents who refuse to pay child support as ordered, not the hard working American public, ladies. If the extraordinary Condi Rice was nominated, I'd be out on the campaign trail for her. If Kay Bailey Hutchinson is McCain's VP nominee, they will get my vote. KBH has one of the most well-run, effective Senate offices in DC. Surely we women can demand the best of our gender, not the worst, leading our nation. Yes, it's a powerful position, but it is a tough job, a thankless job, and with it comes obvious aging, stress and personal attacks. Keep Hillary as a NY Senator; it's a kinder, gentler position, but still has lots of power. If you love her, carry her banner; but please don't vote for her just because you feel some loyalty to a candidate due to gender. You are old enough to vote, so get facts and figures together and cast your November vote for the best choice for our nation, still the greatest nation on Earth. Experience, good judgement, integrity and moral decency. Does your candidate offer these qualities? Judith

In my opinion Hillary is not the right leader for this time in our country or the world, and that has no bearing whatsoever on her gender. Her not winning will have absolutely no negative impact on the standing or advancement of women in the world.

In my opinion, her not winning will be a blessing for us all. Barack Obama brings not only a personal charisma that she lacks, he also brings far more depth, substance and personal integrity to the table that will serve him well as our next president. And if how he has run his campaign without hardly a misstep against the well-oiled Clinton political machine is any indication of his capacity to manage and to lead with vision, integrity and inspiration, then he certainly has my vote without hesitation.

Sorry 'Billary', there is a time for every season and your season has past.

Such an interesting question.

Being in my 30’s and never having experienced discrimination on the job I have a challenge seeing how we are all any different from each other. While I was raised to see myself as equal and exactly the same as a man, I can now see that I am equal and different than a man. This took some getting used to but it is not about one being better than the other, it is more about our difference that compliment. Our society is also grooming women to have more traditionally male characteristics which makes our differences even less apparent.

I think what women have is needed, whether it be in business or in politics, for the sake of the people and the planet.

If anything, this election says to me that the playing field is being leveled. Whoever wins, wins, but the breadth of candidates indicates that this country is coming to accept that people are people and that we all have a place and something to contribute in whatever arena.

Thank you Hillary, for your ambition and strength.

A little more than 100 years ago Susan B. Anthony was on trial for illegal voting as a woman had no right to vote. Today I have the opportunity to vote for a woman in the primary elections to lead a world super power.

We are on the way up ladies. Believe it and do not make space for any other alternative.

With love,

Coach Joelle

I believe like some of the previous comments that the President does not control what happens in our country. That being said, we do have more women in Congress and the Senate however, there are more women in the United States than men however, most of the CEO's, high power jobs, etc.
are held by men. I believe that Hilary represents not only women but a woman who has rose above adversity. She had a substantial amount of embarrassment in her life and rose above. I believe she can lead our country when the chips are down.

I don't think Hillary losing her bid will have any impact on women's career advancement. The race isn't about gender. It's about the issues, and unfortunately for many, her stance just isn't right for our country. I agree with Ncnut, that one day the right woman will come along and will stand for what is right for our country.

I don't think a defeat for Hillary would stem the tide of women's progress in politics. We have made a lot of progress through the years and we've come too far to be daunted by a defeat of her candidacy. We have more women in Congress than ever, we have women in major positions in the corporate world, and the younger generation truly see themselves as able to accomplish what they want regardless of gender. Hillary's candidacy is only a win-win situation. Even the male of the species of this younger generation have different attitudes today. I think we rock!

If anyone is so foolish to think that any particular person, whether a woman or man, being elected President is going to make a difference is very mistaken. That is not how our government is fashioned. The only ones that can make a difference in this world and our government is each individual. The leaders cannot make a difference if we do not support. We would not have a recession if we didn't spend what we don't have. We need to make our presence and needs known to our local and state representatives and stop allowing lobbyists to buy their desires into our country. Seriously, if health care could have been fixed so easily it would have been. Just ask a Canadian or a physician who has worked in the Canadian health care environment and you'll learn very quickly that Canadians pay 55% in taxes and pay a monthly fee for their health care and then they can't get the necessary surgeries because the government only supports so much. They're coming to this country and getting their care. It's lack of education and the public not having a clear understanding of the issues.

I don't think Hillary repesents the women of USA, I feel like she is holier than I attitude has turned off people. And Dear ole high morale standard hubby is ruining what respect she did have. To me it takes someone that would do this country good and I feel she isnt & thats not saying because she is a woman. One day the right woman will come along and hopefully one day you want have to buy your way into office.

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