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Would You Vote for Hillary Just Because She's a Woman?

February 5, 2008 12:17 PM

HilaryObama2.jpgIn this week's issue of Time magazine, Susan Sarandon is asked by a reader how she'd feel if a woman became President of the United States. “There’s absolutely no reason why a woman shouldn’t be in that office, but I am not sure about this woman,” says the Oscar-winning actress, referring to Hillary Clinton. “It’s insulting to assume that because you’re a woman or a person of color, you would automatically back any woman or person of color. It’s a little more complicated.”

Tell us your take.
Would you vote for Hillary because you think it’s important for women to stick together? Are African-Americans abandoning their race if they don’t cast votes for Barack Obama? Or do you believe in the flipside: Is it a disservice to gender and race if votes are cast based on those criteria alone?

We also want to know if politics is dividing your office. How are the political passions of some very vocal employees impacting the workplace? Have you gone at it with a colleague over the candidates or the issues? Do you wish people in the next cubicle would keep their political preferences private.

Share your candid thoughts with us

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Crazy, isn't it? The lifestyles the famous live. Though I've thought many time how difficult it must be to not have any privacy and always have people and photographers everywhere... all the time. Guess it's one of things where you can't have your cake and eat it too. I think I would rather have riches and skip the fame part,

This is all just simply nuts to me. I watch these candidates and I wonder time and again who will do the best thing for our country. Admittedly, I am decidedly undecided at the moment. One thing I am sick of, however, is the the countless posts of women saying "women have been oppressed for so long, we need a woman in the white house." or "men have elected men just because, so why shouldn't we?" It turns my stomach in knots. I would NEVER vote for someone I felt was not a fully deserving candidate just because they fit some sort of racial or gender profile. Someone posted a while back who made a fantastic point. If you vote a BAD female candidate into the white house, how soon do you think it will be before another one manages to get elected? Chauvinistic men would jump all over that. You act as though some magical glass ceiling is going to be shattered by this happening. It won't be. If she fails, it will be a snowy day in you know where before another woman ends up with a party nomination. I would LOVE to see a woman in office. I would also LOVE to see the first African American in office. I however will NOT vote until I am sure I have settled upon the best candidate for the job. Whether they are black, white, male or female, my choice will be upon who I feel supports the issues. Remember those? what a candidate does with the issues is what will make a change in our country. Not his/her race or gender. Note: I am not bashing any of the candidates. I think they all have potential in one way shape or form. I just choose to make an INFORMED decision. I think we all should.

Like Susan, I eagerly await the day we see a female president, though I sincerely hope it is not THIS woman.

I voted for Hillary in the primary here in Calif. not because she is a woman but because she is qualified to take the office. I believe in Hillary as a president and I do think she is the right candidate. Of course I would like to see a woman be president but that is not the reason I voted for her. Hillary stands for the things I believe in. I know some of you have posted some pretty nasty things about her here but I for one do not pay attention to rumors. Most of the things that I find people are against her for are things that were NEVER proved in Court. It's difficult to express my opinion to others about this because we live in a country that bases their beliefs on rumor and inuendo. No one listens to any of the candidates with open minds. I don't see anything wrong with women wanting to vote for someone because she is a women. It is not my process for selecting a candidate but I do not condemn other women if that is their theirs. Personally, I am basing my vote on her past experience and the fact that I have mostly agreed with the opinions and values she has.
What irks me more than anything is some people claiming that women are stupid for wanting to vote for Hillary just because they want a female president. The people I hear spewing these vicious outrages are 98% republican men & women. They claim that the voters of america are stupid and uninformed. That may be true but these are the people that listen to Rush Limbaugh every day on their radios. I guess they think because he said it - it MUST be true right? hmmm seems a bit hypocritical to me but of course that's just my constitutionally protected opinion, I could be wrong. Reasonbly minded people put up with the arrogance and condescending touts of these people only to make them more angry with our diplomacy. Instead of blaming and laying fault to everyone or anything around them why not try to do something positive for your community? If you are so sure you are right about your opinions why not put them to good use and go and volunteer to campaign instead of - like I said arguing that everyone else is wrong and their opinions are stupid. Lets not forget we live in a FREE country which means we have the right to our opinions and we have a right to express them. If you disagree, fine don't listen but don't condescend and say we are wrong or uniformed - you have no idea what you're talking about.

I am not voting for Hilary--didn't do so in the primary nor will in the November election. I think both she and her husband have had their 2 terms in office and that is sufficient. There are others in the race I feel are more qualified--whether they have less, more or the same amount of experience.

I think Hilary Clinton is an extremely intelligent woman. I also think she is an extremely dishonest woman - human being. I clearly remember when her husband was in office - the Whitewater incident which solely involved Hilary - where legal papers suddenly appeared on a table on the third floor of the White House - to be found by staff and turned in to the Feds. She denied any knowlegde about how the papers got on the table - it was very obvious to anyone with a brain that the papers had been "planted" there. I also clearly remember her very arrogant face on TV when discussing the incident. I will not vote for her simply because she is a woman. I think there are other woman who have more experience and are more highly skilled and appear to have a higher standard of ethics - knowing the difference between right and wrong - and conducting themselves as such - then Hilary but who unfortunately are not running. I would only vote for a solid female candidate.

Well well, those are interesting questions and the answer is yes to most of them. I think the White House can benefit from the heart and soul of a woman for once, but not without the benefit of intellect and business acumen of course. Yes, I am a bit of a traitor to my race for voting against Obama because I am the mother of a brown skinned boy and Obama's presidency would influence the color of possibility forever. However it was Hillary who voiced and was sensitive to the predicament of the democratic voters. While Obama would be a brown man in office, I don't think he would have the presence of self to govern the special circumstances of civil rights any more than his predecessors. On the other hand, I think Hillary would be unabashed to say an issue affecting mothers or any given race is a wrong; when it is indeed a wrong. I am not sure where the venom for the Clintons come from, but for me the worst case scenario was that it would be a Clinton/Obama ticket or vice versa. That is, until Obama declared war within his own party.

No way would I vote for Hilary Clinton. She does not have what it takes to run our Country and neither does Obama.

You all need to check out the link below, cut and paste it into your browser and watch, listen and learn.



No, it's about casting your vote for the person who can best do the job. And I for one WILL NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton, even if by some method of trickery, she ends up being the Democratic nominee. I don't like her politics or the sense of entitlement she's had throughout this race. I hope to live to see the day when a woman can be elected to the presidency. Sorry to say, Hillary is not the woman for the job. She has proven that time and again over the course of the last few months.

THIS woman? No. When the next woman comes along, and she's even marginally better than Hillary, I'll vote for her in a beat! Around 20 years ago, the Pay Equity law was passed - meaning that women can no longer earn a measly 65% of what men earn. Funny thing is... it never was legally enforced until the year 2000!!! We were raised and taught that we must only work in female environments such as schools, libraries, nursing departments, welfare agencies, and such. Men have NEVER put much stock in our abilities to make financial decisions, manage companies, and supervise anyone older than mere children. Twenty years ago, a pitiful 5% of women were actually in managerial positions. Nowadays, it's around only 10%. Senators and anyone under the president? Under 10% are women. There's a double standard in every single thing in life for women and only one for men. Same thing for the military and even in the lowly janitorial jobs. Know what the REAL problem here is? Men older than 30. That's the basic requirement for being a senator or president. You can't be under 35. Men as old as 35 and over adhere to older traditions and opinions that have already long ago expired concerning women! THEY are the ones blocking us from advancing as quickly as men do. Remove the old men, and insert the younger men. The younger men nowadays are still fresh... they haven't been corrupted by the stereotypes against women YET. Only then, can we have any hope at all. This is a male dominated world, and on one level or another, ALL the women hatefully resent it. Come on! A married women doesn't even have the right to make ANY substantial purchase unless the MAN of the house is consulted with first. Most of the time, the husband does it anyway and then tells the wife. We're in a "Too bad for you" situation with all this testosterone and all this ego. It's even worse with the male politicians. Kick their butts, and vote for Hillary if everybody here has so much as a general opinion that another woman won't be coming along for a good LONG time.

Absolutely not. I vote for the candidate whose positions on issues I support. Gender has no influence on this decision. And I absolutely do not support Hillary.

I think that she represents just the opposite of what I think that a female candidate should stand for. She obviously has already been in the white house for 8 years and has had a huge influence on the presidential office. She turned her head when her husband degraded women his entire adult life. For those of us who have faced those issues made significant changes and she represents to me a "woman" who puts up with that behavior so that she can keep the power that her deceptive husband and our president has acquired.

If she makes decisions like that in her personal life then I dont want her anywhere near making decisions for this country. I am sorely disapointed that our first woman candidate comes with this kind of background.

YES! I would vote for Hillary because she is a woman. I'm sorry, we've been under the imperfect rule of men for much too long. I also believe Hillary is the best qualified candidate for the job, and the most accomplished. Obama is all fluff and speaks on very vague general terms. Hillary has very specific plans and a very long track record of REAL accomplishments. No one is perfect, and so what if the Clinton's had some glitches. Women have to stick together or we will forever be divided and dominated by the male view point.
I doubt if the condition of education, environment and peace will be addressed in detail by a man. This country needs a capable, experienced leader and that leader is Hillary Clinton.

"No I wouldn't vote for Hilary just because she is a woman" is the mentality you need to get away from. For so long, the world let the men control anthing & everywhere. You, housewifes, workinggilrs out there, truly could look back and tell me that the outcome is so overwhelming and so great that you don't even consider the power of a female and vote just because of that. Of course I am a female and truth be told I am no lesbian and no feminist. I do however read the newspaper everyday; watch the worldly news everyday. I do believe in the true colors of Hilary and yes I will vote for every single woman to get them into the White House. So few before USA ruled under female power and they sure did hell of a job. Why not Hilary?

Stop judging people based on race and gender! It really has nothing to do with how the country is run! White men have led many countries to their downfall, and plenty have led their countries to greatness. I agree, let's return to the issues. Vote for someome who agrees with your views on the issues, and not someone who is or isn't the race or gender you agree with.

Someone made a comment that Hilary hadn't been honest and had covered up scandals regarding her marriage. They also said she should have dumped him and called her immoral. Immoral is a religious term, dear. It is immoral to leave your husband because he had a moment of weakness. It's not your place to say who should divorce whom.

Also, someone said that women can't control their minds because their emotions get the most of them. I can't believe a fellow female is talking like this. Guess what? Not all of us are unstable! There are many good doctors to help those that only have one good week out of the month.

I agree with Susan Sarandon- it is insulting for people to believe or insinuate that women and/or people of color would make a decision on gender or race alone.

History will be made either way but as a woman especially, we will be looking at factors that impact our families (and our workplaces). To cast a vote simply b/c Hillary is a woman is ridiculous. Any vote cast should be based on the issues- remember those? Can we get back to the issues?...

Please read Frank Rich's column in the NY Times that makes a strong case for the idea that Hillary will lose badly to Mccain.


Voting for her, particularly for such a superficial reason, is irresponsible. Remember, with Mccain, more wars and the sealing up of the Supreme Court, possible undoing of Roe V Wade.

No I would not voice for anyone in regards to race and gender. I will not vote for Hillary because she is coming with stragedy as her husband. Barack is a change.

Oh Please---Why would anyone think you are abandoning your race if you don't vote for Obama if you're black or Hillary if you're white. I would hope that everyone would vote based on the the issues that are important to them and impact they feel their candidate would have on the nation as a whole. I am black and I am supporting Hillary because I think she will be able to do the things that need to be done to insure the future of our children and cure our economic woes. If she does indeed become our president---I hope we as women will support her and not let the press or Republicans weigh her presidency down in minutia. Its counter-productive and serves no one in the end. We are very fortunate to have had the quality of three good candidates running as Democrats (as well as the others). Its an exciting election year and I'm pleased to see so many young folks involved.

I would not vote for Hilary period!! She is a globalist and is for one world government. I am voting for Ron Paul. He is our only hope. He stands for the Constitution! He will bring our troops home immediately. He will illiminate the IRS! who likes to pay taxes. The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY owned bank. Its not part of the government at all!

I'm a 48 year old male with a Masters and I want Hillary to be given a fair chance. I am very upset about the media's slanted coverage, portraying Hillary badly while portraying Barak as a saint. What happened to his message of hope when he says that he can get the voters Hillary has, but Hillary could not get his in a general election? And what kind of friend is Edward Kennedy, when Hillary took all that flack when she was first lady over trying to get health care, the work of his life, and he knows her for at least 16 years and then endorses Barak; not that it mattered, as the true distinction between past and future that Barak keeps harping about was clear when Kennedy and Kerry could not deliver Mass. to Obama. I am just sick of Barak's underhanded digs, like, as I said, the constant harping he does about the distinction between the past and the future-if electing a capable compassionate woman is not about the future, is not forward thinking, than I don't know what is. And, while I respect him and his life's work so well, I am old enough to remember the Carter presidency and I think the dream-world no-concrete detail Obama might get eaten like meat before a lion in the fierce partisan world of Washington. So enough already about Obama, talk to the people in New York and realize what a bonus Hillary would be for us all!

James H.

I am a black woman. If we were to strip the issue down to simple gender and race, of course my allegiance is with the female gender. Girl power! I used to be an engineer and I was always discriminated based on gender, not race. However, this election means way more to me than just gender and race, Obama has inspired me. I really want him to go all the way. Further on the Democratic side, the Republicans know how to campaign against Hillary, they wouldn't know where to start with Obama. Obama '08!

No. I would not vote for Hillary just because she is the woman. I lived in Arkansas before Bill became president. They both have some serious skeletons in the closet. Besides, if I wanted another Clinton in office taking us back in time 10 years, that would be fine. I don't. The first woman to become president will define the office for other women who aspire to be president in the future. Unfortunately, I do believe that she would take this country in the wrong direction and the women of the future would pay for her mistakes. I would love to see a woman as our president. Just not her. When I was in college in Arkansas, I had a friend ask me if I was going to vote for Bill Clinton for president. I said no. Then she asked, "don't you want someone from Arkansas to be president?" I told her if that was the only reason she was voting for him, then please don't vote.

I would not vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Isn't that rather childish? I will not vote for her because there has been too many lies an deception involving herself and her husband. I don't know it she could make a good moral choice about things for our country. Things at home and the workplace affect each other. She has been downtrotted by her husband. Hillary would have had a better and healthier life/career if she would of gotten rid of her husband a long time ago.

I think that she's right on: there's nothing wrong with a woman, or a man of a different race, being president. BUT we must be so careful not to let those factors put them in better light in our eyes. We have to choose the one who will do the best job running our country. I do not think Hillary would. Obama would not be bad, but I differ with some of his political views... so I'll be voting Mccain, most likely.

No, I would not vote for ANY woman because she is a woman. I do not plan to vote for Hillary. We have different views on some major issues. I respect her for pursuing her dreams, but as far as I'm concerned, she has spouted the same rhetoric as the other candidates and even used tearful emotion to garner some support. She has to come across with some major ideas to change my mind. But then we all just have to wait until the convention, don't we? So what does it matter what we think until we know who's getting the nod?

Definitely not!! She may be a woman, but that's where the likeness ends. I don't trust her.
Do people really think that experience as the "first lady" qualifies her to be the president? Why are people not asking why she thinks she is above the law--when a person lies under oath and the whole world realizes this--why is she not behind bars? I can't believe that she thinks she is presindential material!! If she lied under oath, there is no telling how she can expect the public to believe and trust in her. I do not stand on the same side of any issue with her.
I wish there was a candidate I felt passionate about in either party, but I don't. I am, however, very passionate in my dislike and distrust of Hillary Clinton!! Eight years of the Clintons at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is more than enough. I voted for Obama just to cast a vote in the primary against H. Clinton. He won in my state.

I would not vote for anyone solely based on their gender or their race. But I do like Hillary and believe she will work at being the very best President she can be. We have all heard the old adage “A woman must work twice as hard to be considered half as good as a man.” I know she must be busting some you know what to get where she is both in her career and in the campaign. She must be one tough cookie. A lot tougher than I could be…and I spent 20 years in the Navy and I am a tough one. I know it takes a strong person to stomach the riggers of the campaign trail…What an awesome job she is doing!!!
Our society, including my own gender, measure women by a different standard. What a shame we/you do that. Why is it we measure a women differently because she has guts and courage, states her experience and credentials proudly, and does not buckle under pressure? Why do we find it offensive that Hillary decided with the help of her minister and family not to leave her marriage? I personally would have left, but that would be my choice. I don’t believe it is my place to judge Hillary for making her choice and it would be so unfair to assume she made her choice for political reasons and not for reasons of love, family, commitment and God…oh and those marriage vows she said once upon a time. Are we so cynical that we dislike Hilary because she is not living up to some female standard that we have set? The first women President of the United States will break that glass ceiling out of sheer gut determination and grit. She has my vote and support. And when she gets to the White House I hope we will all do what we can to make her presidency the greatest ever.
Now for Obama. I sure wish he had some experience under his belt. In something. Economics, foreign policy, domestic affairs…he has only been a lawyer since 1991 correct? Senator for two years, has not chaired any committees? Who does he hang with besides Oprah? Who would he put in his cabinet? At 46 years old what experience and leadership qualities does he bring to the table? Would you hire him to run let’s say GM? Probably not. Why do we want to hire him to run the most powerful and richest county on the planet?
It is going to be an interesting election. I think I would vote McCain before I would vote Obama.

I absolutely agree with Susan Sarandon-it is insulting to think a woman would vote for Hilary just because she is a woman.

No I would not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. I like that a woman is running and that she has made it to the primaries. But I will not vote for her. I have observed her as senator for NY. I noticed that she would change her mind on issues to suit the popular appeal. This gave me an impression that she is in this race only for the vote or to gain power and not to serve the public. I am an independent with democratic leanings. Despite her politics, I can only imagine what a challenge she must be facing. Even thought I don’t like her as a candidate, I feel offended when her critics ridicule her basically because she is a woman. I agree with others here that if we are well informed, then we will not choose our candidates based on race, religion or gender. We must try to evaluate each candidate based on their qualifications and if they will represent our interests. I found ProCon.org extremely helpful in figuring out where our candidates really stand on issues.

Yes I would. It is not a crime to vote for a woman just because she is. Time immemorial men have been voting and electing men just because they are men, even though they had nothing to contribute. However, in Hilary's case she is a smart woman, an accomplished politician, a woman who has feelings and is not afraid to show them. Feelings are God-given and scientific. We are tired of pseudo leaders who suppress their human feelings and engage in inhuman deeds. When leaders lose the human feel, they cease to have the human touch and thus create haves and have nots. The earth belongs to God and all who inhabit it. Nothing do we bring in this world and none do we take out. Then why the greed? Hilary is able to lead this country back to normal. Of course some women do not like her just because they are jealous of her. Some envy being in her shoes. Others just because they do not have the stamina and gentleness to handle all what she has gone through. This is a historical moment which I am proud to be part of. Long live, Hilary Clinton!!!

No. I will vote for the candidate that would best represent my values. Since neither of the democrate candidates share my core values, they will not IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM get my vote.

Gender should play no part in voting, just as race shouldn't. In this election, if she is the Democratic candidate, I will cast my vote against her. In our primary (VA) we are able to vote for either Republican or Democrat - I will vote for whomever I believe can bet her. I would no more choose my candidate because of gender than I would choose a candidate based on hair color.

Its Sen. Hillary for me. i will vote for Obama if he can articulate to me what this "change" is he keeps trying to sell. He comes across a political with empty rhetoric about change, at a time when change is needed. Its a good way to capture the market of the disenfranchised/disenchanted folks. I also cannot support Obama due to his views on gay marriage...he's anti gay marriage due to his faith he says. How come the emotion of faith expressed by a man is ok with the voters?

No, I would not vote because she is a woman. Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman, a qualified candidate, and I believe she can run this country well!! It is evident that American men do not want a woman as president of the US. We are in the 21st century, and it's time for change, for solutions, and Hillary can do it! I believe many of white male voters voting for Obama are sexist. Actually even men on the Republican side. They want a man, regardless of his race. Because of polical correctness and diversity, they can't come out and say it, so instead they try to burn her. Sexism a form of prejudism. The US, unlike other European countries, is not ready for a female president. And that's really sad!!

As far as Obama... people are not seeing the truth behind the scenes. I think this country will more divided, and in far worst shape than it is now. The rest of the world is watching us... and from what I have heard throughout Europe.... They hope the Democrats win, but many are hesitant to Obama, due to his lack of experience. After all he is only a Junior Senator! Perhaps in 4-8 years Obama could do well, but not now!

I admit that frankly, I did consider Ms. Clinton precisely because she is female, and women bring a certain consciousness, a certain egalitarian way of doing things to office--some women do. Even more so, I would vote for Senator Clinton because I remember an article done on her during President Clinton's first 100 days; a behind the scenes look at her running of a meeting with his new Cabinet. I read that article and through the reporter's eyes saw a powerful woman setting a standard that she expected President Clinton's Cabinet to adhere to--something a First Lady had never done so powerfully before. She earned my respect and admiration that moment.

But who will I vote for in the primaries? Barack Obama hands down. Why? Because he is African American and because we attended the same undergraduate institution. Something about being an Oxy Tiger binds you to fellow Tigers; perhaps it is the smallness of the campus; I have been wracking my brain to see if I remember running into him my first year there as a junior transfer ......

I also want to see an African American at the helm of this once great country. I believe Senator Obama can bring greatness and regality back to the Oval Office and rescue it from the joke status (and source) it has become.

Epic memory is also at the core of my allegiance and hopes for Senator Obama. The memory of enslavement is a visceral, gut-grabbing thing, and I am sure the Senator has had moments that inspired fear and trepidation as well as horror--moments that could be explained through none other that epic memory.

I trust that bond, I trust the Occidental bond; I do believe he said something to me one day about an article I had written for Occidental's newspaper .....

The ideal ticket for me? The one I hope the Democrats have the nerve to run? Clinton for President and Obama for VP; that is a ticket I would KILL to see and endorse with my vote!!!!


Dr. Niama L. Williams '85
Occidental College

No. Her gender and his race have nothing to do with who I'm supporting. I'm currently registered as a Democrat, but I've been an Independent party member in the past too. I was all prepared to vote for Hillary until just a few months ago. I liked Bill Clinton as a president and thought that having her as president would be a return to progressiveness and prosperity. However, once I started watching Barack and learning about him, I couldn't help but be moved to know more, and finally to support him...completely! I'm a 56 yr old, African-American woman who always thinks for myself. I'm basing my choice on what I've heard and read about Obama. He has vision and I believe we need a new paradigm if we're to solve our domestic and international problems and move successfully into the future. I'm concerned that Hillary's 'experience' may mean she's too ingrained in the system to rise above it and see how it can be changed; or how to work around the obstacles and issues that inhibit our government and systems. It takes new energy and vision to make effective change, and I think Barack has fresh ideas and new approaches that are critical to making a real difference. He doesn't have the old enemies that Hillary has, who may try to stop her, just because they don't like her or Bill. Remember how they blocked her efforts to do things when Bill was president. Many of those people are still in the House and Senate. Another quality Obama has that Hillary doesn't involves our international relationships. I believe having him as president will tell the world that we are finally walking our talk; that our issues with race and inequality have finally been put in their place; in the past. He'll present a 'new' face to the world that all nations can relate to and be comfortable with. Many of our most dangerous enemies will accept and communicate with him because he's a person of color, like them. Many countries don't trust us because our international face has always been white and they don't like white people. These same nations (some are terrorist strongholds, etc) don't hold women in high esteem. They won't take Hillary seriously and may not want to work with her. They'll see her as just a 'woman', unworthy of their serious consideration. On the other hand, Barack is a man, their equal. Remember the Iran Hostage Crisis, and other middle eastern situations where Jesse Jackson and Colin Powell were the intermediaries that were most effective in negotiations with these leaders. Maybe for once, we can actually make some real progress towards our security and peace. Barack's presidency could give us the common ground on which we can negotiate peace in the world. And, we women won't be forgotten because he's from a generation where the men don't discriminate against women the way our older men have...and we also get Michelle. She'll make sure he stays aware and grounded. I believe she'll be there to ensure that we women and children will get what we need and want. She's highly educated, well liked, respected and powerful in her own right. In other words, we'll get a complete package.

Hillary's supporters are about as sexist as Obama's supporters are racist. C'mon, people. Women over 40, which the media has identified as Hillary's base supporters, probably do identify with the glass ceiling and think it is about time for a woman to hold this nation's highest office. But I don't believe the intelligent women voters in this country would settle for just any woman. Hillary comes across as being a leader who is able to make the hard decisions. She is intelligent and confident and capable of running this country. I feel that she has effectively broken the "weaker sex" stereotype and has an excellent chance to become our next president. That is why I will vote for her, not just because she is a woman.

As for politics in the workplace, well, I am currently a stay-at-home mom, so that doesn't apply to me. My husband is a John McCain supporter. He manages a department that is mostly female and mostly democrats, but he says it hasn't caused any trouble at work.

Absolutely not! That would be a HUGE disservice to woman everywhere. I have been waiting a long time to see a woman in the White House but it's not worth it for HER.

Not a chance. I would vote on the basis of the agenda the candidate plans to bring to the table. That agenda must have mass appeal and benefit everyone. I am a democrat and I plan to Ba-Rock (Barack) my vote!

I would not vote for any woman just because she's a woman. There is so much more involved in making a choice for someone to run our country. I do not feel that African Americans are abandoning their race because they choose not to vote for Barack. Voting I believe is exercising our freedom to vote and to vote for who we believe is the best candidate to represent us and our country. It should not be a choice between gender and race.
As far as at work I am part time and I work with a predominantly African American female population. I am sure there are some who think like I do and there are some who think otherwise. I have not been a part nor have I witnessed any disputes about politics yet.

i commend all you women who want to vote for the right reasons. i would like to vote for the right reasons too...but please be aware, all this campaigning is just a circus and a marketing campaign. you might get all idealistic and self-righteous in wanting to vote right, but remember, for millennia, women have had hardly any representation. now is a chance to have the world's major superpower (sounds so bogus, but its true, innit?) to cross another important milestone. The reality is that in this "democracy" called America, agenda items get pushed forward only by the strength of lobbying and old-boys' networks and therefore women need to have more representation. Women in this country need to have the opportunity to dream that they too can aim for high offices, including the highest one, despite persistent discrimination and being subtly or blatantly undermined, so that they wouldn't hesistate to speak up.

In any case, remember, all of these are just politicians running for office, Obama is as much reading from a marketing script as Huckabee or Romney or Hillary. Sorry to sound cynical, but that's life, and its not fair and it has been supremely unfair to women. Its time to have a woman in that post. Hillary sounds articulate, intelligent enough, so let's get her there.

i commend all you women who want to vote for the right reasons. i would like to vote for the right reasons too. but for millennia, women have had hardly any representation. now is a chance to have the world's major superpower (sounds so bogus, but its true, innit?) to cross another important milestone. Women in this country need to have the opportunity to dream that they too can aim for high offices, including the highest one, despite persistent discrimination and being subtly or blatantly undermined. Remember, all of these are just politicians running for office, Obama is as much reading from a marketing script as Huckabee or Romney or Hillary. Sorry to sound cynical, but that's life, and its not fair and it has been supremely unfair to women. Its time to have a woman in that post and Hillary sounds articulate, intelligent and let's get her there.

No I would not vote for Hillary Clinton, woman or not. I am an Independant ticket. Since there are none running, I am hoping for a McCain/Huckaby ticket. I am a veteran and do like what they stand for. Good luck McCain.

Absolutely not! I can't imagine anyone voting for a candidate just on their sex, race or religion. Sadly this type of thinking does happen. As I have been around numerous women who say they are voting for Obama just on his looks. These people shouldn't be allowed to vote. I wonder how many Americans actually research who they will vote for? Hilary would not get my vote because of her universal health care plan. Canada has health care for everyone and when you are sick your name gets put into a pull and if your picked you may go to the top of the list. If not, you may have to wait for a year to see a doctor. I know this first hand from friends who live in Canada. I also want a president that will not allow illegals the same rights as those that come to the US legally. All this said, after all my research has been done...Mike Huckabee has my vote! Obama and Clinton are wrong for America. Wrong for the world.

I cannot believe that I would ever agree with Susan Sarandon, but, this time I do. She is not the right woman for president.

No, I would not vote for Hillary because she is a woman. People should vote for the candidate right for the job. Not for rock star movements or gender biased reasons.People should do their homework and stop getting swept up in rhetoric and persuasion.I have no faith in our country anymore. After all we have been through, most voters just want a party, and something to be excited about. I voted for Hillary because she has done the work, she cares for this country and she is not a rock star who has only had one hit.

I cannot understand why a woman with a degree and many years of experience cannot find a job where she can still pick up her child at school. I think another woman would understand that there should be more options, part-time jobs, telecommuting jobs, more flexible jobs in general. I'm willing to take less pay for that flexibility but there still aren't any such jobs in my area. I feel that a woman president might help with that more than a male, so yes, I would vote for a woman.

No, I would not vote based on gender or race for that matter. Their stance on issues and a viable/workable plan to address issues plays a stronger role in determining my vote. In addition to this is the candidate's ability to present a real challenge to the Republican candidate.

I'm female and Black and not too happy with any of the candidates left to run.

NO. I would not vote for a woman just because she is a woman, but I would especially not vote for a Clinton. I am sick and tired of both of them and their antics. It is a shame that there is not a better representative for the first woman running as president, but I think it is very difficult to find really good candidates these days given the pool to pick from. I come from a very republican family, but I am sure that the republicans will lose the White House this election because of all the damage President Bush has done here in our country and around the world. I am seriously tempted to vote for Obama because he seems to represent change and that is what we need. He does however, have to have a very strong cabinet around him. Because of his limited experience, he needs good counsel around him, not just a bunch of "yes" men.

I am all for women being in power...but the answer is no I wouldn't vote for one just because she was a woman. If I were black, I would not vote for Obama because I was black. I need to know that the candidate is interested in issues and values that are important to me.

I would not vote for Clinton because she is woman, but many women are doing just that. It is quite embarassing to belong to the over 50 age group, after reading some exit poll statements.
I am not concerned about gender, race, or party.
I will vote for the best candidate for the job.

I was and am so excited and proud that a woman is running for president, but I wouldn't vote for Hillary "because she is a woman" or for Obama "because he is a man or half black " I will vote for whatever person can get the job done, who impresses me with their values and policies. I am 41 and all for helping women get ahead in every way, we still have so far to go BUT when we vote in a woman as president, we have to make sure it is the right woman. We want the first woman president to really be effective and kick some butt, so we can't vote for someone just because of their gender, they have to be able to get the job done or we are defeating the whole purpose and making it even harder for women to continue to run and have a chance at being president. Hillary has certainly opened many doors and I applaud her for all she has done, but I don't believe she is the right candidate. i am an Obama girl myself.

No, I would vote for Hillary because I think that she's less of a novice than either John Edwards or Obama. HAving been behind her husband in the White House for 8 years, I think she had a lot of input and is already familiar with certain protocols , moreso than the others. She also comes off as a strong woman albeit a teensy bit emotional but that could be a good thing also. I don't get the impression that Hillary is anybody's fool plus she can't possibly damage the US's reputation and international standing worse than GWB did. At least, I don't think so.

First let me say that although we all come from different backgrounds, work and educational experiences, I am extremely surprised by the dense and insensitive comments made on this Blog by some women. Both women and men have good and bad days and we all make mistakes and bad judgment from time to time. So to relate Mrs. Clinton in such judgmental/emotional tones is not fair.

As a woman of color, I would not just vote for Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama just because of their sex or race. I am looking at American from both the domestic and international perspective and America needs real and tangible changes. We need to strengthen our economy, educational and healthcare systems and our safety and security – not only from terrorist; however, from sexual predators and those who prey on children and women.

If Americans, especially Republicans really looked at all of the facts surrounding America’s entrance into Iraq, we would rightly know that this current President had no right to enter Iraq the way that our military did. It was a bad plan and now we are all suffering everyday from his toddler-like decision.

We need a President who has a good and tangible plan for Americans to safely and swiftly withdraw from Iraq, stop sending large amounts of money overseas to the various Third World Countries. Unfortunately, many of the beneficiaries don’t respect America or Americans. Let Americans use our resources for better education so that we can again become leaders in the educational arena, increase salaries for teachers and healthcare workers, ensure that all Americans (not illegal immigrants) at least have access to basic healthcare, have a good plan to put away those who prey on children and women and a President who will once again take America to great heights worldwide.

I think Mrs. Clinton has the credentials and intelligence to lead America in the right direction again, both domestically and internationally.

To vote for a woman candidate purely because she is a woman is shallow, self serving and irresponsible (self serving because it only feeds ones' ego). To vote for the best candidate based on what is best for our country is noble. If that candidate happens to be a woman, then so be it, but that should not be a deciding qualification.

I would never vote for any female based on gender. If women are to get on equal footing with men in the workplace and in politics, they must be willing and able to compete under the same criteria and capitalize on their special and unique strengths.

I look forward to the day when women are judged and compensated solely on the basis of their character, abilities, special strengths and experience.


I would not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. I think one should vote for the qualified candidate, gender is not a real qualification.
Having said that; I would not vote for Hillary if she was a man or woman. I completely agree with what "Not Happy with our Choices" said. Hillary took women back to the 50's June Cleaver era by 'standing by her man'.

With all the hooplah going on, I almost became an Independent party....or better yet...a Republican. I find it drastically interesting how 'we' decide our government these days. What ever happened to really, really putting God 1st and foremost in this country??!! I thank God that my upbringing allows me to choose my vote by deciphering through the 'noise' and hear the evidence at hand. I mean really, really listen to what these candidates are about.

A year ago, I began checking on the history of all of the candidates no matter their race, creed or origin. Afterwards, I was taught to fast and pray about who I would cast my vote.

Gee! I really would like to ask some of these evangelicals about their process to voting.

Come on America!! This is America.....the land of the free and brave...right?? So when did it ever occur to someone to vote just because they were female and just because they were black?? Wow!! I'd hate to have to expose this kind of ignorance to my daughter.....but I'm sure she'll hear about it anyway...

No, I support Obama. As much as I consider myself a "feminist" - in the sense that I believe women deserve to be treated as equals. I also believe that women can also be equally wrong for the position. I believe Hillary is wrong.

I'm voting for Hillary because of her credentials, knowledge, savvy political experience and her demonstrated tenacity to get the job done. She's the leader America needs to get us back on track!

No I would not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. There has to be more substance than that. I have to have the ability to connect with her as a woman and as a potential president and at this time that is not the case.

I am a hispanic woman and I voted for Hillary because I think is intelligent, strong and a compassionate human being. Since she was a young woman in one way or another she has dedicated her talents to public service. So what if she is not all sugar and spice - I admire her for the strength of her marriage, a man by her side that admires her and supports her dreams and desires, a beautiful and respectable young daughter, a successful political career (presidential nominee or not) She is my hero! She is the best candidate period. Who ever thinks otherwise is being brainwashed by the media; read her books and read about her works on your own and come up with own opinion.

Absolutely NOT!!! I know that Hillary is not the right woman for the job! I will vote for someone who is pro-life. This issue is big with me. (However, I would not vote for ANY woman, even if it were not Hillary.)

I agree with Heather. Women tend to be more emotional than men. We need a leader in this country who will not cave emotionally when it gets tough and men are more likely to be able to handle the pressures than women. Women in corporate America are 4X more likely to suffer heart attacks than men. We need someone strong in office.

By the way, I'm a 35 year old caucasion woman. I am married and have 4 lovely children ages 6, 4, 2, and 11 months. (For the ones who like to profile people.)

No, I would not vote for Hillary because she is a woman. I am ecstatic that we are finally in a time where it has become a possibility, but that is not what would convince me to vote for her. I do not find her to be a worthy candidate. I also believe it is wrong to vote based on race or gender. I am a 52 year-old caucasian woman and I plan to vote for Mr. Obama because I believe he has what it will take, even without as much political experience, to change this country for the better and help with positive change in the world outside of our own United States. And he has what it will take to not be used by those in politics who feel they can buy their candidates to serve them.

The school of thought that says I will do something because I am a woman is what has led to the repression of women for centuries. It was the justification for keeping us out of the voting booth before the suffragettes fought for us, keeping us out of the military, and keeping us out of the workplace. I have my own mind, and I have my own passions, and I don't need to be told what they are or what they should be. I voted today for a candidate I am extremely passionate about not because of that candidate's race or gender, but because of that candidate's message. I think anyone in this country who cares deeply, who cares enough to vote, is taking the responsibility to choose a leader very seriously. Some people may vote for Clinton or Obama because of race or gender, because they perhaps feel that they share common ground with this person, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it's not a given. We have got to stop stereotyping each other in this country because it keeps us from talking to each other. I actually think political discussion should be encouraged rather than shied away from because perhaps then we would realize how much we agree with each other! Rather than eye one another with suspicion, I would like to see us engage each other, because then politicians who are speaking divisively, who are getting people enraged at each other and afraid of each other could no longer control this country. We would again control our destiny because it would be OUR destiny, one we have agreed upon through COMMUNICATION!! Companies should never tell their employees how to vote, but employees should have no problems with civil discussions among themselves.

One should vote for the best qualified individual. Our country needs someone with great character, someone that is trustworthy, someone that has a good morale compass, someone that stands by what they say and not pay attention to the latest poll.

No way! What an insult! In high school a teacher (female) asked the girls if they would vote for a woman running for prez. Our overwhelming reply was that it depended on what she stood for. The teacher was appalled. We explained to her, if you are saying we shouldn't vote for a man just because he's a man, why would you say to vote for a woman just because she's a woman. Anyone who is swayed by celebrity endorsements or the gender or race of a candidate isn't thinking for themselves. Focus on the issues. If you align most with Hillary, then vote for Hillary. Same for Obama or any other candidate.

NO, absolutely not, I would not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. FYI to the MBA.....and anyone else who is interested...there are at least 10 world leaders at this time who are women. They are in the countries of Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, The Phillipines, Mozambique, Germany, Liberia, Chili, Switzerland, India. Not enough room to give any other details, but am sure you can do the research and confirm the info. So, the seal is breaking around the world..we are off the hook.

As and African American and a woman, I was original for John Edwards. When he suspended his campaign, I went with Barak Obama, not because he is black but because I think he is more likely to make effective changes to this country and that he would be a unifier. As much as I like Hilary, (I once wanted to name my daughter after her) I don't like her for president because I think she is too devisive and nothing would be accomplished. They both have about the same stances on issues with the exception of health care. And in reality she only has about 6 more years of political experience than he does. Eight years as first lady with a failing health care plan hardly counts. It's not about race or gender, it's about effectiveness and change.

I wonder about the ages of all people making posts. Only one person seems to have identified her age. I think responses might be divided by age. Are younger or older more likely to argue for a woman for sake of gender?

Yes, I would vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Women think that just because we have the right to vote we are equal, well it isn't the case. We still make a percentage of what men do, we are still the butt of air head stereotypes and we still don't have equal rights. As the most powerful country in the world we need to be setting an example for women all over the world who really can't imagine a woman president. Not simply a puppet female head of state either, but a real elected, respected powerful woman.

Women's rights in this country may not be as volatile as they once were, but we have definitely hit a plateau. Break the seal and then worry about policy.

24Yrs MBA Candidate

As many others have pointed out - No, I would not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman.
We should base our decision on who we are most aligned with in beliefs and who we think will lead this country down the best path.

Personally, I am frightened by the possibilty of "this" woman becoming our president. I'm not very impressed with most of the candidates (Republican or Democrat), but am leaning toward a Republican choice.

As for my office place, no one is really talking about who they are voting for. There is allot of discussion about the primaries and what is happening, but we all kind of keep our voting choices to ourselves.

No. I wouldn't vote for Obama because he is black, either. I hope people aren't because of race or sex. They need to vote because they believe in that candidate, what they represent, and what they stand for. I will only vote for those whose issues are aligned with mine.

After working years towards being seen for what we contribute to society and not our gender, no woman should vote for Hilary just because she is a woman.

Kelly R. said it best. "As women we have fought for so long to be looked at as independent equals to men...Pick the person that is the best fit."

Choose the best person for the job. Race, religion and gender should not matter.

NO -- There is just way too much about the gender and race issue. Everyone should be intelligent and only vote for who they feel is the best candidate!!

Terry....I agree with you. Heather is over the top. Those comments about menopause and monthly heat are beyond gross and really highlight women at our absolute worst.

I wouldn't vote for an incompetent woman just because she's female, but I am proud to have the option to vote for a strong, viable female candidate this time around. I hope it's not a fluke.

Hillary Clinton will get my vote. She's her own person, has a proven record of standing her ground against the odds and adversity. She has spent most of her life standing up for what she believes in and democratic values.

I think it's perfectly natural to identify more with a candidate who shares your background and your ethnic, gender, or other status. Furthermore, it doesn't take much of a leap to assume that someone who has something in common with you is more likely to understand where you are coming from and your unique concerns. In other words, the candidate probably identifies with you in much the same way you identify with them. And that's something.

For me, however, this consideration is only a small sliver of what goes into making a voting decision. While I might be more sympathetic or supportive of Hillary because I know the particular challenges she faces as a woman, these feelings are not enough to overcome the much larger looming questions: Clinton's stance on the issues.

In the end, urging voters to use a "color-blind" or "gender-blind" analysis is little more than the outrageous assertion that voters are incapable of making informed, well-rounded decisions on their own. It assumes that women and African Americans, left to their own devices, will always vote for the candidate that looks like them. From reading the entries of other women on the blog, this is clearly not the case.

Politics is not just about the issues; it's about the person, and race and gender are an inseparable part of a person. We should let each voter decide the relative importance of these factors...though for me personally, they do not tip the scale in Hillary's case.

I just read the sickening post by Heather. She defintely hates her own gender and what a sexist, making a snide remark about menopause. Obama deserves to have her vote!

Hillary got my vote because she is superior to Obama, is the best qualified Democrat and she is a woman. Sexism is much more insidious in this country than racism. Insecure men and women are fearful of extremely intelligent and strong women; both of which Hillary represents.

TO JANIS: Isn't that how it usually is? Women pay lip service to helping other women, when the reality is we can't wait for each other to FAIL. That's the spirit in which all of these comments were written. Women don't actually hate Hillary, they're jealous of her success. And they worry that she'll have more clout and attention than they do, so they dump on her. I don't agree with her politics, but I don't support the mean-spirit in which she's attacked.

For years my friend John Murtari of Syracuse, New York has been asking Hillary Clinton to meet with him and a handful of parents in her Syracuse office. Clinton has continually refused.

Murtari is the founder of akidsright.org, a group of parents nationwide, dedicated to establishing civil rights for parents and families. They want to meet with Clinton to discuss creating a Federal Family Rights Act.

Murtari follows the teachings of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and often gets arrested for peaceful protesting with children's chalk outside her Syracuse office. Before he decided he needed to be a father, he was in school to become a priest.

He refused food and water in the act of noncooperation while in jail last year. It took 10 days before the medical personnel, who theatened not to intervene, finally inserted a feeding tube. He'd lost almost 30 pounds and was severely dehydrated.

I know John. And I know many of the millions of parents he speaks for who've been devastated by bad family law. Clinton has said "It takes a village." I say, "Hillary, your villagers have been calling. Why don't you answer?"

I would never do such a thing! Unfortunately, you cannot say that 'any educated person/woman' would not vote for Hillary just because she's a woman...I've seen plenty of so-called educated women that will vote for 'gender'...unreal...ignorance comes in all flavors and mentalities. I have long considered myself 'independent' because I will never fully agree or disagree with either party...my vote is always for the best qualified...great leaders come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and gender.

It would absolutely be a disservice to oneself to vote for a candidate based merely and solely on race or gender. What purpose does that serve? Each voter should, although many do not, carefully evaluate each candidate on the issues he or she finds important and which closely matches the voter's beliefs. I would welcome a female, a black or whomever as president IF they are qualified and IF they are of good moral character. Anything else is a waste of time. If you aren't inclined to take the time to evaluate the candidates, I'd rather you not vote at all. You may be the one who is voting the morons into office.

I would most certainly NOT vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. As women we have fought for so long to be looked at as independent equals to men . If we say we are going to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, that sends a message that we will not listen to what a man has to say because he is a man. If you ask me that is not equal in my eyes. And makes us women seem a bit narrow minded.

We are educated liberated women and should look at politics just as that. Pick the person who is the best fit and has the most fight in them for this country. We are Americans and should be united as one, not female and then male.

On a final note I am going to have to quote Cynthia down there towards the bottom of the page, "Not just "no" but "hell no". Nicely said!

Such an important decision should be based solely on the qualifications a person may or may not have -- its a little sad that there is so much discuss over the sex and race issue.
Vote for the person that will lead our country well. Very simple really.
However, I am sure that there will be some that vote against someone solely because of their race, sex or religion.

It's really sad that some of the most sexist statements I've ever seen are posted here by women.

I wouldn't vote for Hillary because she was so corrupt when her husband was president
I think it is important to talk about politics. I do not think we have any really strong candates from what I have seen so far. Hopefully more issues will be covered with the candates giving solutions rather than fighting and ignoring important issues

Not just "no", but "HELL NO!"

No. I am voting for her because she has experience and has demonstrated through the years she can get the job done.

No, I would not vote for Hillary. She did nothing as First Lady, why should we think she will accomplish any great things as President? There are a wealth of wonderful programs started by first ladies (education, anti-drug, anti-drinking, health care for children, etc.) All she did was write a book...which she accepted all profits! Where is her compassion? I believe that she is too self-centered and "stuck on herself" to be good for this country!

If a woman is qualified for the job, which Hillary is, I would vote for her. I believe in equal opportunity. Qualified women and minorities are very far behind white men in wages (i.e. respect). Take a look at the US Census sometime; you might be surprised how much less a woman makes in the same industry as a man. Women do not have the same opportunities in our culture, and if they are smart, hard working, and assertive, they are typically considered a cold hearted person. Some how this wrong should be righted. If qualified for the job, I believe women and minorities should be hired first, until there is a balance of wages, authority, and opportunity.

Yes I will definitely vote for Hillary not because she is a woman but because she is the right candidate who happened to be a woman. What is the detestable quality in her that is not already seen in majority of the past presidents and in the current contestants? Why is she held to a greater standards?

Vote by your conscience not by popular trends which are just that

No way. And I wouldn't vote for Hillary period. I think she's a disgrace to women. She allowed her husband to publically humiliate her to the entire world, with his lies and then truths about Monica Lewinski. But, she "stood by her man", if only for her opportunity to climb the political ladder.

Hillary, stay home with Bill.

I am a Republican who voted for John McCain (but really love Mike Huckabee). However, I do think Hillary Clinton is a very intelligent woman (much smarter than her husband) and I would rather have her as President than Barack Obama - NOT because she is a woman (although if all other things were equal, I might vote for a woman - why not?) But I hope Democrats will wake up from all the Obama hype and celebrity endorsements and realize that ALL THINGS ARE NOT EQUAL!!! Think about it - if you were hiring a new CEO for a major corporation - or even a smaller business, wouldn't you want the most experienced candidate for the job? I'm sorry, but Obama does not even come close. His resumé would've been sidelined without a second look, due to lack of required experience. Granted, he is an inspiring speaker - but there are thousands of those across the country - who would willingly admit they are not qualified to be President! One woman I would definitely vote for - and not because she is a woman - is Condoleeza Rice - a BRILLIANT woman, WITH a wealth of experience, expecially in foreign policy and diplomacy. She far surpasses Barack and Hillary in resumé strength. I wish she would be Mc Cain's running mate - she would be great!!! I wish she would have run for President herself!!

I voted for Clinton today. I think Clinton and Obama would both be good presidents. But, in the end, I believe Clinton has more experience. And, she is a woman. Yes, that was part of my decision. And, my mother is excited that she may see a woman president in her lifetime. My daughter hopes her first vote elects the first woman. How can the fact that she's a woman NOT influence my vote. Of course it does. And today, I represented for women!

I would not vote based only on gender (or race). I can find lots of prominent women that I do not agree with.

One has to get priorities straight. For presidential office, it is a priority for a (politically) capable person to be elected.

If that person is of color or a woman, that's an additional bonus in terms of speeding up social change: (s)he will pose as an important role model for a generation to come.

Regardless of the election outcome, however, change is around the corner: the fact that a woman and a person of color are serious contenders in presidential race is already a great thing in terms of role models. Next time around nobody can say "Oh, I don't have a chance of because I am a woman".

You say you detest Obama,do you not think that if Clinton wins she will ask Obama to run with her as running mate!

She is competent, experienced and very intelligent - We need to see credentials not sex or color.
It seems there are those who discount her because she is a women. And the majority of men and women who are intimidated by strong intelligent women; they are small minded.

I always thought that I would vote for the first woman who ran for president, but I have too many doubts about Clinton to do so. I don't like the negative campaigning, and there are a few too many skeletons in her closet for my comfort level. That said, she is tough as hell. I do like that. I voted for Obama in my state's primary, and I think McCain is a good man. If we ended up with that Republican in office, it would be the first time I wasn't devestated at the Republican option. I do wish someone would articulate an exit strategy for Iraq and Afganistan that INCLUDES rebuilding and relieving the upheaval, destruction, and poverty, however.

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman puts us all into the same frame of mind that has kept women out of high ranking positions. The focus on gender rather than what she brings to the table as a public servant makes the statement that "women are not good enough on their own merits." Is that really what we want to say?

No I would not just vote for Hillary because she is a woman. I voted for her because she is the most qualified. She is smarter, has a better health plan that we can pay for, is loved internationally, is more experience and was a productive first lady,has been on the arms committee in the Senate for 7 yrs etc. What is it with these woman, everyone bitches about Hillary but no one says WHY? WHY is she so hated? She is attached by the media like no other candidate.. What is wrong with woman,, this is not a popularity contest, it is for President.. it will be a long time before a better qualified candidate comes along. Before you dismiss her, give some reasons WHY.

The average shoe store may have 70-80 different pairs of shoes. It takes me forever to find a pair of shoes; let alone a presidential candidate if there were 80 of them. Florida can't even count the votes for one candidate. How would the country count for 80 of them?

I feel that every woman, somewhere in the back of her mind, whether she likes Hilary Clinton or not, is tempted to vote for a woman simply because she is a woman. I think until we can break these barriers of gender and race down, these questions and temptations will reamin.

I wouldn't vote for her period. Can you imagine what kind of decisions she'd make during menopause? or a hot flash? or any other time of the day she chooses to be a "woman" and have a mood swing, or or need I say more. We all know what women are like, and this country's crazy if they want one running it. I'm only 33 and only have one good week a month. I still run my own business and have a family and enjoy life; but, seriously, my body and mind are only all in full coherent order about 1 week a month. I can't imagine I'm the only woman like this. And I definitely couldn't run a country working 1 week a month.

No, I wouldn't vote for Hilary just because she is a women. For example if the present Secretary of State were running I would not vote for her.

No, I wouldn't vote for Hilary just because she is a women. For example if the present Secretary of State were running I would not vote for her.

I don't think that we should vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. This woman really scares me. Give me the right woman and I would support her 100%. We should base our decisions on fact not sisterhood.

No i will not vote for her because she is woman but because she is capable and smart enough to run the country. We really need change from a man running a country to a woman running the nation

Great question. Here are my thoughts.

It was not that long ago that I thought Hilary was our only hope. Now this was not because I knew of her politics or her stand, but because I have a certain association with being a women. For me, women often come from a humanistic view and are grounded in values such as compassion, generosity and love. I know not all women are like this but when I look at the world, I believe these are some of the qualities that need to be nurtured and at a gut level, the idea of a woman in the White House seemed to imply we would be heading in that direction.

With that being said, as I have listened to the debates from both parties I find myself drawn not to a woman and not even to my typically preferred party but to the candidate that seems to represent most what I would want to see brought to the current state of our country.

My belief is that gender based or racially based or even party based voting (solely) is more likely to come from an uninformed voter (as I was before I listened to everyone’s stand). But that when people take the time to get informed they are more likely to be voting based on the outcomes they want and who they believe will best serve them as opposed to some arbitrary characteristic.

Thanks for asking my opinion.

Coach Joelle

I still don't understand why we only have a handful of serious presidential canditates to choose from. Think of all the choices we have in shoes, potato chips, snapple, beer,lame fallen hollywood drug addicts, 24/7 news stations and cell phones. I think we all have messed up priorities, and until those change, we'll keep ending up with the same liars running for office.

Not JUST because she's a woman, but I did vote for her in today's primary as a Democratic candidate. I will gladly support either Clinton or Obama as the Democratic nominee in November, but I could not pass up this historical first-in-my-lifetime opportunity to vote for a serious female candidate running for president. If she was a Republican, I wouldn't have crossed party lines to vote for her, as a woman. voting Democratic in November will be an historic moment, no matter who ends up with the Democratic nomination. I'm glad I lived to see this day, and why the hell did it take this long to get here?!?

I was hoping to vote for John Edwards - I don't particularly like Hilary Clinton and I detest Obama. To me, Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing and the United States will be worse off if he is elected. If I have only two choices, Clinton or Obama - then it will be Clinton.

Absolutely not! I am a highly educated, white female (that comes from a republican family - some of which are prejudiced) and I am voting for Obama!

Like Susan, I eagerly await the day we see a female president, though I sincerely hope it is not THIS woman.

No, I would not vote for Hillary "just because she's a woman." That kind of mindlessness is what we need to get away from.

As for politics dividing my workplace---well, I work at home and my husband is a Republican while I'm a Democrat. And we're still speaking!

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