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Do Hillary and Katie Hold The Torch for All of Us?

May 12, 2008 3:59 PM

HilaryClinton.jpg Much has been written and said by pundits, columnists, and bloggers on-air, in print and online in the last two weeks about Hillary Clinton's failure to nab her party's nomination and Katie Couric's failure to stop the drop in ratings for her evening news broadcast. Some say these two were doomed from the start because Americans simply refuse to accept women in powerful positions that have always been held by men. Others say the Clinton and Couric defeats mean the road will be much tougher for other women; since these two were rejected, others won't even bother trying or support for future attempts will be lukewarm (at best) since backers will fear similar fates.

KatieCouric.jpgThen there's a whole other school of thought. Many people -- and they're by no means limited to those who've taken a dislike to either Clinton or Couric -- don't believe these two carry the torch for all women. They don't buy into the idea that our country is rejecting women. Rather, they believe Hillary and Katie haven't been as successful as each had hoped because of their own mistakes and shortcomings. Not because of a rebuke of their gender.

No matter how you slice it, both women have gone where no others had been before. They plowed through uncharted territory and for that they ought to be commended. We believe their challenges and triumphs will make it easier for more women to move ahead in areas that have long been dominated by men.

We want to know your take. Tell us where you stand in the dialogue on the advancement of women in light of the experiences of these two.

Comments (47)

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I believe both of these women are great role models for us all. They have already contributed so much that almost goes without saying. I think we should applaud their success, rather than focus on their so-called failure.

I do believe that Hillary made a mistake early in her campaign. Instead of being herself, she let her campaign handlers influence her 'image'. She was told to 'act tough' and to suppress her natural sense of humor and natural personality. It's the same mistake that Bob Dole admitted after his defeat to Bill Clinton. Too many politicians go for 'image' rather than for sincerity and the American people know the difference. Obama has not made that mistake and I think Hillary tried to correct too late is paying the price.

Katie, on the other hand, has made a good run at her attempt to change her 'girl next door' image by playing with the 'serious' news. I think she's simply not at her best in that venue. On the Today Show she was in her element and could show us her humor, compassion, gravity, and even an occassional silly nature. I think that's a more appropriate venue for her personality and her talent.

I don't care IF Hillary is not catapulted into office. She is the BEST example of a gutsy woman that our country has come up with yet.

Obama has far less guts.

Most men don't have her guts.


I haven't actually watched Katie Couric. So, I can't comment on her. But, Hilary disappointed me. I was for her until she portrayed wishey-washey tactics. She also didn't want to take responsibility for her actions or her words. I can't stand people who refuse to take responsibility.

The lesson from today

What happened tonight with Sen. Edwards endorsement of Sen. Obama should be discussed and understood by all women.

Sen. Edwards said on Monday that he is not going to endorse anybody publicly and let the voters decide. On Wednesday he decided that poor Sen. Obama needs help because he performed horribly in West Virginia (he lost by 41 points), so he went out and endorsed him.

There something really interesting about how men jump to each other’s help; something that women ought to analyze and learn. Something that could perhaps help them break the glass ceiling. Both Sen. Richardson and Sen. Obama said that they want the will of the voters to be the deciding factor in the election, and yet they both voted against the wishes of their constituencies, at crucial moments, in order to give Sen. Obama a boost when he was down.

What Sen. Edwards did tonight was steal Sen. Clinton’s thunder on a very special day. Some of the interviews she was going to give tonight on the TV networks where put aside. Instead of watching a brilliant woman explain to the American people why she would be the best candidate against Sen. McCain, everyone is talking about Sen. Edwards’ endorsement.

I wish there was one woman or one man out there that could do something similar for Sen. Clinton. Is there…? I highly doubt it. I suspect that gender bias is still deeply entrenched in this country, and shows why women cannot accomplish everything they can possibly do; men still gang up against them, and women are either too scared, or care too little to help each other. Men decided that Sen. Obama should win this nomination, and he may just do it.

Can we women learn this important lesson today?

I believe that Hillary has shown that a woman could some day be President. She has come very far and has not only made history but left a trail for other women to follow.
Woman should not use these two in any form as a reason to not pursue their dreams all the way to the top. You or I may be the one to break the ceiling....to set new standards for other women to follow as they both have.
After all, what is the worst that could happen? That you might make history, that you might be told no, that you might have to work harder so that those following won't have to work quite so hard?
There was a time when a woman in America was considered a man's property..when they could treat them as nothing more than a piece of furniture and by law get away with it. It took courage and hard work and not taking no for an answer for us to get the vote, to be able to work outside the home in "men's professions" to get the respect that we now have so that we would even have the opportunity to try to become President!
Hurray for Hillary for trying..Hurray for blazing the trail for our future Woman President!!

Politics weigh heavily on my mind and my heart these days. I agree with the woman who wrote that she would like to see a woman in the oval office, just not this woman. I don't think for a second that Hilary is right for this country, and the women who would like to vote for her for no reason other than Hilary appears to be a woman are so sadly misguided that I pray for them. I have seen so many photos of her on the campagne trail where the look in her eyes is nothing short of insane greed. Who doesn't remember that she was trying her hardest to run the oval office behind Bill when he was president? No wonder he cheated - she is power hungry, and scary. I feel confident and grateful in stating that she will not make it to the oval office. The only thing that scares me now is that there is a chance that naive, but well meaning and misinformed, otherwise intelligent Americans will put a Muslim in the oval office. There will be no benefit for the average American to vote in a man with such a different perspective. Does anyone know where Obama stands on reparitions for slavery? I haven't heard that topic asked of him - but it sure should be! I also want to say that I don't believe a good leader is going to over look the natural benefits we have in Alaska regarding our own natural resources to prevent "messing up the scenery" and let us keep relying on foreign oil. Who here can believe we would ever pay $4.00 + a gallon of gas??? We need to find a good clean person with the American people's best interest's at heart to run this country. I'd like to see someone take the job and refuse the pay. Serving our country is something we should do for the honor of doing what's right, not for the great pay and benfits when it comes to being an elected official. We seldom have leaders who have the foresite and intelligence to be so bold. I feel again, as in the last 4), that this election holds no best candidate, and I will put my vote to the candidate that I pray will do the least damage. The way our country is being ran leaves no question in my mind as to why the other nations of the world hate us and only come running to us in times of disaster (because they know we are suckers for a sad tale with deep pockets). Who in the world is going to come to our aid when we face our darkest times? We are in a serious economic state and things are going to get far worse. I predict that Black Tuesday is going to look rosey by the time our economy starts looking back up. Just out of wild curiousity, can anyone tell me why our current leader gave up the hunt on Obama Bin Laden (OBL) to chase after Sadam Hussein? We all do realize that the reason OBL designed his attacks on America was to crash our economy and that our leaders have helped him hand in hand to succeed - right? There is so much more I would like to discuss and to try to find a way for us to resolve and cure our country, but I don't know where to start. I feel, as so many people do these days, in that I am only one person and I'm not sure how I can make a difference - but if someone who is not some kind of conspiracy extremist can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it and run to try to make a change for all of us.

Here's my two cents worth as an image consultant. Women need to level the playing field when it comes to image. Men have deeper voices, broader shoulders ("to shoulder the world's problems") and they are taller. We need to ditch all those ridiculous "daddy's jacket" pantsuits in pastel (powerless) colors and wear feminine but powrful styles and colors. Katie Couric presents the Evening News but in the early days wore jumpers and blouses (collegiate!) which diminished her stature and cedibility.

The way you look and dress announces the outcome others can expect from you; and it also announces how you feel about yourself - and you'll be treated accordingly. The Evening News needs to be told by someone with a commanding (credible) presence. She needs to work with a good image consultant and voice coach to enable her to have more of a commanding presence and speaking style. She's still got her coffee klatch image.

The strength of a woman lies in her unique combination of softness combined with power and strength. Men are naturally aggressive, women are not, and that is our strength,and we need to express this power visually. Men have square pecs, jaws, buttocks and nails. Women are round in those areas, so why do people try to put us in boxy, masculine clothes? That is part of the problem with Hillary Clinton. She wears pantsuits. Skirts are more powerful, because they are more formal. Only lately have the colors she wears improved - like the red pantsuit she wore! She wore too many grunge colors and "bridge playing" colors, and not enough power colors and accessories.

Women need to have a powerful commending presence every minute. What both women overlooked was consistence. You can't look like you're playing bridge one minute and running the country or newsroom the next.

“At this point, I wouldn't vote for her if she were the only candidate on the ballot.” This statement is so typical of a Hillary hater!

“She's a crook, and she's trying her best to steal the nomination, and that has nothing to do with gender.” Is your name Michelle Obama? Woman, we all get it, you hate Hillary with a passion. You language is inexcusable, and before you talk about Michigan again, please do yourself a favor and get informed.

A look at how this woman is defending Sen. Obama:

“And think about this.....if Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton in the same way that he has been attacked, he would be accused of "beating up on the woman".

He has soooo much ammunition that he could use against her, but he knows how high the stakes are, and his value system won't allow it. So many people are trying to make this race about race.....unfortunately they seem to be right. It has nothing to do with gender....”

This race has to do a lot with gender, and this woman is probably not informed about the way media, and especially men in the media talk about Sen. Clinton. This race has a lot to do with race as well, but I believe that attempts to blame this on Sen. Clinton are hilarious. “Wrightgate” is not Sen. Clinton’s doing; the fact is that Sen. Obama did associate himself with that crazy anti-white and anti-American character for 20 years; he got married in his church, had his kids baptized by him, and exposed his kids to the pastor’s rhetoric and hatred for their entire lives. I would say that this is enough to make race a big issue for white voters. Also, the fact that many whites vote for Sen. Obama while a majority of blacks vote for Sen. Obama as well, make race an issue, but not in the way this poster thinks. In some states he got more than 90% of the balck vote. The black vote is clearly a racial vote.

The fact that he is not getting the blue-collar vote is not due to the race issue; it is mostly due to the blue-collar mistrust in an inexperienced candidate to run the country during these extremely difficult times. Blue-collar voters simply don’t believe that Sen. Obama cares about them, and they don’t think that he is capable to solve their plight.

Yeah, Sen. Obama tried to introduce the gender issue and he failed miserably. He tried to introduce Sen. Clinton’s “cookie” issue from 1992 in a speech, and the backlash from that was so swift he never tried again.

It is not “his value system’ that would not allow him to play the gender card; it is simply wrong of him to do it. In this day and age, when discrimination against women is still widespread, when women absolutely have to earn their living, how can one even think about asking women to stay home and bake cookies? And it is wrong to compare the Wright story, which is about an anti-white and anti-American crazy priest to the cookie story. Women are not anti anything as far as I know; if anything, you could say that women don’t support each other enough.

Michelle Obama did a good job for him, going around the country and bashing Sen. Clinton. It is no secret that she hates Sen. Clinton with a passion and she doesn’t understand how Sen. Clinton dares to oppose her husband. One Sen. Obama supporter called Sen. Clinton “a monster”. His surrogates are doing a really good job of attacking Sen. Clinton on a daily basis.

Sen. Obama said that he wants to run a clean campaign, but his speeches hid barbs and subtle attacks against Sen. Clinton. On the one hand he belittled her experience during her White House years, and on the other he kept saying that she was in Washington for too long. He laughed at her repeatedly on the campaign trail.

The media - especially men were absolutely horrible to Sen. Clinton because she is a woman. She was described in all kinds of ways that no woman could ever feel good about; this is why she has to be very tough and prove herself over and over again.

What ammunition are you talking about? Are you talking about Republican ammunition? Are you talking about the stuff that happened during Pres. Clinton’s terms? Is it fair to dump all the stuff on her? Not only that, how much of that stuff was a result of a mighty Republican push to get Clinton out of there and grab the White House? The media – a large part of which is in the Republican pocket, played a big role in creating this huge anti-Clinton sentiment as well. I think that Republicans and the media and many people who bought all this stuff hate the Clinton’s with a passion because they didn’t succeed in getting them out of there and destroying them. The Clintons are extremely strong, and I think that is a desirable trait in the fight for the nomination, and in a president of this country.

I would like very much to see most women rising above this simple minded hatred against Sen. Hillary Clinton, but I guess we have a long way to go…

It seems to me that most people don’t want to look at what really happened in Michigan and Florida. Sen. Clinton won both primaries convincingly. To be fair, you have to look at the whole story.

Once you look at the details, you will see why Sen. Obama refused to go along with a revote in Florida and Michigan despite the fact that donor money was there for a revote; he would lose big.

If you think that Florida and Michigan should not be counted, you are taking one big chance to lose the Florida and Michigan Democratic votes in the general election. More than two million people want their voices heard; it is that simple. The primary issue was treated badly by the DNC, and people will remember that. If you seat all 48 states at the Convention, you have to seat Michigan and Florida as well. All 50 states have to participate.


On December 10, 2007, the Michigan Democratic Party issued a press release stating that the primary would be held on January 15, 2008, and that the Democratic ballot would contain only six choices: Hillary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Uncommitted, and Write-in. The press release also urged supporters of Biden, Edwards, Obama and Richardson to vote "uncommitted" instead of writing in their candidates' names. In order for any such write-in votes to be counted, those candidates would have needed to file additional paperwork by January 4, 2008. None did so.

Barack Obama’s name didn’t appear on the ballot, but his supporters ran a very aggressive campaign to try to get people to vote uncommitted.

594,398 people participated in the primary and want their voices to be heard. Sen. Clinton won.

Results in the Michigan Democratic primary:

Hillary Clinton 55.23%
Uncommitted 40.07%
Dennis Kucinich 3.65%
Mike Gravel 0.40%
Christopher Dodd 0.65% (he withdrew before the primary)

Michigan Democratic Primary Exit Poll:
Question: If these had been the candidates on the ballot today, for whom would you have voted in the Democratic presidential primary?

Hillary Clinton 46%
John Edwards 12%
Dennis Kucinich 2%
Barack Obama 35%
Bill Richardson 1%


In Florida, 1,749,920 people participated and want their voices to be heard. Sen. Clinton won, despite the fact that only Sen. Obama showed up on TV.

In the run-up to Super Tuesday on February 5, the Obama campaign ran a nationwide television advertising campaign that was shown in all states, including Florida. Obama's campaign asked for the ads not to be shown in Florida, but were told by the cable networks this was not possible.

Results in the Florida Democratic primary:

Hillary Clinton 49.77%
Barack Obama 32.93%
John Edwards 14.38%
Mike Gravel 0.30%
Joe Biden 0.90% (he withdrew before the primary)
Bill Richardson 0.86% (he withdrew before the primary)
Dennis Kucinich 0.55%% (he withdrew before the primary)
Christopher Dodd 0.31% (he withdrew before the primary)

Being in a male dominated field these women might not be percieved the correct way because they might be trying to be like their male counterparts and not try to be themselves. Hiliary Clinton is very smart woman but she is being not being percieved this way in the media sometimes. She has great ideas but it is not recieved by the public in a positive light sometimes. Katie is boring as a CBS anchor and it seems her personality has been lost because she seems to be mimicking the other male news anchors. She need to infused her personality into this position for some hope to continue to be the CBS anchor. I worked in male dominated indutsry and it is about talent. If you are smart and talented, it does not matter.

I don't think gender has anything to do with Katie Couric's struggles on CBS. I enjoyed Katie more on the Today show because she was able to be herself on the show. The CBS Evening News is a much more serious and "tight" platform which I think does not suit Katie very well at all.

With regard to Hillary Clinton, I have learned so much about her since her campaign for the presidency began, and I don't like any of what I've learned. The sense of entitlement that she and her husband carry around is nauseating. The level to which she has lowered herself, this "by any means necessary" brand of negative campaigning truly makes me sick. There have been comments made about Barack Obama being courted by the media, but I beg to differ. Do you call the last few weeks a courtship, regarding his association with Rev. Wright? Why is it that no one is talking about Sen. Clinton's associations, of which there are many, that would bring into question her true beliefs and values? Has everyone forgotten about White Water? And Ron Brown? Do you think Hillary is innocent or ignorant because she was only the First Lady at the time? I don't think so. She's always talking about her tenure as First Lady as being part of her "extensive" experience. Well if she really was all that involved, then she too is guilty by association. At this point, I wouldn't vote for her if she were the only candidate on the ballot. And by the way, she was the only candidate on the ballot in Michigan, where all Democratic candidates signed an agreement not to campaign in either Florida or Michigan and to have their names removed from the ballot. How can she say she won Michigan when her name was the only one still on the ballot?! She's a crook, and she's trying her best to steal the nomination, and that has nothing to do with gender.

And think about this.....if Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton in the same way that he has been attacked, he would be accused of "beating up on the woman". He has soooo much ammunition that he could use against her, but he knows how high the stakes are, and his value system won't allow it. So many people are trying to make this race about race.....unfortunately they seem to be right. It has nothing to do with gender....

Very proud of the accoplishments that both women have made for womenkind. Both women still have tremendous opportunity to further evoke change and perhaps pioneer in other direction. All is not lost!

Quality always transcends gender. If you are the real deal- people will respond. Katie isn't the Katie we have known on other shows. And people sense this, that is why her ratings have gone down. She isn't her fun, direct, true self.

Hillary isn't half the woman she was years ago. I liked her back in the early years- but then she caved to promote Bill, and also watered herself down to appeal more to the public. She has not stayed true to her original ideals. Now she has this spoiled sense of entitlement that is just a big turn-off.

I am a female. I grew up in Iowa on a farm. We all worked hard on that farm- and gender never entered into the equation. I had 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Male or female you sure had to get the job done. It never occurred to me that I couldn't do something because I was a 'girl'- and no one ever said that to me. I have always had my own mind, my own very strong voice and if I wanted to do something, I did it. I believe if you remain true to yourself, are honest and truly try to achieve your goals with determination and fairness- no one is going to notice your gender. They will, however, notice your character.

I get really upset when I see comments like these coming from women.

“Now, I'm all for a woman in the oval office, just not this woman. I don't care for her tactics, I don't care for her campaign based on inevitability, and I totally don't get the working class devotion to her.”

Well, you are going to get your wish, and perhaps get Michelle Obama there, a vengeful, bitter, angry, hateful woman, who will go after the people who opposed her husband. She already went around the country telling people how Sen. Clinton cannot run the country because she couldn’t run Bill. That is an awfully ungracious tactic, and beneath somebody who aspires to be a first lady. Then she went around complaining that America is mean, that she wasn’t proud of America until now, that they just keep raising the bar, and why don’t they want to hand in the presidency to her husband? I just don’t see her as first lady material. She seems very petty, she can’t hold her mouth, and she seems to totally lack the grace for such a role. Campaign based on inevitability? Who are you talking about, Obama?

What “tactics” are you talking about exactly? Are you talking about the deceiving Obama tactics –saying one thing, and doing another? Saying that he runs a clean campaign and then hiding hurtful comments in his speeches and sending surrogates to do his dirty work? She has been pretty civil to Sen. Obama. Yes, she did say that she has the solutions for the problems we face in America today, that she is able to clean up the mess left by the previous administration, and that she would be able to lead form day one and I believe her. However, she didn’t call him an “untrustworthy”, “deeply flawed candidate” the way he called her. The media ran with it and played a big role in constructing this kind of image for her.

Sen. Clinton had to withstand a sea of hatred and unfair comments hurled at her by men and women in the media, and many women sat by and watched and said nothing. All this time her opponent got a free pass. The media built him to a superhero status, withheld the info about him, and released it when it was already too late to have enough impact. He first didn’t know about anything that anybody was doing, and then maybe he knew, than he wouldn’t distance himself, then he would distance himself, etc. Whatever the man did, the media found an excuse, and the fans cheered up. He can blabber all kind of empty nonsense, change his mind, lie, and everybody still agrees with him. Come to think about it, a lot of people voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004 as well. I give a lot of credit to all the courageous women who spoke out against the media coverage and the very unfair way Sen. Hillary Clinton was treated.

You “totally don’t get the working class devotion to her”? That is because she understands them better than the “bitter” guy, and she is not looking down on them like Obama, and she is not considering them a necessary burden like the Republicans. They know that Obama is mostly concerned with the plight of black people, and would be focused on that. If anybody else besides Sen. Clinton gets the vote, the working class will be forgotten again.

How exactly did you come up with a "role model for white, elitist, wives of ex-presidents everywhere" (aka -- role model to no one)? That sounds like a racist comment to me. If you want elitist, look no further than the Obama family. They are well off today. The Obamas may have started poor, but they took advantage of the system to the hilt, they went to all the right schools, and they hung around with all the right people to deserve that label.

“More Americans want to see someone who can unite the country, instead of keeping it divided.” You are kidding, right? You have got to give credit to the media for a brilliant manipulation of the facts in the election. If anybody is keeping the country divided, it is the Clinton haters, whose feelings have been inflamed by the biased, horrible, and unfair presentation of Sen. Clinton’s campaign. Sen. Hillary Clinton said repeatedly that it is time for all Americans to have a president! I think she truly embraces everybody, including the black community. Her husband, President Bill Clinton used to be called the “black president”. I never heard a statement like hers from Obama, and I didn’t get the sense from him that he truly understands white people, and he cares that much for them. In fact, I believe that he considers a lot of them “bitter” and “clingy”.

Your comments are pretty standard on the Internet from Hillary haters. I have seen almost the same sentences many, many times. Repeating standard Hillary insults does no credit to a woman.

I am very proud of her, and the way she focuses on her goals, and the way she carries herself during this campaign that is extremely difficult for her. Waking up every morning, and working as incredibly hard as she does against such odds and having to withstand the ferocity and unfairness of the way she is presented in the media and talked about her by Hillary haters and Clinton haters, and working for what she believes in is nothing short of amazing to me. She is a true role model and an inspiration for women and all girls in this country. For the first time in history Sen. Hillary Clinton gives real meaning to the words that a girl can grow up to be anything in this country, including President of the United States of America. Wow!.

I love Hillary. She is a pioneer, a warrior & a hero. I am so sick & tired of the Glass Ceiling. I am sick & tired of the double standard. She is a pioneer, a warrior & a hero. She has sacrificed to opened the door for the next viable Female Candidate, to do really well. She has prooven finally a woman can get the votes. I hope the cowardly women & men out there who didn't vote for "the woman", because they weren't brave enough to go against stereotype & were afraid of what their "buds" would think of them, if they did, & Hillary didn't do well...ooohhww... the razzing they would take. ooooowwwwooo the "I told you so"s, they would have to endure,...shame on them, shame, shame, shame!!! Because of the cowards, we are missing out on a terrific leader of the free world. What a great perspective she would have brought to the next 4 (possibly 8) years. All I hear is we need a change. Duuuhhhh...!!! Where were you cowards when the universe dropped in your laps the perfect, positive change maker of this era. You don't "not" vote for the perfect candidate for fear of embarrassment or ridicule, just in case that candidate doesn't do well. Our forefathers would be disgusted with what we have become. Those Suffragettes who sacrificed so much to secure us the vote & other women's rights, so short a time ago, would be weeping to see the cowards some women & men have become, today. I am sick to my stomach. Hillary is a pioneer, a warrior, a hero, & a very gracious & capable Lady & Leader.

Both women are to be commended on their accomplishments in fields traditionally dominated by men. Having said that, I believe their current struggles are not the result of their sex. It lies in who they are -- their personal brands.

Katie Couric brilliantly marketed herself as the bubbly, wholesome all-American reporter who could get just about anyone to spill their heart out. This is not the persona America is looking for from a network news anchor. They want a worldly- wise, objective viewpoint, and even though she can deliver, the brand she shaped for herself is at direct odds with the expectations of this post. America can swallow bad news from Peter Jennings - but not from our girl Katie.

Hillary Clinton is powerful, resourceful and resilient. She built a masterful brand as a consummate politician. But America is looking for a statesman in their next president. Someone with ideals, vision and the ability to bring both sides of Congress to the negotiations table. Hillary's brand oozes political process and Washington D.C. hubris. This is not the brand America wants in the Oval Office.

Katie and Hillary built amazing personal brands. Unfortunately for them, America's not buying them.

-- Nina Martin

I think Hillary is terrific! She is brilliant, poised and articulate & will make a difference whether elected to the oval office or not.

Katie Couric is a talented journalist, however is a bit too perky for me during the nightly news. I do not find her credible enough for 60 minutes yet - she doesn't seem seasoned enough, in my opinion. I really enjoyed her in the AM, not sure what it is about the evening slot, but I don't tune in to her anymore.

For the record, I think it's ok for women to reach out for more - even if they fail or take another path sometimes. If more of us had the audacity to go for it, more of us would succeed without questioning our worthiness to do so.

The media which is still predominately male run and male owned has been hard on both these women. The media has over-scrutinized every flaw and every statement Hilary has made, whether she was right or wrong. There is still gross sexism going on in our country yet many choose not to see it. Whatever mistakes each of these women have made it has surely been over emphasized and over reported by the mainstream media.

I love Hillery and that will not change. I regret that she went negative on Obama because I was counting on her winning on her own merit, and should have saved the kitchen-sink stuff for McCane.

I have never taken to Katie Couric for some reason. Never enjoyed her interviews, and don't particularly like seeing her on tv and never have. There are other women broadcasters who I adore so I am sure it's not her gender that turns me off. It's her.

How sad that so many women don't recognize sexism today. Yes, there are those that would hate any Clinton or Democrat for that matter, but the deep-seated anti-woman element to this campaign is basic and all pervasive. One example I see every day comes from my web provider, AT&T. Whenever they post a media clip about Clinton, it is prefaced with a negative question or comment (e.g., Should Hillary quit?). Always they have presented her in the most negative light, as has much of the press. She is either portrayed as too weak or too brazen. If the same conditions were applied to a man, the ideas would never be brought up at all. When she recently won a state, they actually had that as a title for a intro article, but within an hour that had been pulled from the homepage and a negative article replaced it -- in fact when I tried to find it in the history of articles it was even pulled from that!

Just the use of the name 'Hillary' is an example of the sexism. One could argue that it is used to differentiate her from her husband, or that it is a unique name and stands out. However, one could also argue that it is used to make her seem more familiar and less important than 'Obama' or 'McCain'. On a subliminal level, we respect more those whose last names are used.

Clinton's dress, hair, make-up, speech pattern, etc. have all been analysed ad naseum, while we've heard none of this nonsense about the others.

For many years, I worked with young women 18-28 the majority of whom truly believed they had reached equal status with men in the work place and never questioned that they would earn less. They had bought into the idea that if they worked hard enough, they would be treated equally. They never looked at Congress as a powerhouse of male domination imposing views often quite different from what women need. Too often women are experts at convincing themselves that their 1/3 filled glass is really full and they should be ever-so-grateful for whatever is in that glass.

To assume there is no sexism in this race is to also assume there is no racism left in the country. Believing lies does not make a better person or nation. Accepting the reality of our world can lead to change for the better, not a leisurely wallow in a past that was never as great as some pretend.

Should Clinton be president? That choice should be made on her abilities, expressed policies and opinions, and track record -- not whether she is brazen or mean or the other nonsense reason so many people vote on. Gosh, I wonder what a brazen man sounds like?

I believe women are held to a stricter standard in most arenas. From comments about how we dress ("too feminine" is no good, but neither is "too masculine"---it's very difficult to get it right) to our parenting skills to our communication styles, we are scrutinized more closely than men. It is particularly hard for a woman to get her point across and appear "tough enough" to serve as an elected leader or corporate CEO without being labelled a "bitch" or worse!

I believe that Hillary made some major errors in how she used Bill on the campaign trail, and in trotting out the old Clinton loyalists. I also think that she comes across as short on empathy. A female candidate must be able to convey her humanity without appearing soft or wishy-washy, while at the same time conveying her intellect and decisiveness without appearing brusque. It's a hard path, but no one ever said it would be easy.

I believe Hillary has been over scrutinized in all areas. How disrepectful is it when I see smirks on the faces of young male/female commentators when discussing her campaign. weaknesses/losses. She is held to higher standards than her running mate. Who by the way, deceives and has other people do his subversive work for him. Hillary is straight forward, sometimes harsh, but they have forced her hand by their ways. Hillary and Chelsea are held accountable for Bill's former discretions. Obama is pampered like a helpless school boy not having to be held accountable for his wife's outlandish comments or even for his lack of policy content. He's all talk, no substantial walk. This is about gender/color racism: male/female, white/black and white people are afraid to speak up, afraid of the repercussions.

Katie is outstanding. Women and men are intimidated by her subtle and gentle power and strength in news reporting.Often times gentleness, softness, femininty and a sensitive caring demeanor is perceived as weak, stupid and worthless. Unfortunatey, we live in a society that seeks out, even from women, brash, cold and ruthless commentary as a means of entertainment. Katie makes us really listen, think and feel the news as it affects us in a human personal way, for ourselves and others. The weak are truly afraid to listen as it might upset their false realities. If one actually listens, Katie makes it difficult to dismiss, because of her lack of male arrogance or dominance, what the news story is really about.

Women,black or white, usually younger, dimiss accomplishments of other women in favor of men, black or white. This is clear by the numbers of people caught up in Obama's rhetoic not knowing or even caring about his actual policies or personal beliefs.(20 years of listening to separtist sermons and claiming he did not know) Women are sometimes toughest on other women. It's about time women come together joining forces to support each other.

Hillary is by far, the stronger candidate, who will bring forth the changes that Americans want.
She, at least, knows how to do it and has a proven track record.

We, as women, should be outraged by the biased media.

I think the media is way-off on this Issue. It's not a man-woman issue, and it's not a skin color issue: Katie just got beat out... It can happen to anyone... But in the political race, the issue is core values...

In reality, there's not a dimes worth of difference between Hillary, Barack, and the General News Media. Their politics are the same.

The National & Global conflict comes from the love European Forms of Government and the desire for United World Government verses the love for an Independent People's Republic form of government.

Since Hillary and Barack share the same politics, we are left with Personality as the only real factor between them. But if there is a political reason why Barack is ahead of Hillary, it is simply because Hillary explains in detail what her plan is for America, and Barack speaks only in generalities.

For example, Everyone is for "Change", but not everyone is for "National Health Care". So in this example, Barack gets 100% of the vote and Hillary gets less than 100%.

I don't think Hillary's failure to capture the nomination has anything to do with people disliking women in power... I think it has to do with people not liking Hillary. Now, I'm all for a woman in the oval office, just not this woman. I don't care for her tactics, I don't care for her campaign based on inevitability, I totally don't get the working class devotion to her. What I do see is people very passionately for, but more often against her because they see her as a "role model for white, elitist, wives of ex-preisdents everywhere" (aka -- role model to no one). I don't think her campaign is a failure, I just think more Americans want to see someone who can unite the country, instead of keeping it divided.

As for Katie, I just don't think she has that much appeal. She was so much better in her previous positions where she could show more of herself and be more interactive.

Reading through the comments, I am amazed at what is going on. Women haven’t learned their lesson yet. They haven’t learned to appreciate and stick with each other. Maybe some, just like Nancy Pelosi, would not like to see another woman become so powerful. I am surprised that so many women buy very easily into the media hate against Hillary. They are not really listening to what she has to say, because they already judged her and found her guilty, often times based on beliefs informed by the anti-Hillary and anti-Clinton campaign in the very biased media.

If women would read very carefully about everything she has done, and everything she wants to accomplish, they would see how she evolved into this brilliant woman that is capable to run this country, and actually knows what how to do it. She has done her mistakes, she learned what works and what doesn’t, and she would do great as our leader.

It is amazing to me that women are capable of forgiving Sen. Obama his lack of judgment – after all, he exposed his own children to a crazy pastor and to his brand of hatred for their entire lives; the same women are not able to forgive Hillary some of her past mistakes. Sen. Obama’s wife Michelle was never proud of America until it became possible for her husband to be nominated. She also hates Sen. Clinton with a passion. If rumors are true, she would be the one who would never agree with a joint ticket, even if it makes sense for a lot of people.

Would you like to talk about lying and flip-flopping? Did you know that Sen. Obama went around Iowa and told people that he passed a nuclear disclosure regulation bill? It was in the local papers. The truth is that he proposed a bill, and shortly thereafter he succumbed to pressure from companies and lobbyists and watered the bill down to a form that never even made it to the floor for voting.

Let’s talk about NAFTA. Hillary explained how her stance on NAFTA evolved, and how some parts of it are good and some parts are bad, and it needs to be reviewed and improved. The way she evolved ob this issue proves to me that she is a true leader. She can take a position, and then improve on it as needed. Obama on the other hand, said he is for NAFTA, and then he sent his surrogates to Canada to tell them not to worry, he is just posturing and he doesn’t intend to do anything about it. That is typical of the way he deals with most issues, and that is the mark of a man who panders to everybody, and doesn’t get anything done.

If you want more ideas about a possible Obama presidency, look at his pal, Sen. Patrick Duval, who got elected in a similar fashion, because he is a fresh face that says he represents change. They even used similar rhetoric, and Sen. Obama borrowed some words from his speeches. What is happening now? He wasn’t able to deliver on his promises, and his approval ratings are very low.

How about universal health care? Even Elisabeth Edwards said that her plan is better. Hillary messed up big time before. She didn’t know who the key players were, and how to go about it, and she had more than 100 million dollars of negative campaigning run against her plan. She learned from that big time. She has been in the Senate for a long time, she knows the players, she knows how to get this thing right, and historically this is a good time to do it. She already accomplished a lot in behalf of children. Leaders learn from their mistakes. That is what Hillary is doing. She would get it right this time. Her plan is indeed better. I don’t know what women out there are thinking, but they should be able to figure out for themselves that universal access to health care should be a given in this day and age when job security is basically non-existing and health care costs and basic life are rising much faster than paychecks. Moreover, studies have shown that her plan would cost less per person. Think about car insurance; many people would not buy car insurance if they wouldn’t need to. It would be the same with health insurance, which would raise the prices for everybody else. I think that Hillary’s plan for universal health insurance should be our goal, and there are ways to help the people that absolutely could not afford it. If we don’t do it now, we miss a historical moment when it is actually possible to do it and many more people are going to suffer needlessly. If there are any women out there who think that health care in this country should not be universal, I am worried about kind of women they are.

The thing is that only one candidate has what it takes to change the path this country is on, and that is Sen. Hillary Clinton. Sen. Obama is all talk and little substance. The top spot in the country should not be regarded as training ground; it doesn’t even make sense to me that he came so far. We should not elect a president because we think he/she is cool and different, but because we think he/she has what it takes to run this country. Sen. McBush, oops, I should say Sen. McCain would continue on the same path which is highly profitable for a small number of Americans, and destructive for many, many Americans. Hillary has also proved that she can work in a bipartisan way, more so than Sen. Obama. As Sen. Hillary Clinton said, it is time for all Americans to have a president, and she is the only one of the three who can truly do it. I am very proud of her.

I am tired of being told that I must back Hillary Clinton because she's a woman. Isn't that sexism -- just in reverse? I opposed her husband, and I oppose her, not because she's female but because her politics are not mine. As to Katie Couric, Hollywood has always run on stereotypes, and it has always been fickle. What it loves today it hates tomorrow. Look at Barbara Walters; she is still a key player at ABC, and she did it back when all the news anchors were wearing suits and ties.

I think Hillary is being held to a different standard. She has been scrutinized and put on the defense in a way no man has ever had to deal with. I think Hillary provides something no other candidate provides and that is solid solutions with substance. She is talking detailed plans on how to address the problems of this country. Funny how when a man fights dirty he is cheered and when a woman fights dirty she is jeered. Obama may be rallying the people with a message of change but where are the details behind how he would address the problems of this country. I'm not hearing it. The media plays the gender card, the media plays the race card that forces the candidates to go there. Its like a self fulfilling prophecy, they end up with no other choice but to go there. As for McCain he is probably the best candidate to deal with the war in Iraq but if he doesn't quickly identify how and who he will surround himself with to address the economy he doesn't have a chance. Political races should be run on an even playing field it should not be the wealthiest man wins, the one with the most funds wins. Airtime should be equal and free. Campaign funds should be equal so that the best man or woman can compete on and equal playing field. The process for both democrats and republicans should be the same. The system is broken, this country is of the wealthy for the wealthy, we'll just have to pray about it,vote our conscience and hope for the best.

Prior to her bid for the presidency I held deep admiration and respect for Hillary Clinton. That has now changed. Hillary played dirty and showed a lack of integrity. It is true, you reap what you sow. She has loss face with many who had great esteem for her.

As a woman business owner who sees everyday the challenges faced by women in a white male dominated society, I believe in part that Hillary and Katie have a tough road because they are women. On the other hand I believe that Hillary has a history that many people don't like and I am sure Katie may too, but the fact remains that they are strong, determined women who are doing things that no other women have done before. Back before women could vote, people thought the women who were fighting were terrible (some still do) but we are coming around. I think in 100 years they will be pioneers in their respective fields and it will be more common for women to be in these positions. I look forward to the day when women will hold the highest position in the land and it is no big deal. Right now, I am not sure our country is ready, but Bravo to Katie and Hillary for fighting the fight, regardless if we like them or not!

These are two different issues and to put them both on the same platform is making them gender issues, and I don't think they are, at least with respect to Katie Couric her initial news style was too soft for most of the public to care....I wanted to give her a chance, I like her, but her nightly news was stupid initially. It is getting better. I actually think theirs is a more unbiased news program than NBC's Brian Williams who is incredibly biased as is are all the members of his show, such as Andrea Mitchell and Tim Russert. I'd like to see Katic Couric get better advice from whoever it is she is working with on development.

As for Hillary, it is a gender issue and she is currently being overcome by the good old boy regime that controls Congress and people who don't see that, thinking Obama actually is the one standing for change is a joke. Obama is a man....and a very liberal politician. He'll never make it to the white house, never. If you think America doesn't want a woman (and I think that jury is still out) they want a liberal black man even less. A vote for Obama is a vote for McCain.

You don't really know who is driving the opinion at this point. Hillary knows and understands what is happening which is why she continues to stay in the race....it is exactly what she did in New York and eventually won the Senate seat when everyone thought she had lost. Right now it is the media that is saying she has lost, and Obama and his supporters are creating a further illusion of her losing. It all creates the momentum to defeat Hillary. And at the bottom of it is the same good old boy political network that is doing it. It's politics and it stinks. Hillary is far more qualified than Obama to take the White House, which is why he will not become President. McCain unfortunately will win and we the American people will have been duped by the media once more. Sad, truly. And yes, this happens in the workplace in significant ways. Few women are prepared for what the requirements are to manage victory and once there the opposition can fight 10 times harder to defeat the women in power simply because of gender. They'll find any excuse to railroad a female. And most women give up in the face of that type of harrassment especially when other women (supposedly their supporters) start believing the bad press. In Hillary's case, she hasn't given up. For me that is the most inspiring story, process, journey....what have you, to come along in my lifetime. Nothing would be more satisfactory than to see her not only grab the Democratic nomination but to defeat McCain in November and become the first female President of the United States. I do think this country is ready for that type of change; we all just have to have courage in the face of the same ole type of game the boys are right now playing in Washington. It's a total shock and wonder to me that more women, including African American women, don't see what is going on. There are already more men in position of power than women, so when it comes to garnering power and building support men will follow other men; in Hillary's case she had a group already together because of her husband's 8 years in the White House.......but those people have slowly deserted her because they are afraid; afraid that if they back Hillary instead of the good ole boys in Washington they think they'll be retaliated against. This is what happens in the workforce as well. They're just aren't enough women in strong enough positions to build those back door coalitions. And to think and say that Obama is the voice of change......give me a break. That's just plain naive. In fact, that man scares of bejeezuz out of me, he knows so little about what he is doing, lots of rhetoric, no substance. And don't we already have that operating in Washington? Isn't that what we have been suffering from for too long? A lot of people may not like her, but she does know something about both domestic and global issues and what it takes to get something done.

It shouldn't matter whether you're a man or a woman. Nor should it matter if you're black or white or yellow or brown. If you're good at what you do and passionate about getting things done the right way, people will choose you to keep doing it. That's not the case with Katie and Hillary, and nothing anyone says or does is going to change their situations.

It's a great lesson for all of us. Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should. Play to your strengths, find your niche and you'll be the one chosen above others.

As for Katie, she jumped into a role that has been written and boxed up for a man. Katie has her own style and CBS is trying to force her into being someone she is not, thus it will never work. Katie has to find something for her or they will kill her career. Hillary should be commended for staying in the race, no matter what the outcome. It is after all the general population of the people of the United States who should decide who they want to the Democratic nominee, not the group of existing politicians who are trying to keep their club in tact and not the political action committees. Quite frankly I'd like to see them all put that much effort on America's troubling issues today, energy, food, foreign political issues, and how about that recent bill on gender equality pay in the workplace.

I think if Oprah or Maria Shriver would run for office, they would win. Is not a gender issue, its an integrity issue. The challenge for Clinton and Couric is their belief that because they are women, they deserve to be first and special. For Clinton, the lack of integrity and conviction brough her down. I don't like McCains views, but he's for the war and no matter what the public view is, that is his believe and what he stands for; you have to give him credit for that conviction. Clinton lacks conviction.

As far as Couric, the brains are there, but there is little if any substance to her work. If she stopped worrying about pleasing audiences and concentrated on giving real, unbiased news, she would be great. Too often she voices her opinion and news is not about that. She does not seem comfortable and there is a lack of self confidence when she is on camera, that no fake tan or eye job can conceal.

The reason Obama is doing so well is that he is in TUNE with the needs of this country and the Promise of the Democratic Party.Hilary was not paying attention ,she is the same as the Republicans.
This country is supposed to have a two party system.
The government's job is to PAY ATTENTION.
Business is out of control ripping people off Greed SUBPRIME anything this is morally wrong.
The media and The slut culture YOU SHOULD OF PAID ATTENTION.
If they had been she could of saved herself a lot of money so called THE LEADER"S are completely out of touch with the people of the USA. They might have noticed things falling apart. Schools, roads ,bridges.They might have listened to people barely getting by because JOBS keep leaving.You joined forces with the extreme right.If you had paid any attention to any other real Democrat like Barney Frank or Ralm Eemmanual if you had found something strange about $500,000 starter homes.
My age group 54 has been nothing but outsourced,out placed.right sized ,centralized decentralized, fired at will, fired en masse.
Speak up no one listens---YOU ARE COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE DEMOCRATE NEEDS --No one standing up for the rest of the entire nation except the TOP. Division ,corruption waste,fraud
Gangs running Drug distribution centers and people shooting and schools failing .You should have been outraged If you PAID any attention.Most people are barely getting by.Complain and your tossed aside like toilet paper.Becuase you are just CHEAP LABOR and we have plenty more where that came from.
Global warming, excessive consumption,Rebuilding
Mass Transit REAL JOBS REAL SOLUTIONS i heard none of that from Hilary.

I feel Hillary put her foot in her mouth from the first. She plays dirty. I liked husband Bill but...she sent him out to play dirty too. This is not a black-white game or women against men. The country is in serious trouble and that is something Hillary forgot. Too bad!

Katie just lost to better news organizations. ABC is the best in my book. Here again it isn't a woman-man thing.

We do ourselves a disservice when we try to use the sex or race card. This is a tough world, remember? As women we have to be tough but always remember what we stand for and it is not about bashing others. Something about the Golden Rule still holds true!!!

Hillary has played the race card along with her husband and to show her true character this is not the person to be our Commander In Chief for the 21st Century. Katie has never been my favorite even before she went to CBS just never could reach out and when it comes to motivate and capture the audience. We just had to women that represented our arena who happens to be very bad choice for America.


"Apples Are Square: Thinking Differently About Leadership" identifies 6 values or qualities that change the way we lead--and succeed. Squaring an apple, by cutting the sides, top, and bottom, leaves 6 sides, which is the book’s metaphor for the 6 leadership qualities that contrast so sharply with traditional views (i.e control and compete) of leadership. Women are naturals at these 6 qualities of leadership:
1. Humility: Not always feeling responsible for providing an answer; being able to step aside while another steps to the front
2. Compassion: Having genuine concern for the well-being of others.
3. Transparency: Being open to others, leading to candor, fairness, integrity, and truthfulness throughout the organization.
4. Inclusiveness: Accepting and recognizing people’s differences, opinions, and perspectives.
5. Collaboration: Working together to achieve a common goal.
6. Values-based Decisiveness: Deciding on a course of action is trouble-free and effortless when values guide the process.
"Apples Are Square" is a guide for seeing an approach to leadership beyond the top-down traditions of management, a leadership style that embraces people, and is rooted in values. It is based on the belief that such organizations will, in the long run, outperform the competition while providing a life rich with meaning.
Dr. Susan Kuczmarski, Author, "Apples Are Square: Thinking Differently About Leadership"

I believe there is much that Clinton could have learned from Kerry Healy, the Republican former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, who was defeated by Democrat Deval Patrick in the 2006 gubernatorial election. Had Clinton studied Healy’s unsuccessful campaign strategy, she might be on her way to the White House.

The similarities in the Clinton and Healy campaigns are striking. Both candidates are very bright, attractive women, well-educated lawyers and very capable politicians. Both had substantial experience in politics and were well-connected. Unfortunately, both may have been overconfident and as “would be firsts,” shared a sense of entitlement to the position they sought. They may have also believed they had a political advantage, Healy because of her Lieutenant Governor status versus a relative political newcomer and Clinton because of her being a two term senator and First Lady versus a first term senator and a relative newcomer.

What Healy and Clinton did not count on was that they were running against men who were using a new political playbook in a time when their constituencies wanted change from the old ways of electing leaders. Moreover, both Healy and Clinton apparently believed that to be taken seriously, they had to be one of the boys. They had to play hardball and prove they were capable of ultimate ruthlessness. In their desperation, they chose to take any road to achieve the goal.

In both instances, the electorate wanted change and most importantly, they wanted leaders. Most were ready for women heads of state in Massachusetts and Washington; they were not ready for the low road that would have taken them there.

Both women are very qualified. I feel that Katie may not have received all the support she needed in her new role. She also may have been put in unfair positions. Certainly she has the qualifications for her position. Unfortunately, she is lacking something. I have always loved Katie and have been a personal fan of hers, but even I would rather wathc Brian Williams over Katie on the evening news. Something is not there. Perhaps it's perception or we are so conditioned to males in this role and the paradigm of consciousnesses that brings.

As for Hillary, if she does not win the nomination, certainly she should be credited by giving it all she had. Hillary is not a sincere person, though, and that comes across. It has nothing to do with her gender. Thank you.

If Hillary wanted to show that she can run a country, she should have run her campaign without her cheating husband. We do not want a package deal with him in the package. You would think he was running, not her.

Katie Couric is a big phony. She is 2 faced, and thinks that she is the only one who matters. Her goody two shoes personality is wrong. She is not a good newcaster, look at CBS's ratings since she took over.

For Hilary, I dont trust her. She is a liar. She will do and say anything for this nomination, but when all said and done, she has another agenda, and if nominated she will not do whats best for the people and the United States, she will be on the biggest power trip of her life.

I definitely do not believe that Hillary is a loser! She has fought hard and stayed neck in neck. I think the African American race feels it is time to get back at the "White" people for the whole slavery bit. That all happened a long time ago and the majority of it stemmed from controlling, men that were jerks. They controlled their wives, children and the slaves. We are not responsible for the terrible things that happened back then. Everything is race discrimination now, when in actuality it is not. We should all bank together!

As for Katie, she is a brilliant woman, but I do feel people were not ready to accept her in that position. It is boring.

I don't think Hillary not making it had anything to do with people not liking her because she was a woman. I think she played the gender card to a fault. I think where she fell short was not only by playing that "gender card" and putting us back but by not being truthful, pandering, contantly switching positions on each stop depending on who she was talking to and just leaning on her husbands last name as a sure-win into the white house. it had nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. it had everything to do with the fact that she is a woman that we cannot trust!

I am of the second opinion. I don't think they had what it takes to be in the arenas they ended up in. I would love to see a multi-tasking, aware, and involved woman running this country, I just don't think it is Hillary. She had an agenda after her husband was elected president but being a senator for a couple years doesn't prepare you for president. She didn't do her homework and really get the women involved in her campaign or did she get involved in a global sense so we knew her capabilities. I believe Katie should have stayed in daytime talk show news than going to strickly news. She doesn't have that inherent instinct for grabbing your attention and making you want to listen more. I don't think it is a gender thing.

I think Hillary acts to brazen and ruthless when she is trying to get something she wants, no matter how bad it makes her look, she thinks she has to have it. Big turnoff to me. Yuk no lady in her at all. Katie is just the opposite, she needs to take some voice lessons and not sound like a whipped puppy. There is a place for Katie half way between Hillary and herself. Just needs a little more encouragement. But what hurt Katie the most wasnt Katie but CBS. They turned people off their station with some of their tactics. Katie would probaly do great with another network.

I think Hillary acts to brazen and ruthless when she is trying to get something she wants, no matter how bad it makes her look, she thinks she has to have it. Big turnoff to me. Yuk no lady in her at all. Katie is just the opposite, she needs to take some voice lessons and not sound like a whipped puppy. There is a place for Katie half way between Hillary and herself. Just needs a little more encouragement. But what hurt Katie the most wasnt Katie but CBS. They turned people off their station with some of their tactics. Katie would probaly do great with another network.

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