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Credit Scores &Your Job Search

June 24, 2008 4:24 PM

We all know that our personal credit history affects our ability to secure a home loan, lease a car or open an account at a department store. But most Americans are unaware that bad credit could cost them a job. The employers who use credit checks as part of their pre-employment screening process say it's one measure of judgment and character. What's your take? Should personal credit history be used when determining employability? Let us know your thoughts.

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I'm new to this site, and I'm wondering how I go about posting on the Blog? I live overseas due to my husband's job. I haven't worked full time in a while, stay at home mom, and upon our return to the STates I will be the bread winner so that my husband can try starting up his own business. I think I need to change careers in order to really support my family, but don't know how I should go about it. Would love to chat with Ms. Johnson as I find myself in a somewhat unique position trying to do things from here in Switzerland...on top of that....we aren't sure, but looks like we won't return to the East coast, but rather to Chicago area....but that may be a few months after our US return. Thanks for any help I can be given. Sincerely,
Christine Boss

I am currently looking for work. I have poor credit and have noticed that a lot of employers are making you sign an agreement to check your credit. I don't agree with that. As of right now I am a full-time student getting an Associates' Degree to get a job, but I feel that I still won't find one after getting a degree due to my credit history. I was originally majoring in Accounting, but I know that is not the field to get into if you are in debt. So, I changed my major to Business Administration before it was too late. How can I pay off my debt if I don't have the money to do so? Yet I am going in debt because I don't get any money (job). I feel this is something that should be brought to the government's attention. The government is helping so many people survive because those people need Social Services (money for food, free medical assistance, and money every month to pay basic bills), because they can't get a job.

You could order copies of your credit report, but what will that accomplish if you don't have the means to pay any of the bills? It's easy to say "Just get on a budget and shape up your credit." But what if there is no budget? What if a person if facing homelessness (or is homeless/sleeping in a car) and often has to choose between eating a meal and spending the money to go to a job interview? What then?

I, like other here, think this practice is terribly unfair. I have been searching for a new job for months. I currently sell Real Estate and with the market being what it is, I can no longer make ends meet. My credit is awful but I am an honest, loyal hard worker. I have two large strikes against me, one I have not had an employer for over 10 years and two I have a medical condition that prevents me from doing many types of work. Now this...

It is because of this practice that a fine and able person with multiple degrees and years of experience can not find a job. I am humiliated by this practice of employers rejection solely based on my credit history,with all other qualifications met. Bad credit doesn't make you a thief or dishonest, it doesn't have a bearing on your character ( except for the humiliation you are put through each time you have to talk to a creditor). The only way to get out of debt is to have a job. Without a chance to make good, there is no hope. Then what happens to the growing amount of unemployed who can not pay their bills because no one will give them a chance?

I think it comes down to the issue of trust. If an employer doesn't trust me enough to work there, then I don't trust them to work there either. I think background checks should be enough for anyone. After all, we can't check their credit.

I think that this practice is very unfair because a person's credit profile does not reflect that they are an irresponsible or bad person. There are various situations that may contribute to a person's credit not be satisfactory (i.e. divorce, loan consigning, job loss, health issues,etc...). We live in an age where so much is impersonal; where the human aspect of business is no longer considered. There is a catch-22 to this situation: if one can not secure employment to earn money because of bad credit, then one can not pay his/her bills. If one can not pay his/her bills, then one's credit can become bad. This is something that needs to be thought about and a law needs to be put in force that credit should not be a factor with most jobs.

When I moved to the Detroit area back in 1999 I was a bank teller and I had a Credit Union & Bank fighting for me but there was another company (bank) that also wanted to interview me but I had to do a credit check I said no, because I lost both my parents when I was 13 & 19yrs old and had fallen on hard times so I am not perfect either was my credit.That is an unfair practice that companies are using. Well most of us are great people and we work hard for what we have.

I think this is a very, very unfair practice. Most people aren't perfect, and have had difficulties in life, that should not suggest that you are not employable. One could be a good worker, but not given the opportunity to prove themselves, which should be illegal. Because one has made bad choices with regards to their credit does not mean that one is a poor worker, and would make bad judgments with regards to their work. There should be a bill introduced to Congress to outlaw this unfair practice.

Also, it is my opinion that all, not some, but all of the places that say go to this or that website and you can get a free credit report is inaccurate. I have tried these methods to no avail. I was told that I have a mortgage taken out, which is wrong, and I do not believe anyone would steal my identity. I live in an apartment. I also read on Yahoo that someone else was told the same thing. This makes me think they tell everyone the same thing.

This is good information! I have never thought of this, I currently have had bad credit from a messy divorce and now I know I need to clean it up sooner rather then later.

This is something employers have had the option of doing and many have been doing for many years. I think it is just really coming to light now that there are more and more employers doing this and more people struggling because of the economy resulting in more poor credit.
I would like to suggest to your readers that they order copies of their credit reports. The FCRA requires each of the 3 credit bureaus to provide everyone with a free copy of their credit report annually at your request. Don’t ask each credit bureau for your report, visit www.annualcreditreport.com, a website set up just for this purpose.

Also, if you are denied credit or employment because of your credit, you can request a free copy of your credit report.
I hope this helps!
Michelle Dunn

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