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Is Your Boss Offering a Helping Hand?

June 9, 2008 3:54 PM

gaspumpcropped.jpg With unemployment at its highest since October 2004 and workers worried about holding onto their jobs amid a housing crisis and rising food and gas prices, we’re interested in hearing if and how your employer is helping its staffers cope.

Some companies have allowed employees to work from home to save on gas. Others have provided rental bikes or organized formal carpools to control expenses.

We’ve even heard of employers helping staffers here and there who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure, especially as one spouse has lost his or her income.

On the other side, individuals have told us some of the ways they’re trying to make ends meet. Some have formed their own carpools, while others have stopped eating lunch to save money.

Please tell us what you’re doing to save money on the job and/or what your employer is doing, if anything, to contribute to those efforts.

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I recently underwent emergency surgery. My company decreased my working hours of 40+ a week to 35 a week and paid 70% of my disability pay based on 35 hours. Then they decided they had "overpaid" me and took back $850. They did not pay me totally for the 3 days I worked before being admitted to the hospital and they chose not to pay me for the week of 06/13 because they didn't get a letter from the disability agency. Wouldn't you think they would have fired me when I didn't show up for a week to work? I've contacted an attorney. I also have an EEOC Complaint against this company and reported them to OSHA when mice started running around the center. Yes, I am looking elsewhere, but I still need my medical benefits.

My employer cut my hours from 48hrs to 4hrs. I'm about to lose my apt. I've been taking the bus and looking for work closer to my apt. so i can walk and save bus fare.

Recently, I took out a small personal loan to pay off some debts and to get others below the max. This way, instead of several small payments which total one large payment, I've cut back my monthly bills - especially since I'm no longer paying over the limit fees and the late fees that come with them.

I usually pack my lunch and have slowed down my driving.

Since we're a retired military family we've been able to shop at the commissary which saves us between $150-$200/trip. We also cook more meats/dishes that we can get 2-3 meals out of.

I'm unemployed and have been for awhile now. Certified Medical Assistant/Customer Service Rep. My husband and I are doing everything we can to make ends meet. Living off his disability it has been hard, but by the grace of god we are managing to survive by driving less when possible, finding sales on food items,cutting back on unnecessary things, watching our dollars, basically that's all you can really do this day and time.

My employer is assisting by not giving us raises this year! :-/
I'm looking for an additional source of income.

I travel 50 miles one way...500 hundred a week. I am the director reporting to a volunteer board. They won't even discuss this issue with me. Gas here is over $4.20 a gallon. Because they are being so awful about this despite my asking them to rethink this for the staff, I am looking for something closer to home and am willing to take a pay cut that is comparable to what I am paying. I am so stressed.

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