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Sarah Palin's Politics

September 2, 2008 10:37 AM

sarah%2520palin.jpg Sarah Palin is making history this week as the first woman to be nominated to run on the Republican presidential ticket.

When we posed questions to Women For Hire subscribers about Hillary Clinton's candidacy during the primaries, many of you said it was important for women to elect a woman.

Others said voting on gender, instead of politics and policies, sets women back. So now we ask what impact, if any, do you think the 18 million primary votes cast for Sen. Clinton will have on the success of the Alaskan governor?

And, more importantly, are you swayed in one direction or another by Palin's personal life--hands-on working mother of five--over her politics? Or will you judge her on her policies and political views alone?

Share your candid thoughts with us.

Comments (250)

She has nowhere near the substance of Hillary Clinton. Palin is not a decent representative of women's capacity to be political leaders.

Sarah's experience!
Just how much foreign policy experience did Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan have when they became president. Exactly, none! and they seemed to do OK as president, I think Sarah will do just fine as a VP.

Olivia, you make a comment about offering backup proof, and then you go on to call McCain evil, liar, etc. He voted with Bush 90% of the time. Did you know that Obama voted with the Dem leadership 97% of the time?

I do not care if the candidates are male/female or black/white/purple/green/orange. I look at their voting records, past associations. I look at their judgment and decisions they have made. It is a little tougher to do on Obama as he has not released any papers whatsoever...so that is pretty obstructive.

To be perfectly honest...if Obama were white, would he be in the situation he is in now? Would he be the Democratic presidential candidate? Or did the Democrat Party become so very enamored of the idea of having the first black presidential nominee that they threw everything else out the window. He is not qualified to be president.

When it comes down to it, are ANY of the candidates qualified?

I like Palin. I've researched her background, her policies and her judgments and I think she will do a good job.

And even if I adored everything about Obama, the dealbreaker for me would his stand on the Born Alive Bill and 3rd trimester abortions. It is possible to be prolife and prochoice...but neither of those are choices. Both are infanticide...and if you are really concerned about women and children...babies are defenseless and need our protection. Medical science can enable us to save preemies at 22 weeks...but Obama thinks it is okay to perform an abortion at that point? Wrong.

And I do not like all his promises of more entitlements and higher taxes. We are self-employed and cannot stand to see even more taxes piled on us.

Our current policy is not sustainable. An economic model that ignores human and environmental needs will lead to collapse because ignored human and environmental needs in the short run have significant long term costs as we need to acknowledge the interdependence of our systems in order to thrive. The M-P pair will assure a continuation maybe even a deepening of these unsustainable policies that appear to me to feed mostly on the human weaknesses of fear, anger and greed with significant consequences more than anything to the conscience of humanity regardless of whether it’s wearing a skirt or a tie.

This is a critical election; the policies we have in place have not provided for human needs in which women and children are the hardest hurt. Further, the current administration had assured that the corporation has more rights than the individual and done a very good job promoting this trial lawyer and other media frames to convince us otherwise. Since we do not apply the precautionary principle, that is to concern ourselves for development of products that cause harm, corporations are allowed to create products that cause harm. Look this up yourself. Sit in quiet and pray for truth and the strength to face it.

Am I liberal, yes when that means respecting freedom including freedom from bigotry, yes when it means generous. Am I conservative? Yes when that means encouraging family values such as love God and my neighbor and forgiveness, caring for all of God’s creation and helping the poor, as Christ’s words in red call me to.

I make my candidate choices based on the candidates that show me actions that align with my values. Obama aligns with my values for example because of how he has voted in areas I see as important to our shared well being and with scores endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters for example. Obama has one car and one house and McCain has 10 cars and 8 houses. Guess who I think has a better idea of need versus want?

I think this analogy says it best. The people in hell are sitting around a lush banquet with long spoons and as such cannot eat the food. The people in heaven are sitting around a lush banquet with the same long spoons but rather they are feeding each other.

In response to Kellye's comments.. it is so sad that people like this is even allowed to voice their crazy, mean spirited opinion at all. I noticed with all the so called facts there was nothing to back them up. McCain is evil, a liar and so pathetic I can't stand to watch him even on TV. All he has to offer up is his military experience. Well being shot down and held captive for 5 years does not make you capable to be President of America. The thought frightens me, he is angry and has a very short temper. Do we need someone like this with his little finger on the trigger? NO!! McCain has voted 90% of the time with George Bush and look where that has gotten us. Whether you want to admit it or not Kellye, we are all in the same boat now. Barack Obama is the only one who has a clear vision as to where this country need to go and HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GET US OUT OF THIS MESS that the Republicans have gotten us in. America is HATED around the world, Sen. Obama did not cause this mess George Bush and John McCain did.

Replying to Sheila Hall:

Regarding Barack Obama. Be afraid … be VERY AFRAID! Has the public CLOSELY examined this man and what he is actually going to do? Has the media even asked him the hard questions, they posed to Hillary, McCain, and others who ran for president? I think not !

Such as, Why did he vote "present" constantly, instead of being courageous enough to make a decision in the state legislature? Such as, Why he has never compromised in any US Senate vote but instead always voted a strict Liberal position on every topic (having earned a 97% approval rating by liberal watchdogs), but now claims to be able to represent all the people and "cross party lines"? Why has he not even bothered to hold committee hearings or sponsor legislation related to his actual, current responsibilities in the US Senate?

Such as, Why did he have so many early affiliations with racists, terrorists, communists, law-breakers now in jail? If he is in favor of reform and was actually serious about fixing the known problems with the lending institutions: Why did he receive so many donations from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?

He reminds me of the classic Joan Cusack (actress) character who is really “Out There!” He speaks passionately and forcefully about issues, but has little depth of understanding of those issues. He reminds me of a “Talking Head” espousing the “Party Line.” He speaks loudly of a “moral high ground” but denigrates everyone whose opinion differs from his. Such persons can only “SPEAK” of a “moral high ground.” Unfortunately, they cannot FIND it or WALK it!

The notion of a “President Barak Obama” frightens me because he appears intractable in his personal and political views. He seems incapable of accepting the notion that there might be “better” solutions to dealing with the challenges facing this country, than what might be dictated by the liberal left. These “better” solutions are foreign to the Obama campaign. It is not in the political nature of Obama or his running mate to be conciliatory on any level. As an example, think about what a great supporter of trial lawyers Obama's VP candidate has been over the years.

Therefore, neither of them is capable of “learning” and “growing” as public servants. These negative character traits DO NOT belong in the White House.

Obama should be embarrassed that the public believes that McCain-Palin are the only candidates actually capable of IMPLEMENTING change in Washington DC. As opposed to the Obama team who will talk a lot about it, but not deliver. Frankly, it’s a shame that Obama can’t be labeled an unfit Democratic Nominee on the grounds of “lack of experience doing anything of substance", other than giving speeches and running for office.

I agree, there are already enough “watch dog” and “oversight” entities in Congress and in Government. Why haven't the oversight committees in Congress been doing anything? Haven't we had a Democratic majority in the Congress the past two years?

Obama is someone who will SAY anything to garner support for his bid for the presidency! Obama's partisan rhetoric is hollow and self-serving.

Obama appears to be a thoughtful professor, stroking his chin and "wondering" about many things. But not having any real experience in decision making or accountability. More and more, McCain strikes me as FAR MORE “presidential” in his response to the myriad crucial issues confronting this great country.

While Sarah Palin may not get the wish of overtuning Roe v. Wade, she and McCain would certainly try. Sarah Palin while she may be breath of fresh air to some or she makes you feeling warm and fuzzy because she is a career woman with young children, good looking husband, she hunts and she allegedly stands up to the ole boy network, she does not have enough of a world view you be VP. She is just learning about foreign policy and she said she would be ready by Jan 20th. If Sarah Palin was applying for a job at any corporate company in America she would barely make it pass HR. Please ladies do some fact checking to understand why Sarah Palin was so popular in Alaska. If you gave all of the residents $3000+ checks you would be liked also. Sarah Palin who is a mother of 3 girls does not stand up for women's rights. Sorry, but I want the women on the ticket to understand what most women American women (I didnt say all) how about choices, equal pay to start. I want to know the woman on the ticket is someone fighting to drive down rape and domestic violence in her own state. Does she understand global issues, urban and surburan issues, immigration issues. I haven't heard anything from her because she keeps repeating the same talking points
Plus I don't trust her judgement. When a 44yo goes into labor and decides to finish her speech, then get on a plane to go 10 hours back to Alaska while leaking amnionic fluid to deliver a special needs premature baby. I have a serious issue with her judgement. I don't find that remarkable I find that reckless, but then again she doesn't blink she's just wired that way. I say to Sarah Palin. Thanks, but no thanks.

You folks are FRIGHTENING!!!! Women have come too far to now be faced with this type of smear tactics! Sarah Palin has her own views, which I might add she is allowed to have as an individual. But it certainly does not mean that she is going to Washington to change the laws against Women in regards to abortion. Wake up folks as you are allowing the left wing government to turn out society into a Socialist Government that will eventually turn into a Communist Government. And I bet this post shall not be posted, because it is not part of the "Mainstream" comments.

As I see it, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air to an election process that generally has too many politician types for the country's good - those who check which way the wind is blowing before taking a stand. She speaks forthrightly about what she thinks and believes. She is respectful of those with opposing views but stands her ground when she is right. You have to admire her spunk and her morality. Before she appeared there was really no one to vote for; BUT SHE RESONATES WITH MULTITUDES OF EVERYDAY, HARD-WORKING,WOMEN!! THERE IS HOPE THAT SHE CAN DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND GOOD FOR THIS COUNTRY!!!!

Regarding Sarah Palin, be afraid … be VERY AFRAID! Has the public CLOSELY examined this woman and her personal and political views? I think not! She reminds me of the classic Joan Cusack (actress) character who is really “Out There!” Palin speaks passionately and forcefully about issues, but has little depth of understanding of those issues. She reminds me of a “Talking Head” espousing the “Party Line.” She speaks loudly of a “moral high ground” but denigrates everyone (Obama, et al.) whose opinion differs from hers. Such persons can only “SPEAK” of a “moral high ground.” Unfortunately, they cannot FIND it or WALK it!

The notion of a “Vice President Sarah Palin” frightens me because appears intractable in her personal and political views. She seems incapable of accepting the notion that there might be “better” solutions to dealing with the challenges facing this country. These “better” solutions are foreign to the McCain-Palin platform. It is not in the political nature of McCain or Palin to be conciliatory on any level. Therefore, neither of them is capable of “learning” and “growing” as public servants. These negative character traits DO NOT belong in the White House.

John McCain should be embarrassed that the public KNOWS he unabashedly steals language from Obama’s campaign slogans. EXAMPLE: The Obama campaign slogan has included the word “CHANGE” from Day One. McCain now claims to “BE” the change that Obama speaks of so eloquently. Frankly, it’s a shame that McCain can’t be labeled an unfit Republican Nominee on the grounds of “campaign slogan plagiarism.”

Republicans have decry the expansion of Big Government into the lives of American citizens. However, in response to the country’s financial crisis, the first thing McCain wants to do (after shaking off the cobwebs on his brain) is create ANOTHER entity to deal with the crisis. There are already enough “watch dog” and “oversight” entities in Congress and in Government. MOST Republicans would agree! These entities simply HAVE NOT been held accountable for protecting the best interests of American citizens. McCain’s call for yet another governmental entity shows me that he is either NOT a good Republican or he is someone who will SAY anything to garner support for his bid for the presidency! His partisan rhetoric is hollow and self-serving.

Obama appears to be far more thoughtful and clear eyed in his response to the nation’s financial nightmare. He called for a close examination of the Bush remedy and a chance to see if that plan will work. More and more, Obama strikes me as FAR MORE “presidential” in his response to the myriad crucial issues confronting this great country.

I just want to say that, yes it is great we have a female running for VP. But I don't want her religion believes to control the nation. We have freedom to choose and I don't want her believes to be impose and the main reason to choose and decide what this country needs. For what I read and hear she says one thing and do another. And in reality if you think about it all of them do. But when the republicans took the government back we were not in debt, we had a surplus and now our economy is so messed up. What my parents work so hard to have is almost gone and won't get back in their lifetime. Lets think on the nation and how to move forward. Stop and think what is best to survive this economy mess and to earn the respect of our sister nations and make a change for the best, for the future, for our children. Arguing won't cut it, doing something about it will.

I listen to all of them an everyone has an opinnion and we all have to stop trying to prove that yours or my opinnion is the way to beleive. First things were placed on hold by the congress and the senate oh and by the way the last 2 1/2 years have been demacratic and the president is just a figure head more or less... I do not support either party because I beleive their are better qualified people in this US to vote for rather than Obama or McCain, but Palin is a woman of integrity and I checked it out // people do some investigatinng before you open your bad mouthg andyone or praise any one // know what you are talking about //enough of my opinnion // we need a real person that is not self indulgence but has real heart for we the people //our representative do not listen or read letters or emails, they rarely show for work and get paid they vote them selve raises, get halth benifits free and pay no Social security of any sore but when they retire the get SS, Penions that are enormous // I think what I'm trying to say is we need to clean house //NOW // we fought the english when they tried to opress us and it is a hell when our own government does the same ... bail outs with out the peoples knowledge // Pelosi and Harry Reed are planning to bail out Detroit.. with what.. they will just keep printing money and the dollar will be worth nothing.. we make bad decisions and no one bails us out... I read the government sites notes and meeting minutes they hold in congress and the senate and skim through the bills that are in the process to be passed or denied // People would be surpried at how much really goes on when Pelosi makes comments and the extras she puts in to good bills and makes the bad bills for the people I do not depend on the 15 second one sided opinnions on the nbc or cbs or abc .. Now I respect CNN because they let all the voices be heard ,,, I have confidence in the American people // they just need to get accuate information from credible sources instead of word of mouth // like one friend of mine said I don't have time to waste reading things on the internet or going to government sites // we are still friend because she has an opinnion and by god my father fought for everyone to have that right // but not to infringe on others as long as they are accuate // moral of the above is be informed with acurate information // read and if you don't have time do it as a group just do something
Thank You

Please please please do not vote for her just beause she is a woman!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you care about the enviornment? want your children and grandchildren to know and love wildlife? Please examine her stand and watch video on her ariel killing of wolves in alaska-not for the faint of heart!!!!!!!!! Please look at all the issues, and ask yourself, in the words of Hillary- are you better off now than you were eight years ago?
5? 4? You get the picture. Prove that we as women do have the intelligance to make an informed decision based on facts, and not on gender isssues.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for a female VP!

Nay for Sarah Palin!

When I hear about someone so against basic equal rights (ie gay marriage and wanting to pass a gay marriage ban) holding such a high office, it terrifies me. All of my gay and lesbian friends would risk losing their new-found marriages. I want to go to their weddings without a second thought, just like they can go to mine!

I'm not fond of either set of candidates, but hey - I'd rather have Obama and his VP than McCain and Palin.

I am tired of people saying that the detractors on Barack Obama think he is a Muslim because of his name. You people need to read Barack Obama's own book that he wrote about himself where he says he attended Muslim school as a child. As for somehow the bailout of Mack and May of the mortgage industry being a plot of the big business Republicans, let's look at the huge donations to Barak's campaign by both companies right before and the fact that the bailout was voted on by a democratic congress. As for Sarah Palin, I am all for her. We need a fresh face in Washington. I am glad she is pro-life since the constitution talks about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness--something that all those aborted babies will never have. I am trying to figure out why the left thinks 45 million abortions is good for our country since we have virtually decimated the next generation and the work force. The democrat supporters are so worried about the war but that is far, far fewer American's lost than the war on the innocent unborn. At least with a volunteer armed services, those brave men and women knew what they signed up for. What baby in the womb ever volunteered to die for his/her mother's freedom of "choice"? Go Sarah Palin!!! I hope you get to be Vice President and eventually President. Just remember that this current "down turned" economy is during the reign of the democrats in Congress!!


Please tell me you are kidding about giving away the farm at your expense. Where have you been this last week? I suggest you go to any news source of your choice and read what has been happening thanks to bills written and supported by Republicans in congress for years, deregulating the finance industry and leaving them in charge of overseeing themselves. This is going to be one of the, if not the, biggest bailouts in history, financed by you and me, the taxpayers. It's like welfare on steroids. And the CEOs walked away with millions and tens of millions of dollars in golden parachutes for running their companies into the ground and leaving us to pick up the pieces.

And the muslim stuff is fear inducing propoganda, just like the huge screen full of the twin towers being attacked at the Republican convention last week. Its a good tactic, like divide and conquer, which is working, too. As I said earlier, information is power. You need some information, girl, honest. Someone is leading you down a path of ignorance and fear. Never a good place to be.

My thoughts on the election debate (or debacle)...

I was a hockey Mom in MN myself and I also wear lipstick (just don't view myself as a pit-bull) so I can relate to Sarah and she does indeed have spunk.

I'd love to see a woman in that role and ultimately in the Whitehouse... just not this woman. I don't view her as being honest with herself or with the American public. In my humble opinion, if she were dealing from a foundation of truth and reality she wouldn't keep spouting things, on the campaign trail, that have already been shown to be falsehoods or a huge stretch of the truth. (Ya know, maybe she doesn't have time to watch the news and realize she's been busted) ;-)

Just because what she is saying is cute and spunky and makes people applaud for "what they would really like to be true" doesn't carry the ball to the finish line for me. It's knowingly dishonest and beyond that ignorant to repeat over and over things that have already been refuted by independent fact check organizations. I don't see how that helps her; it just makes her (and McCain when he repeats her falsehoods) look dishonest and foolish. I also can't for the life of me understand why all those folks at the rallys still applaud her false statements.

Also, if she were dealing from a foundation of true confidence, knowledge and experience she would be eager to share, with us, what she can bring to the table. She would not be hiding from the press and casting aspersions on anyone who would dare ask her a tough question. The scrutiny and the questions only get tougher once you hold the office.

It is also bothersome to me that McCain is now hiding behind her skirt. He won't campaign separately because he doesn't draw the crowd she does. What does that say about him that he can't stand alone and needs Miss Sarah to carry him to the finish line??

Each day that passes McCain sounds more and more like Obama... "we need more regulations, transparency and oversight"; "the working man is the foundation of the economy", "drill, drill, drill"... will the real John McCain please stand up? What I see on the news today makes me think he's sold his soul and will do or say anything for what he views as his last chance at the ultimate prize.

This hockey Mom wants a guy (or girl) in the Whitehouse who still has his heart, his soul and his credibility in tact when he's leading my country.

I don't see that in either of the dynamic duo... they are the epitome of Elephant in the room that no one can see.

I guess the executive summary here would be that right now, even though we have a TON of important issues, this whole thing is coming down to honesty, ethics, intelligence, credibility... core values and the ability to surround your self with advisors with the same qualities and values.

If you can bring that to this important office you can more effectively deal with the TON of important issues.


I can agree with you about education vs. tenacity and motivation on the job, as I also know people who have the degree but don't do jack to go above and beyond and certainly don't give more than 100%, let alone 50% VERSUS a person who has about the same qualifications, maybe not as much experience but has drive and wants to excel to do a job well done and gives 150%.

The only problem is that I don't think I want to risk the future of an entire nation on it. What's good enough for the goose isn't necessarily good enough for the gander. It's no different then my saying I should have no problems getting the 1st and 2nd top rated Astrophysicist job in the nation with a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting degree. I'm not ALL about class rank just as I'm not ALL about experience.

For me its a sum total of all the above as well as other things. For my degree I had to have management courses, economics courses, political science courses, in addition to many, many more.

For the political science degree you have economics classes out the yin-yang, as well as foreign affairs, diplomacy, international and U.S. law, human rights law, in addition to many others. Do I think that gives Obama/Biden a step up in economic related affairs..YES! Do I think a Journalism major is suitable for the VP spot of our country...NO! No more than an accounting major is not suitable for an Astrophysicist position.

Do I think John McCain could make better decisions regarding the war...PERHAPS! But at the same time, I can respect Obama for not jumping in feet first, guns blazing, but instead stepping back, looking over everything then making an informed decision on how to act.

And as far as family goes, I think we can all agree that we cannot choose our family members or change them any sooner then we can choose or change the weather.


To Debbie
First of all I want to thank Sara for posting the fact check as I was about to post the same thing.
Debbie, it is so sad that you allow yourself to be swayed by false emails and lies but the part that I find horrible is the fact that you wish to spread them. I am offended that this day in age….one would think someone is Muslim or has terrorist family members based of their name. Racism and prejudice are truly ugly Debbie. You should think about why you wish to perpetuate it before you do. Please understand that just because someone looks different from you does not mean that they are a terrorist.

Another thing I find sad.....I know as Americans we were all hurt by the incidents that happened on 911. With that being said, this still does not give us the right to hate a group of people as a whole. As a Christian I am offended by this because my God is a God of love. Believe it or not he loved people who were different and even those who hated him.

Sorry Debbie but I just shot your claim out of the water. Hasn't anyone learned now that emails are not reliable sources for information.



There are some that think that because McCain was 5 from the bottom of his class and Obama was at the top, that makes him the wrong choice, that somehow he can't do the job. Well I know someone who was amoung one of the lowest rankings in high school, that didn't get A's in college, yet is an over achiever. He is one of the best Engineers in his field. He is so good at what he does that companies are always coming to him wanting to steel him away from the company he's with. Grades and class rank aren't everything. So saying McCain won't do the job is in my opinion wrong. Plus I have talked to some executives that have said they would rather have the C student that had to work hard and knows what failure is to work for them instead of the A student that never had to work for anything, that wouldn't know failure if it hit them in the face. Maybe you should give that some thought.

Also, I read that Condy Rice would have been a better choice for VP, well my husband and I fully expected that to be the case too. However, she had been ridiculed by the media and others for the handling of certain issues, it may be that it was too risky, even though it would have gotten my vote regardless. I think she would have been asset. However, I think that Sarah has her own attributes that so many are quick to dismiss. (Although I am of the old school she should be the tpical mom, we are in a different times now, there are stay at home dads that care just fine for the children. Besides that isn't the issue and it is a private matter for the family to deal with.) Even if as some are saying she is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, I would feel more comfortable with her as president than I would with Obama, Biden, or Clinton. I really think that alot of people are selling her short.

I can't believe that those supporting McCain are thought to be brainless and only voting that way because of Palin. It is hard for me to believe that the vote for McCain is just because of Palin.
I read everything I get my hands on, I watch the cable news station, and shows lik Glenn Beck, etc.
Glenn Beck does alot of research and he gets to the bottom of things. After watching these shows, I realized that my decision to vote for McCain was the right one.

This is interesting, how many of you know this.
Whatever your politics, however you lean, however you feel about the current administration, this report should open some eyes.

Military losses, 1980 through 2006

As tragic as the loss of any member of the US Armed Forces
is, consider the following statistics:
The annual fatalities of military members while actively
serving in the armed forces from 1980 through 2006:
1980 .......... 2,392 (Carter Year)
1981 .......... 2,380 (Reagan Year)
1984 .......... 1,999 (Reagan Year)
1988 .......... 1,819 (Reagan Year)
1989 .......... 1,636 (George H W Year)
1990 .......... 1,508 (George H W Year)
1991 .......... 1,787 (George H W Year)
1992 .......... 1,293 (George H W Year)
1993 .......... 1,213 ( Clinton Year)
1994 .......... 1,075 ( Clinton Year)
1995 .......... 2,465 ( Clinton Year)
1996 .......... 2,318 ( Clinton Year)
1997 .......... 817 ( Clinton Year)
1998 .......... 2,252 ( Clinton Year)
1999 .......... 1,984 ( Clinton Year)
2000 ...........1,983 ( Clinton Year)
2001 ............. 890(George W Year)
2002 .......... 1,007 (George W Year)
2003 .......... 1,410 (George W Year)
2004 .......... 1,887 (George W Year)
2005 ............. 919 (George W Year)
2006.............. 920 (George W Year)
2007............. 899 (George W Year)
Clinton years (1993-2000): 14,107 deaths
George W years (2001-2006): 7,932 deaths

If you were surprised when you looked at these figures, you are not alone.

These figures mean that the loss from the two latest conflicts in the Middle East are LESS than the loss of military personnel during Bill Clinton's presidency; when America wasn't even involved in a war!

Lets remember also, Clinton was elected President and he was a Governor first. So why was he more qualified than Palin? With him we got a lying, coniving, womanizer, who took advantage of a young woman. Someone that refused to put our safety first probably because he had no military experience, he set us up for 911 to happen. I truely believe that we will be safer and better off with the McCain/Palin ticket. I want to go a step further, I truly believe that with them in office we have a better chance of getting rid of the waste spending, money that should be going to the deficit.

We do have to put Country First. I don't feel comfortable with a President that wants to give away the farm at my expense, that has no military experience, he has family members that are terrorists, stretches the truth to call himself African American when he is also white and muslim,
and is lying thru his teeth in his ads about McCain.....so exactly what else is he lying about.
The news media has reported that 77% of Obamas ads lately against McCain are lies.

To Beth C. and Debbie Cantwell. The senate can only get a bill past a President who doesn't want it with a 2/3 majority (veto proof majority), meaning 67 members. The Democrats have 51 who vote with them, including Joe Lieberman who is an independent. The Republicans have 49. The Republicans have lined up for the most part with the President on everything congress has tried to do. The Democrats don't have enough members to do anything unless 16 Republicans join them. And partisanship in Washington stops the whole process.

Senator McCain voted for a bill presented by Phil Gramm (see Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999) removing safeguards on financial, insurance, and brokerage business, in place since the depression era. (also Google Enron Loophole)

And yes, Senator McCain was computer illiterate until just recently when he learned how to e-mail. He has joked about it numerous times.

If you hear something that may seem even slightly absurd, like Obama making fun of McCain for injuries received as a POW (Obama has continuously praised McCain for his service, by the way), go to Factcheck.org. They can usually set you straight. Information is power.

Well, it's not historic for Sarah Palin to be running as Vice-President since Geraldine Ferraro did it in '84, and it's definitely not as historic as Barack Obama running for President. My concern is that Barack Obama is running against John McCain....how did it get to Obama running against Palin? Please.

I think McCain thought he could get Hillary's women voters, but that won't work. My concern is if she is committed to working with all people. I understand her future son-in-law (who has stated in a blog that he does not want to get married) made a statement tinged with racism. As an African-American woman, that concerns me - you know, "birds of a feather...." If she hasn't left Alaska, I am sure she is in for a culture shock, which makes me wonder what has she done for the native Alaskans, the Eskimos, to preserve their history, their land.

See below. Another correction.

I'd like to think she is not that heartless but what applies to government officials needs to apply to the rest of us as well.

See below. Sorry. What I meant to say is that "We need some regulations in place or it is no different then not having any locks on your windows and doors at home. You are just asking for someone to come in and take advantage of you or steal your stuff."


You need some regulations in place or it is no different then having no windows and locks on your home and just letting someone come in and take advantage of you or steal your stuff.

dstygrl, LOVED THE BLOG! That is awesome. And for the record, I just wanted to state that, at least in my defense, I use the Bristol Palin pregnancy issue to show how 2-sided the religious right is. You show me ANY instance where Barack or Michele said anything bad about Bristol when they said hands-off the kids, and I'll switch my vote. But my vote won't get switched because they haven't said anything.

My beef is with holding Bristol Palin in much higher regard then Jamie Spears who people were so quick to say crap about and how she was a bad influence on teenagers of today and parents would not allow their kids to watch her show, BUT when Bristol Palin comes along she is placed on some high pedestal by the religious.

So, you are so quick to denounce this young woman (Miss Spears) for her choice and many other young women who become pregnant across the U.S. but the issue is hands off for the rest of us when it comes to Bristol. I don't think so. This is the world we now live in, and you cannot be so quick to spout off at the mouth for one situation, but then when it hits closer to home, to call a time out or foul.

And if abortion ever did become illegal, do you really think that Ms. Palin would actually be so cold or heartless to put a daughter in jail who might have an abortion anyways, or would she fight tooth and nail to keep her out of jail AND alive for her crime. I'd like to think she is not that heartless but what applies to all of us needs to apply to the rest of us as well.


I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight.....

Ø If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you're 'exotic, different.'


Ø Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, a quintessential American story.

Ø If your name is Barack you're a radical, unpatriotic Muslim.


Ø Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you're a maverick.

Ø Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable.


Ø Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you're well grounded.

Ø If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran's Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience.


Ø If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you're qualified to become the country's second highest ranking executive.

Ø If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within protestant churches, you're not a real Christian.


Ø If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you're a Christian.

Ø If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.


Ø If , while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state's school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant , you're very responsible.

Ø If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community,then gave that up to raise a family, your family's values don't represent America's.


Ø If you're husband is nicknamed 'First Dude', with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn't register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable.

OK, much clearer now.

First off, let's stop blaming Clinton and the Democratic presidents from up to 40 years ago for all of our problems the last several years. While Clinton may not have been perfect, at least he left the office with a surplus in the bank and a balanced budget plus we had more respect from people around the world then we do now.

And if everything is so messed up and you want to blame the Democrats who have been the majority in the House for only 2 years, with a president who has vetoed bills more than practically anyone else, then with that same logic, the Republicans should have been able to fix all of our so-called problems two years after Bush got into office. The problems are the policies.

Republicans believe predominantly in deregulating businesses and no being a "big-brother" so they give give businesses free rein. Personally, I think the argument has proven over and over again that businesses are in need of regulations so they cannot take advantage of consumers.

Gee, let me see, banking. "oh its okay that you make only $50,000/year. We'll still be able to get you approved for that $250,000 mortgage." How about credit cards. "Well, even though you pay your other cards on time, you were late for this one card so we are going to jack your interest rate up to 36% and let your other cards know so that they can put your interest rate up with them accordingly as well."

And how about a 3rd. "We'll its okay that we are speculating with money that is not guaranteed or readily available and are allowed to play with that money in order to earn bigger commissions for ourselves." WAKE UP PEOPLE! You need some regulations in place or it is no different then having no windows and locks on your home and just letting someone come in and take advantage of you or steal your stuff.

You want to keep these types of policies in play, be my guest. Might as well kiss your job and whatever you have in your 401k/retirement goodbye then.

And let me point out about the abortion issue that my life is MY LIFE and your life is YOUR life. If you don't agree with abortion, that's fine. I can respect that. But don't you dare sit here and tell me that what I can and cannot do with my own body. If you wouldn't want me telling you how to live your life and what decisions you should make for your ultimate happiness then don't sit here and try to tell me how to live mine.

If you are so quick to want to take care of all the unloved, unwanted babies that we have now in addition to if abortion was illegal, then great I'll send them your way. Actually, you don't even have to wait. There are thousands of children in foster care waiting for parents to love them and will end up not getting that. It seems like the "IN" thing is to adopt abroad now and not even take care of the ones we have here at home.

What a great society we live in. Now it could come down to murdering a woman just because she chose to have an abortion. Wow. For a moment, I felt I was back in the 1600's and without rights.

I just have a question...a lot of you keep questioning Sarah's experience...let's look at Hillary...before she became a Senator for New York, what experience did she have besides being First Lady of America and Arkansas?

Oh, and let's not forget that even though Bush has been in office for eight years, he came into what Clinton had left behind and in the last so many years had to deal with a democratic majority in Congress. Everyone blames Bush, but really, the democrats have had a hand in the mess as well. I mean, isn't that what Obama has been paid to do in Washington these last years?

In July a committee of mostly Republicans in Alaska decided to look into Sarah Palin's firing of the Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner. At the time she agreed to cooperate fully with the investigation. After she was chosen as VP, Senator McCain sent operatives to Alaska, and has effectively, for now, shut the investigation down until at least after the election. Her husband has been subpoenaed and they are not sure he will cooperate. I know exactly what would happen to me if I ignored a subpoena. I'd be in jail. If you have nothing to hide, why do operatives of a U.S. senator have to go in and shut down an investigation into your behavior? This doesn't bother any of the women here who gush about how wonderful Sarah is? She's not wonderful. She thinks the laws of this great country don't apply to her. And apparently so does Senator McCain.

As far as her mothering abilities go, I don't know her. But I do know as a mother that I would never parade my pregnant 17 year old unmarried daughter onto a national stage. That's a family matter that was none of our business, still isn't. And the good Senator broke that news to the media, and then flew the boyfriend out so he could do a photo op with the teens. These aren't the family values I try to instill in my kids.

Frankly, I'm appalled.

Annie Riggs
Atlanta, GA

My only concern, is Palin and McCain truly Christian? I don’t understand how so called “conservatives” can be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Christian on one hand (No Abortion) and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Evil on the other. What happens after the baby is born to a mother who wants nothing to do with the child or is too poor to care for one. Are “Conservatives” going to step in with their “Christian” values and help raise the child or are they going to leave the child to grow up in substandard conditions? What would Jesus do? I believe that Jesus would help the baby and the mother. This is one thing I just don’t understand about so-called “conservatives”.
Another thing I don’t understand about MrS. Palin: How can you call yourself a “Christian” and LIE, LIE, LIE? Last time I checked that was a sin and just as much of a sin as killing. If you have nothing to hide Mrs. Palin, why can’t we investigate “Troopergate”?
I am in awe at how so-called “Conservatives” can be “Christian” one day and so evil the next. How can they change the rules when they see fit or when it serves them. How can you, Mrs. Palin, preach abstinence one day and know that your little speech did nothing to serve your daughter.
Conservative’s the only Christians???????? Give me A BREAK!

My only concern, are Palin and McCain truly Christian? I don’t understand how so called “conservatives” can be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Christian on one hand (No Abortion) and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Evil on the other. What happens after the baby is born to a mother who wants nothing to do with the child or is too poor to care for one. Are “Conservatives” going to step in with their “Christian” values and help raise the child or are they going to leave the child to grow up in substandard conditions? What would Jesus do? I believe that Jesus would help the baby and the mother. This is one thing I just don’t understand about so-called “conservatives”.
Another thing I don’t understand about MrS. Palin: How can you call yourself a “Christian” and LIE, LIE, LIE? Last time I checked that was a sin and just as much of a sin as killing. If you have nothing to hide Mrs. Palin, why can’t we investigate “Troopergate”?
I am in awe at how so-called “Conservatives” can be “Christian” one day and so evil the next. How can they change the rules when they see fit or when it serves them. How can you, Mrs. Palin, preach abstinence one day and know that your little speech did nothing to serve your daughter.
Conservative’s the only Christians???????? Give me A BREAK!

I believe that Palin's selection was a publicity stunt, nothing more. Her addition to the republican ticket has not brought about any fundamental changes to the current republican party politics. We know what they have to offer, Bish has been showing us for the past 8 years. I think that it is an insult to women that an attempt like this would be made to deviate from the reall issues facing the nation at this time.

I am appalled by the sleazy attacks against Sarah Palin.

I thought Obama said that families were off limits? Or did that only apply to his family?

This should not be about whether or not she can give her five children enough attention if she is VP. Do we ask that question of male candidates or their wives? Has the liberal media and the Obama campaign forgotten that Nancy Pelosi was 47 when she was elected to the Senate and she also had five children. Why was it acceptable for Nancy Pelosi but not for Gov. Palin? Is it because she belongs to the same party as Obama?

This election needs to be about issues - not race, religion or gender. Sarah should not get votes just because she's a woman and Obama should not get votes because he's half African (particularly since he aligns himself with different sides of his heritage depending upon the color of his audience.)

Sarah Palin is intelligent, experienced in government administration, and clearly understands the issues confronting average families in the US. One of the biggest concerns facing our country is energy and she is an unquestionable expert in that arena. She has consistently proven herself to be a woman of personal and professional integrity and character. What has Obama proven himself to be other than a professional Chicago politician?

Two years ago, the Democrats took over Congress and promised to take action and make changes.

Let's see, and two years ago how many senators went MIA to vie for the Democratic Presidential nomination 1 year before they were suppose to. It seemed like half of them!

Our government is broken. It is apparent that our government is not and has not been for the people, by the people for a long,long time. I think we need more people like Sarah Palin in government fresh blood, not the same old Washington Politician. Out with the old and in with the new. By the way were we paying them for not doing the job they were elected to do????? They were obviously off the job more than on, if they were campaigning for 2 years. Maybe we don't need them in office, I see a savings there of tax dollars. Let's be real, would any of us get paid our salary if we didn't show up to work so we could campaign? I don't think so.

Instead of Congress working to put solutions in place to lower fuel prices, and fix the problems with Fannie Mae/Fannie Mac and other financial and housing problems before it came to this,(by the way McCain warned Congress about 2 years ago we needed to do something and fast) they chose to spent almost a year trying to pull our troops from Iraq instead of focusing on the issues at hand that affect us on a daily basis. Pelosi spends our money to travel overseas to put her nose where it doesn't belong (waste spending) instead of passing Bushes plan to drill for oil here at home. I think Palin can help with this.

I think Sarah Palin is exactly what we need. For years my husband and I have said we need someone who can feel our pain, that understands what we are our going thru. We need a shake up in government, get someone to fight for us, the average person. She isn't another Senator repositioned. And she has more governing experience than Obama, she made crutial decisions on a daily basis. Obama in his short time as senator refused to commit on numerous occassions to vote yes or no, instead voted present. So as President how do we know he will not sit in the Oval Office and vote present instead of making the crutial decisions to protect us and help our country.

To those who say being Govenor doesn't qualify you for office, it didn't stop Reagan, Clinton, and Bush whom were govenors and elected as president.

How much of our money has been squandered in waste spending? Both McCain and Palin say they will work to get rid of it. I think they have a better chance if working as a team. It is entirely possible Palin may be able to do what others have failed to do. I believe she needs to work to reduce the size of government and re-adjust the salaries, benefits, and spending accounts as well. When businesses run into financial problems, they have to downsize and reduce costs, why shouldn't government. We are their boss. If we have to endure these things in the real world why shouldn't they. Our retirement packages have changed so should that of government.

When you tax the businesses, they turn around and increase their prices to cover it. So we still end up paying more. I learned that in high school accounting class. When minimum wage goes up, we pay for it at the check out lane. Someone has to pick it up. There is only so much a business can absorb, they have to increase prices to stay in the black. This is business 101.

Alot of us are babyboomers we have to save for retirement (alot of us are running out of time)there isn't anything left to save, the government has made sure of that for my 34+ years of being a tax payer. I do not see how Obamas plan would work for us financially nor do I see how he would keep us safe. He has no military experience or training. In these troubled times we need someone who knows the military. Someone who has been there, done that. Someone who can identify with the people he may or may not be sending off to protect us. We need someone that would get the military's respect. Clinton is an example of what we do not want as Commander in Chief. If he did his job 911 probably wouldn't have happened. Potentially I could have lost 4 family members that day, I am not willing to let that happen again. I am sorry but Hillary wouldn't have been any better. My husband with 5 years enlisted military service is more preparedqualified to be commander in chief than the Clintons or Obama.

Something else to think about, both the McCain's and the Palin's have a lot at stake, they both have children in the military who have been or are in Iraq now. If they really believed that this or any war was a mistake they would be the first to not engage in it, they have more to lose than Obama or Hillary.

I believe Palin will work for the working people, and small businesses as well. As I understand it she owned her own a business, she knows the struggles of small business and the American workers.

If more people listened to Ross Perot when he said Nafta was not good for America, alot of our jobs might still be here. However, unions would either have to go or be regulated by someone. They are apart of the problem,I grew up in a union household, unions are useless as my family found out, unless you are African American.

And for anyone that is overweight, you might want to know that I heard on one of the cable stations, I wish I could remember which one it was, that Obama wants you to pay more for your medical care and he also is for airlines charging you more to fly if you do not fit in the perfect weight catagory. This would be descrimination of another kind.

I come from a large family there are literally 100's of us with between aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, spouses, and children of voting age, some have voted democrat the last 75% of the time. Only 1 plans to vote democrat this time. I have talked to alot of people over the past 9 months and I haven't encountered one that feels comfortable with Obama as President. No one feels he has the qualifications/experience to hold that position. There is no respect for a man that never wore the uniform of our military, picked up a gun, or fought for our freedom. No respect for someone who refused to take a stand and vote yes or no, just I am here. Any one who listens to Obama talk about what he wants to do knows that someone has to pay for all the giveaway plans and despite what he says it will be those making $60,000/yr or more. As I said above - any taxes to businesses or oil companies will trickle down to us the consumer one way or the other. This could even cause more job losses if the businesses move out of the country or fold up the tents. We can not afford this. Do you really want to take that chance? We are already teetering on disaster, we are probably owned by China and who knows who else with the loans our country has.

We need to hold government accountable, just like we are for our finances. With the internet, we should be able to call up a website and find out on a daily basis what these people we put in office have done for us today. What did they spend our money on, and who voted for or against. We have to collectively monitor every move they make. We need them to know we are watching, and we will make changes come election time, and we have to do it. They are accountable to us, not the lobbiest, not large corporations. We should also have a venue to be able to express our concerns about their decisions. We need to take back government. Maybe we need more Sarah Palins to fill the seats in government.

As to Heathers point, and some other that said Sarah has her hands full with 5 children, one being special needs. I agree that a womans place is at home raising the family, that is what my father always preached, that is how we raised our family, but times have changed. If Sarah's husband wants to stay home and be the primary care giver to the children who are we to judge, that is their decision. As long as there is one parent that cares for the children does it matter. Womens lib changed alot of things, that being one of them. If this isn't acceptable then maybe we need to rethink the womens lib issue. In some ways it helped women, in other ways I think it hurt, and from what I saw as one of a few stay at home moms our families and society have paid the price.

Doesn't it scare anyone that our enemies want Obama to win. They know they can come here and take us over, Muslims are already coming here and buying up property. And in his book Obama said he would side with MUSLIMS NOT THE AMERICANS.

I want to clarify something that CNN mentioned this week regarding a campaign add that Obama put out about McCain being computer illiterate, McCain is not computer illiterate, he is just not able to use the computer (type) due to injuries to his hands from his prison years.

P.S. I found this interesting, maybe some of you might want to read these as well.


Michelle Obama thesis was on racial divide - Jeffrey Ressner - Politico.com

Over the last eight years, my quality of life has drastically diminished. McCain has played a large role in this. I had to give up health insurance and life insurance in order to pay my bills. I have a daughter in college who is working part time, using loans to pay tuition, and has been declined when applying for PELL grants. Both McCain and Palin have nothing to offer the middle class people who are struggling.

My only concern, is Obama truly a Christian? His "Freudian slip" while being interviewed by George Stephanopolis, "...my Muslim faith." And George corrected him by saying, "Don't you mean Christian faith?" How can you make that slip? I'm Catholic and I don't think I would accidentally say my Protestant, or Jewish or Hindu faith.

As I woman, I was highly insulted by the choice of Sarah Palin to get my vote. No, any old woman will not do. If Hillary supporters decide to vote for the republican ticket because of the addition of Ms. Palin, one can only assume they were never Hillary supporters. Ms. Palin has much less experience than Mr. Obama. Period. He could have picked Ms. Rice or Ms Hutchinson...dynamic, knowledgeable women!

It's okay to change your mind; it's not okay to deny the fact that you changed your mind (Bridge to Nowhere). Her daughter's pregnancy, under normal circumstances, would not be anyone's business. However, when your stand is abstinence and you are against sexual education, well......We really need to accept the fact that mothers and fathers are different. We can't do what each other do, not really. I would rather see her focus on her daughter and her unborn child and her own infant; politics can wait. They need you much more that the country does. Establish yourself as governor-2 years is not establishing yourself as a maverick.

Troopergate is not motivated because of her recent elevation-this has been going on since July. She should cooperate with the investigation if she truly has nothing to hide. (Wbat is done in the dark will come out in the light.)

We must begin to focus on the issues: the economy-are you better off than you were 8 years ago? I'm not. Do you and EVERY one you know have adequate health care? No. Does everyone you know have a job? No. Do they want one? YES. Is our country respected throughout the world? No. Is the military as strong as it should be? No. Are we focusing on the wrong country? Yes.

I do like Mr. McCain, but he lost my respect when he selected Ms. Palin. Sorry, my vote goes to Mr. Obama. Hands down.

This is GREAT, to see so many voices giving their thoughts. Love America. I am for President McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin. I am thinking positive.

Also thank you for giving women an area to voice their feelings.

I speak from experience and have seen changes taking place in our country. I am 67 years young.

Sara Palin's Bio can be found on: Wikipedia.Com and http://www.ajc.com/news (ajc lists a bio issued by the state of Alaska). Both sites list her political achievements as well

Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air .... more power to her!

Who Am I?

I am under 45 years old,
I love the outdoors,
I hunt,
I am a Republican reformer,
I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,
I have many children,
I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office.


Did you guess?
Scroll down......

I am Teddy Roosevelt, and the year is 1900.

So I guess History DOES repeat only sometimes - as in this case - IT GETS better. When TR ran WOMEN couldn't even vote! Go Sarah!

I never cease to be amazed and repulsed at the propaganda the GOP spins, and the hands-down belief that the constituents have.

Intelligent people do not take everything they read at face value! They research, they read non-biased, nonpartisan publications.

Four years ago, a minuscule majority (or was it?) of this country bought into the "fear factor"and reelected a moron and the most corrupt administration that has ever run the white house and this country!

Come on people, do your research!I have. Obama is not an Arab terrorist! The man graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude. The research supports that!

McCain barely graduated from the United States Naval Academy, ranking 894 of 899. The research supports that!

Sarah Palin will stop at nothing to get what she wants! Sarah was elected in part as Governor of Alaska because of her support for the "Bridge to Nowhere." Now the GOP is calling her a Maverick for saying no to the Bridge to Nowhere. The research supports that!

There is something innately wrong with an auditorium of people giving a potential United States vice president a standing ovation because she was a PTO president. That's just marvelous! And there is something innately wrong with Sarah Palin parading her pregnant teenage daughter in front of the world to make a point! I wonder how her daughter felt?

I have done the reading, now it is your turn to read the facts, that is if you really care. Do you believe in censorship? Women's rights? The environment?

Do you know it will take ten years to complete the Alaskan oil pipeline? What is the point? Offshore drilling...an environmentally disastrous band-aid to a much larger problem. We need to be spending our money on serious energy independence alternatives.

Open your eyes women and start reading,non-biased, nonpartisan publications. Base your decisions on FACT, not FICTION!!! Use the brains you were born with. If you don't know where to find this information, I suggest www.factcheck.org as a start.

The following information is from the About Us page of their website.

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases. Our goal is to apply the best practices of both journalism and scholarship, and to increase public knowledge and understanding.

The Annenberg Political Fact Check is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The APPC was established by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg in 1994 to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels.

The APPC accepts NO funding from business corporations, labor unions, political parties, lobbying organizations or individuals. It is funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation.

Debbie T.

I am so happy that we have a great woman candidate running for Vice President! Sarah does not seem like the type that would allow herself to be "used" like one of the writers said.

I think that INTEGRITY is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing anyone can bring with him/her to office. Integrity (or lack thereof) carries over from a person's personal to their professional lives at it is intrinsic to them. McKain has demonstrated his integrity and so has his running mate.

In my opinion Obama lacks integrity which has been evidenced all along. Many of his spontaneous deragatory remarks and his affiliation with people of questionable character should create a real question mark in voters minds. His socialistic approach to government (what has the govt done for me lately?)is definitely NOT what this country needs.

We each need to take personal responsibility for our words and deeds. Only then can we start the real, needed "change" that Obama talks about. Change itself is not always a positive thing. It depends on what is changed and how it is changed.

Vote for McKain and Palin. There is absolutely NO comparison between Palin's background and Clinton's or Obama's for that matter. Again, Integrity COUNTS!!

As a side note, President Bush has employed more women and minorities than President Clinton ever did.

I think Sarah Palin is an extraordinary woman. However, her stand on issues and policy do not represent the sweat, tears and years of work that has brough women many of the rights that they have today.

Women respect her desire and will to make life better for her own family, her city of Wasilla and the state of Alaska. I respect. I respect that she has done beneficial things for her own home state and for the city of Wasilla and been a great mom.

However, women have fought for fair treatment in the work place. Women had to fight to get maternity leave and here is a woman that returns to work after 3 days of having a child. That sends a bad signal to many employers that may feel that women do not need that 6 weeks or 8 weeks or more weeks off to recover from having a child and bonding with their child. Women's health is very important. As well, women want respect from employers, equal pay for equal work, respect from doctors and insurance companies about personal health care, respect when personal time and sick time is used to care for ailing parents, spouses, partners and children, as well as support to continue education.

Also, there is a double standard. If Michelle Obama had an unwed teenage daughter, she could not have brought her on a stage, and had her appear with her boyfriend holding hands, to the convention, and had America accept and embrace her situation. The same standards would not be applied to an African-American family in either party.

She does not understand the enthusiasm for her, especially since people are only focused on small towns and small states. There are big states, big problems and problems all across the United States that she does not know how to address, deal with or understand. She is not ready to address domestic or foreign policy, deal with our economy, our energy crisis or issues that affect every woman, not just a select few.

I like Palin, she has a personality of a nice person you would meet on the street - but women are getting excited because she calls herself a "hockey Mom" - that frightens me. Women, we need to get real with ourselves – this woman could be the President of the United States of America (if something should happen to McCain).


McCain did not pick her for her qualifications (and all women should be SADDEN by that…); he picked her because, he thinks very little of women. He is BANKING -- BANKING on the fact that “WOMEN WILL VOTE WITH THEIR EMOTIONS AND NOT THEIR COMMON SENSE.” And that is what pisses me off!

The economy is falling apart, families are foreclosing everyday, the stock market is failing, major companies that have great impact on OUR economy have fallen apart, and McCain is focusing on a SNL show – calling it sexism. What was it - when SNL beat President Bush in the ground when they marked him – sexism! The media has let McCain/Palin change the focus - folks the media just care about ratings, they are an entertainment source that shows you only what they want you to see – you have got to remember that….

I am asking women to ensure they take every aspect into account – check the facts people FOR YOURSELF.

I want a woman in the White House too, but we cannot just settle for ANY woman!

Wake-up American Women - - The REALITY IS – OUR “United States of America” is in BAD, BAD, BAD SHAPE and if we get 4-more years of the same -- it could be YOUR FAMILY and YOUR FORECLOSURE next!!!!! This is what YOU need to remember…..

As the old saying goes, women really need to "use the brain that God gave them" ...not emotions, but BRAINS!

I am scare for OUR COUNTRY and YOU should be the same!

I am very proud of McCains choice and I do not think he considered it lightly. I think Sarah Palin is one in a million. She is a down to earth women that knows the issues and does not back down. Palin knows who guides and directs her and she does not walk in fear. I believe she has what it takes to run this country and she does not walk around with a haughty attitude but she is a women of integrity and class. Everyone was shocked by McCain's choice but absolutely thrilled when we realize who Sarah Palin is. With God all thinks are possible. When God is first in your life and you live using the knowledge and wisdom that he has made available there is no stopping that person. Of course, it would upset those people who are for Obama since it interrups his movie-star appearance. God says that "the simple things will confuse the world' I am so excited and proud of John McCain's choice. Just because John McCain is not the greatest speaker in the world, he is certainly a man of integrity and a man who has a heart for his country. Paul in the Bible was a man who did not have a charismatic personality and was considered a more simple man and went on to write 2/3 of the New Testament and his wisdom and knowledge is still read by people all over the world. The simple things of God will confound the wise things of the world.

Penny in Houston, Texas

I am very proud of McCains choice and I do not think he considered it lightly. I think Sarah Palin is one in a million. She is a down to earth women that knows the issues and does not back down. Palin knows who guides and directs her and she does not walk in fear. I believe she has what it takes to run this country and she does not walk around with a haughty attitude but she is a women of integrity and class. Everyone was shocked by McCain's choice but absolutely thrilled when we realize who Sarah Palin is. With God all thinks are possible. When God is first in your life and you live using the knowledge and wisdom that he has made available there is no stopping that person. Of course, it would upset those people who are for Obama since it interrups his movie-star appearance. God says that "the simple things will confuse the world' I am so excited and proud of John McCain's choice. Just because John McCain is not the greatest speaker in the world, he is certainly a man of integrity and a man who has a heart for his country. Paul in the Bible was a man who did not have a charismatic personality and was considered a more simple man and went on to write 2/3 of the New Testament and his wisdom and knowledge is still read by people all over the world. The simple things of God will confound the wise things of the world.

Penny in Houston, Texas

Discussions about religion and politics can bring out the best or the worst in all of us. I am very pleased to see the historic 'firsts' each party has to offer. My own feeling is that 20% of the VPs have assumed the office of the president for a variety of reasons. I do not feel that Sarah has sufficient experience in international politics or military matters, but I remain convinced that, if elected, she will be surrounded by people who possess the expertise to enable her to make sound rational decisions.
I think she needs to practice on her delivery of speeches. I can't count how many times she says "ya" instead of "you."

What a truly male-dominated world it is when gun rights are protected but abortion rights are not.
The NRA says if you ban guns you just put the guns into the hands of the criminals. It is no different with terminating pregnancy - if you ban abortions you just put them in the hands of criminals.
Show a litle compassion for the women, your sisters, who may have searched their souls in great depth before terminating a pregnancy, but felt it was the only option.
This notion that women can be put in jail for terminating a pregnancy reminds me of the 17th Century witch trials where if you promoted alternative medicine you could be burned at the stake.
Or are our rights to alternative medicine next on the chopping block ?

What saddens me most about John McCain's VP pick is, out of all the women in the US, he couldn't select the better female candidate?! And the one who is qualified to run any country in this world - CONDOLEEZZA RICE, he probably didn't consider her. Ms. RICE would have been brillant! McCain could have also made his selection from the many career-minded State Department diplomats (ambassadors). No, he chose soccer mom Palin. Either McCain is not serious about this election or he has something personal against people like CONDOLEEZZA RICE... Heck, I think a lot of Americans are full of fear and have something against people like Ms. RICE. (I think we all will be shocked after we see the hair texture of Mrs. Palin's grandchild.)

Sara Palin does not represent me. McCain spoke so much about Obama's inexeperience, but who's inexperienced now? She sure is and her views are so outdated. America needs to realize that is time for change and that's what Obama can bring! If something were to happen to McCain, the country has to rely on Palin? Please! Lets not keep on making the same mistakes!

To Kellye and Wanda,

Thanks for your calm, rational, insightful, and reasonable remarks--whether or not anyone will take them as such remains to be seen. And Kellye, thanks too for your repsonse to Miss Anonymously Insispid, she of the Every Sentence Must End Imn An Exclamation Mark! Oh My God! because when I read the post, I really did not have the strength left to be cordial.

Wow, and wow again. I just marvel at these comments--many of which would tempt the Supreme Court to repeal the right for women to vote.

I'm awstruck, that so many women have commented about Sarah Palin. :) When I and many of my friends heard what she had to say F0R THE FIRST TIME , we knew awfuloBBma, was in for the shock of his (last 6 months), YES, he was in trouble.! thank god for sara! Have you ever known anything about obananonumus before this campaqign started? I LIVE in Chicago! AND I'VE NEVER HEARD OF obananaumous before this campaign. So, I ask any other Chicago Woman to respond.
Who/What/ Where/ When/ obammmanoumous what? Vote for the republican party, America will be a better place, direction and knowledge will not be questionable. It will be done.
Do you want an annonymous person making decisions for OUR COUNTRY? HMMMMMM, not many do.
If America is attacked again, and MANY , MANY, commentators believe that America will be attacked again, Do you want to know that we have a confident, experienced, military , intelligent, COUNTRY FIRST, president in the white house??????. Or do you want the wrong, in experienced, doughtful, dumb person(ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ) in the white house who will have to guess and pretend to know what to do, and never be able to sleep at night because he has let down the Americqn people!!!? YES, McCain/Palin is the only choice for our COUNTRY FIRST! John McCain!THE NEXT PRESIDENT, 2008-2012 ! start today, John Mc Cain will be able to make the most important decisions for the American people right now, today. I cannot say this about Obammmmanoumous, who came out of no where and will help only nowhere, he has no voters in Chicago, noone will vote for him because noone knows anything about this presidential wantabe. NO NONE NO experience in the real world. HMMM. do you want your children 's future to be determined by your next door neighbor, or anynamedbob at the local stopandshop??? If your answer is yes, vote democratic , we will bail you out in the long haul.

The whole idea of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate is a joke to me. Not because she is a woman, not because she has made or did not make some accomplishments as the Alaskan Governor and Mayor; but because she is being used as a pawn to distract the American voters from what is really important in this presidential election. I would venture to guess if you asked most Democratic or Republican Candidates why they vote the way the do, most of them could not give you one solid answer that is based on a partisan issue. My point, most Americans vote on feelings, popularity, or because someone new was introduced as a candidate. If the republican polices were valid, they would be valid regardless of whether the Vice Presidential Candidate was Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, and polls numbers should not be reflected by a political chess move.

If we lived in a country where the only thing that one learned about a politician was what his or her political views on the issues were, I wonder how one would vote? Rather than concentrating on whether the politician ate arugula or shot bison. I submit that one would look closer at the issues and determine whether the politician’s issues were aligned with one’s own beliefs,

Our elected officials are elected to legislate for the people. The people determine what is in their best interest by casting a vote. The majority of votes indicate that the issue resonates with the majority of the people and the elected officials purpose is to push the bill through on behalf of the people so that it becomes a law.

How does the fact that Sarah Palin has a child with Downs Syndrome or a total of five children affect me if I have no children? What if I don’t even like children (I do)? What difference does the fact that she has or does not have children have to do with what is good for the country? If I were to say, well if she has children, then she is more likely to vote on issues in favor of children. What if those issues are not in the best interest of economic stability, affordable health care, or other real issues that our country is facing? How does legislating whether a woman can have an abortion affect the overall stability of the country? If we say that abortions are immoral, how do we prioritize immorality? If we say that it is murder, then why are we not concerned with the senseless number of murders committed in the urban communities and inner cities? Does the death of the embryo trump the death of someone living?

To some people it is immoral for a teenager to become impregnated. Do we legislate that decision? If it is a private matter, doesn’t a mother who decides not to have children get to have the same privacy (I don’t condone abortions, but I think the decision is between the person and the God that they serve, or don’t serve). I think Sarah Palin is a nice person, from what I can tell. She might even make a good best friend. But why won’t she discuss her policies. Why does she have to be briefed if her policies are aligned with McCain’s?

Come on people, to some a vote means nothing because they’ve always had it. To others it means nothing because it appears to them that the manipulations of the government official, which count the vote, somehow taints that results. To me, my vote is precious. It is the one thing that I can do that will contribute to creating equity for all in the country. I don’t believe that Sarah Palin is the right candidate for the Vice Presidency, and it is not because she is a woman, it is not because she is republican, it is because she is not ready. If she cannot face the people of the United States without being programmed, how can she negotiate with world leaders? How can I be assured that if I were to vote for her, her voice would speak to my issues when she is not sure what she thinks about her own issues? What is the guarantee that she even understands my concerns?

Barack Obama may not have the credentials that some people would like for him to have. He may have changed his mind on some issues after researching and discovering that there could be a better way to accomplish the goal. This is good for the country. We want people who are deliberate and insightful. The one thing that I believe about Senator Obama is, he is honest, he has integrity and he will do what is in the best interest of the country at large. He is not interested in the rich. He is not rich. He is not interested in the poor. He is not the poor. He is interested in the citizens of the United States, all of us. He is interested in doing what he can to level the playing field for all people. He wants to regulate some programs that need to be regulated, and others that are working I believe that he will leave them alone.

If this were the prom, Sarah Palin would have my vote. I like her personality, I like her style, but this race isn’t or shouldn’t be about personality. To that end, I believe that we should all rid ourselves of the bias we hold (whatever they may be) look at the state of an affairs of our country. We have mortgage collapses, financial bailouts, over priced education and health care, gas that is becoming a luxury, food that is almost to expensive to purchase and so on. Is this what we want.

Do we want to elect Sarah Palin because she is a woman, even though she is not sure of what she is beliefs or what it is that she is supposed to be saying right now? When asked about the Vice Presidency Palin responded, “What does the Vice President do anyway”. Look at our economy, and then decide when you go to the polls, do you want four more years of this deception, political chess playing, and a polarized political party that will cut off its nose to spite its face. If you do, then elect the McCain/Palin ticket. Remain insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you are ready to give real change a chance, then let go of your bias, close your eyes to ethnicity and vote your true conscious, elect Obama/Biden.

Responding to "Anonymous":

Sarah Palin is not "against Womens rights". She may be against your narrow-minded view of what are women's rights (such as abortion on demand). But I would say she is very much in favor of women's rights, being an accomplished woman, and having 3 daughters and several sisters whom she seems to be a strong advocate for.

As for guns: In many parts of this country, guns are a way to protect yourself in a wilderness area and a way to secure meat. Also they are protected in our Constitution, as underscored in the recent Supreme Court decision. Even our friend Mr. B.O. would agree since he is a constitutional scholar. Gun safety laws, and laws requiring registration and responsibility, and preventing felons or unstable people from purchasing guns are not antithetical to the citizens' right to bear arms.

"She is also against the enviroment." It looks to me like she is not against the environment but cherishes it and relishes it. Her father raised her to be an avid outdoorswoman. She worked hard to continue demanding Exxon make full payment for their negligence in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez incident, and she negotiated strong fiscal rights for the citizens and workforce of Alaska, against the wishes of the oil companies. But perhaps she is against your narrow-minded view of environmentalism - tree-hugging, lock it up with a fence around it, or let the forest burn baby burn. Instead of be present in it, enjoy it, manage the land in a responsible manner, find out a way to make a living near it so you can actually live there (instead of only in congested, expensive Northeastern cities). I don't know if you're aware, but wolves in wilderness areas regularly attack caribou, cattle, pets, some endangered species, and sometimes people.

She doesn't think man is responsible for client changes!. Who does she think is responsible, the animals?!.

"Client changes?" Please try writing like an educated person. And how about we let the scientists do enough research, to have supportable claims? Instead of a movie containing scientifically dubious claims by a politician but non-scientific thinker named Al Gore? Please be aware, we've only been collecting and analyzing in-depth climate data for about 30 years. In the history of the world, that's not very long.

Plus she has ZERO experience in foreign policy and she is going to be a heart beat away from the presidency!.

Most US Governors have very little prior experience in foreign policy. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, FDR, the list goes on. Most US voters believe that governors bring better experience to the Executive Branch than do senators or congressmen.

He's an old man!.

Are you being prejudiced against older people? I believe that's called being an age-ist.

I don't know what he was thinking by choosing her but it was not this country that's for sure!.

I think he was looking for a way to satisfy the base of his party; compensate for what many conservative voters saw as some political weaknesses; and inject some energy and excitement into the race. I believe he's accomplished all three.

It's unbelievable all the talk of Sarah Palin especially her experience. Sarah Palin is a strong woman, who has accomplished much in a short time. Wow, so much for woman lib. I will vote for McCain/Palin because they have experience period. They are passionate for our country and have served for many years, helping others. Obama cannot say this, he is the opportunist. He's only served himself throughout his life. He's accomplished plenty for himself never helping others. Voted into office as Senator served 147 days and the rest of the time has been running for president. Curious really; what are his accomplishments, what experience does he have to the highest position of the land? His service to the people and country are zero. The only reason there's a big deal of Sarah Palin is that she is smart, strong, sassy and beautiful. Liberals can't stand that a conservative woman would portray these qualities; never expected this huh. Good for her we need a strong women in office, as for her daughter pregnant at 17yrs old, how many mothers can truly say their 17yrs old daughter had the courage to tell them of her mistake, own up to it, and take responsibility for it. When she could have gone behind her mothers back had an abortion and no one would know. That says alot of the daughters character, which means Sarah is doing something right with her children. In todays world it's too easy to get an abortion just because the time isn't right. That's the choice factor. No doubt it will be tough for the daughter but again she did make a choice and owned up to it. Not to many teenagers will take responsibility for their mistakes. Liberals are upset because if she had gotten an abortion than, that would mean Palin is not consistant with belief and teaching. I give them credit. This is not our issue, they are a working family and she has supporting husband and father. What hipocrates you supposed women liberals. I thought that's what it's all about, a woman who can make strong decisions, be successful life. But I've learned that is not woman lib the agenda is to promoted liberalism. That explains why Oprah is afraid to interview her.

As for lies, the Obama campaign has been unfair on their attacks making up lies as he goes along. The main stream media has made it clear they will promote the most liberal candidate without experience which includes his capacity as Jr. Senator. And we are suppose to believe they are unbiased with their reporting. I think the way Palin has been grilled these past 3 weeks is what should have been done with Obama in the last 19months, what a waste of time. If the left wing would report correctly the news on Obama; he would have never gotten this far. The Americans would know the truth about his past. His terrorist connection in his 30's, his anti-American church and beliefs. He's inability to make a decision, voting present doesn't count. Obama offers change alright, but that change will be to serve America in a silver plater to the terrorist. We cannot take that chance. Wake up America!

We have some clear choices this election. Extremes exist in both choices -
one team: Moderate and Conservative
one team: Extremely liberal and liberal

People will decide what they think is best.
However, I am extremely concerned that the questioning of one team vs. the other has not been fair or balanced. The questioned posed about Gov. Palin's family issues but not about the other's family issues is not fair or reasonable.

Being a working mom with a child who's husband took primary responsibility of our child while I worked 10-12 hours days, it can be done. Her husband has also proved he is wiling to step away from work to allow her to do her job.

Is Michelle O. willing to walk away from a very high power 6 figure job in Chicago - how is she raising her kids while her husband is 1/2 a country away in DC? Why are there no questions as to how the Obama's handle their family life.

Biggest concern is the concept that all women are ..... Both from the political parties and the liberal women's organizations. Personally I detest the concept that all women are liberal. There is a large population of conservative women in the US as well.

This is an insult to women and I am fairly certain those of us who endorsed Hillary are more than a little concerned at this choice. She is a trophy VP at best and I am amazed that they would do such little vetting on this woman. If they wanted a female, surely there were better choices in the Republican camp.

NYC is not a state; New York is. While I feel for those who lost their jobs at Lehman, I do not feel as if we should bail them out. Our economy is resilient. Eventually, it will correct itself. I believe in people and organizations taking responsibility for their own actions. If greed lead companies to extend mortgages to instable prospects and instant gratification lead people to accept those mortgages without thinking through whether they really could afford it, then that is there mistake and not mine as a taxpayer. I believe in McCain/Palin because they believe in Americans taking self-responsibility to make America better and will not helplessly wait for others to bail us out. On Palin specifically, it is wonderful to see a self-made, strong woman on the national scene who shares many ideals with those who do not prescribe to liberalism. Feminism does not equal liberalism.

She scares me!. She is against Womens rights but she is for guns!. How many people have to die from gun violence before she thinks there should be gun control!. She is also against the enviroment!. She doesn't think man is responsible for client changes!. Who does she think is responsible, the animals?!. Plus she has ZERO experience in foreign policy and she is going to be a heart beat away from the presidency!. He's an old man!. I don't know what he was thinking by choosing her but it was not this country that's for sure!.

Wow, When I first saw SP I was really excited that McCain picked such a weak candidate for one of the most important jobs in the world. For change and diversity Bobby Jindal (1st Asian on a ticket) of New Orleans would have been my choice for a Republican win. Aditionally, there were much strong Republican women in the party that could have grabbed some of the Clinton supporters.

In some weird way I thought he was just handing the election to Obama. But now I see how she has really motivated the right wing of the Republican party and an Obama victory is seriously threatened.

I think the rest of the world is probably laughing at us right now that this person with no foreign policy experience would be nominated for this job.

I think Matt Damon said it best: "It's like a bad Disney movie."

Palin is a joke - truly. When I heard of her and of course did not know her name though I had watched the Republican debates, I rested easy knowing that Obama would have NO problem. Then a week or so later, I realized there ARE really Americans out that there that will still vote for McCain and even moreso because of her. ARE YOU SERIOUS???
Picking her as someone with THE least experience, knowledge, brains (6 yrs and 5 colleges to get a degree!) and not vetting her, was THE first AND worst decision McCain made.
I am just horrified some Americans still are so clueless as to go along with it.

You are The Boss... which team would you hire?

With America facing historic debt, multiple war fronts, stumbling health care, a weakened dollar, all-time high prison population, skyrocketing Federal spending, mortgage crises, bank foreclosures, etc. etc., this is an unusually critical election year. The idea of “leadership” must be broadened from mere “experience” to include knowledge, learnedness and insight.

Let's look at the educational background of your two options:

Occidental College - Two years.
Columbia University - B.A. political science with a specialization in international relations.
Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

& Biden:
University of Delaware - B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.
Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


United States Naval Academy - Class rank 894 of 899

& Palin:
Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in journalism

Now, which team are you going to hire ?

Sarah Palin is clearly a brave woman and a self-made politician, worthy of our admiration. Unlike Hillary, she didn't achieve her fame by being married to the president. Her political accomplishments were her own.

We women who are professionals, married, raising children, managing a home, and participating in community service such as PTA and non-profits, understand the challenges of choosing to have it all.

Women everywhere should consider her a role model and a symbol of how far women have come. She proves you can be strong, smart, capable and a good leader; and also feminine.

As far as making a choice in the voting booth: Determine whether you agree with her politics ! If so, then vote for McCain-Palin ! If not, then admire her accomplishments as a fellow woman but go ahead and vote your best judgment for the other guys.

The black community deserves criticism for voting 97% for Mr. Obama, just because he's black. Women shouldn't make the same bigoted mistake.

As a fellow woman, I can admire Hillary's efforts during her long tough primary campaign; without voting for her.

It has been shocking that the liberals feel they're the only ones that can speak for "women". What about moderate or conservative women? Surely voices in the best tradition of Clare Booth Luce deserve to be heard.

Sarah Palin has executive experience managing budgets, eliminating waste and corruption, negotiating fair deals with the energy companies, deploying her state's national guard to fight fires and perform other dangerous duties, and amazingly has managed to maintain a high voter approval rating throughout all of this. My personal opinion is that Sarah is actually more qualified to be president than is Barack Obama who has spent most of his political life voting "Present" and campaigning for the next rung up the ambition ladder.

I lived in AK about 20 years ago...when the ratio of men to women was 4:1 but even then it was not a sexist state...so now when the number of women is significantly greater...Sarah's rise to gov of AK is not that significant in a predominantly "we don't want NO government" kind of state.
Remember, Sarah's stellar "rise to fame" has been via jock, PTA president, mayor of the village of Wasilla, governor of a male dominated, Republican state where women have not traditionally run for gov--but people are "open minded to choose a woman"--BUT this relatively quick rise to power DOES NOT MAKE her a valid presidential nominee!!
And, yes, like it or not--she would be president and that is how we all must vote FOR OR AGAINST HER...
I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR HER..but not because she is not "qualified"--but because her testimony to the public over and over has been documented to be LIES!!!!!!!!!!
I believe she is a phoney mascarading as a "pioneer"--and even though I do not think Obama is the absolute best person we could have chosen for a candidate--surely he is not as blatant an opertunistic phoney as Sarah and her grandfather figure McCain have shown themselves to be.
If a woman is going to be voted into our countries highest office, as women, we have an obligation to make sure she is an honest, trustworthy person above all... and not just vote her in because we are SO wishing a woman would be president. It IS ABOUT TIME--but it is not Sarah's time...
EVS in Evansville Indiana

People have very short memories. I come from a country where abortions are illegal. Well, guess what? People have them anyway, because their circumstances often do not allow for an unplanned pregnancy. If they are fortunate and can pay well, they have "DNC"'s at nice, private clinics. If they can't pay, they go to backyard butchers, or abort themselves with knitting needles or wire coat hangers, and often die of complications - blood loss and septicemia.
Wake up people ! In the US, women have a choice - and, if they decide, based on their circumstances, to have an abortion, they can do it in safe and sanitary conditions by a qualified professional.
Would you have someone take those rights away by overturning Roe v Wade and preventing abortions even if a child is raped by her father ?
Come on people - even if you would never consider an abortion for yourself or your family, understand that some women may have to. A woman's right to choose what she does with her body is a basic right, and Sarah Palin does not support it. After seeing the medical results of illegal surgeries, I could never consider voting for her.

The Republicans must think that we women are stupid !!! If the Republicans think, that just finding any woman such as "Sarah Palin" to fulfill the roll of V.P. and/ or Comander and Chief is insane. What happen to having the appropriate qualifications and experience. I don't think that neither McCain nor Palin made their decision to become each other's running mates based on the needs of the American people and the deteriorating economy. Their decision was based on political gain of their own careers. McCain tried to assure a win. And Palin is just trying to prove a woman can do the job regardless of experience and integrity. If she will hang her own family out to dry, What will she do to the the American people ?

This is just another example of, It's not what you know, but who knows you ! What an insult to the women in our workforce.

I don't care if Sarah Palin is a man or woman but I am very fearful of any possibility of her being elected. Her views are so ultra conservative that she would set women's rights back centuries. And what kind of example is she to kill animals in front of her small children and then pose for pictures with a dead moose and her little girl? I hope that we won't see more of her after November. She has already been shown to exaggerate here record, to put it mildly, and I hope that all will come out before the election. We've had enough of such people in high office in this country. We need a break!!

I do think women are in a unique position because they (if desired) get to shape the moral fiber of society. Feminism is not all that is cracked up to be. As a woman I appreciate and welcome that responsibility and as a working mom of 4 in all my career choices I have learned the meaning of what is truly important. The vice president role is not as important as the needs of the next generation. My heart goes out to Palin because what we see in her family (regardless of how it is spun), is a mom who is not available. Those consequences will run deep for a long time. Fame and power are perishable prizes for which people struggle with one another is ceaseless and cruel combat. Palin is caught is this combat, at great consequence to her and the American people. This lady needs to consider what life is truly about.

I continue to find it amazing how women go for the double-standard jugular when it comes to other women, with comments like "Barbie Doll." I do not see any disparaging comments about Barack Obama's sex on this board. That said, the McCain/Palin ticket is getting my vote. Has nothing to do with Republican, woman, etc. I go with my instincts, and I have always voted for person over party. I don't feel that Obama is qualified to become president, and I don't feel Joe Biden is neutral enough to bridge the political gaps in this country. And frankly, I feel they just don't like each other very much. With McCain and Palin, I get a higher sense of outreach and a feeling of camaraderie. And THAT's what we need in this country, rather than Democrat vs. Republican, man vs. woman.

I don't think Republicans need to take office at this time, any way. The economy is really bad (40,000 people in my homestate of NYC lost their jobs at Lehman Bros. to name a few), and we are still in the midst of a loosing war. With Republicans scandalous, selfishly greedy and out of touch nature, do you really think we need another 4 to 8 years of more of this kind of stuff? Let alone having an unprepared, one-track minded, 44 year old Barbie Doll taking over? I think we're headed for doomsday (speculators did say 2012 is suppose to be the start of a new world order). Pst!!!

I think Sarah Palin is refreshing and not part of the "establishment". That was supposedly why those who wanted change stated they liked Obama, but then he picks someone who has shown us he is not for change. Sarah Palin is change and willing to fight the establishment and I am all for that. How much power she will have though as VP is unknown but I am willing to take a chance that McCain will let her be a great VP. At least he was willing to pick a woman, but Obama could not handle having a strong woman as his VP and blew off Hillary. He obviously says one thing and then does something else. We all should be outraged. Now about Palin's experience. She seems to have more experience than McCain, Biden and Obama put together but she is not running for the Presidency and doesn't need to know everything. She knows how to budget and to do what is right, not what is politically correct. I did not vote for Bill Clinton, but take a look at what little experience he had when he became President. He too was was a Governer and had zero international experience. I do not remember anyone saying he wasn't ready to be President because of his lack of experience so lets get off the experience thing. No one has experience to be President, but the right person needs to not have an big ego and be willing to put the right people around them - and then listen. Sarah Palin is savoy enough to know this, and is a quick study. How many of us could have stood in front of millions without missing a beat when the teleprompter did not work. Why all the hate for her? It has become obvious to me that many women who say they want equal rights only want it if the canditate is liberal. How can we as women not be thrilled there is a woman running for the VP office, no matter her party affiliation. CC

Clearly, Sarah Palin isn't prepared for this huge task. This is not just a job. This is a 72 year heartbeat away from being President of this country, dealing with world leaders with many different cultures and beliefs. Her feelings on the environment, global warming, and a woman's right to choose are unbelievable. She is an idealogue, too firmly entrenched in her beliefs to be our country's leader. People need to investigate, read her opinions, read her history in all of her areas of responsibility, before making this serious decision.

Experience, experience, experience, are you kidding me? GW had experience and look what good it did us? What about common sense, integrity, and an ability to lead? Obama shows us through each and every choice he has made that he will not take the low road. It is obvious that he is a man of intelligence from the choices he's made in his life and in his work. Do we really want someone who graduated 5th from the bottom of their class in charge? Are you kidding me? Haven't we had enough stupidity in that office for our lifetime? As far as Sarah Palin is concerned she is an opportunist who cares only about herself as she stated in the Charles Gibson interview, "She didn't give a second thought about taking the VP position" which is so clear with regard to her daughters situation, she threw her under the bus for her own agenda. What mother in her right mind would do that to their own child? As far as whether or not she is qualified, why won't they (McCain) let her speak? Why is it that she has given the same speech for 3 weeks? Why hasn't she done more interviews?
Really people in light of our economy and what is going on with unemployment and Wall Street how could anyone in their right mind vote for a man who brags that he has agreed with GW 90% of the time????????

Not impressed with her, she has a way of not telling the truth. Her and McCain do not need 4 more years of this administration and it's lies.

Sexism is the most overused word on the planet

That’s all I wanted to say.


I am starting to lose my cool when everything that anyone has said in the last 3 weeks (say around the time Sarah Palin showed up) is sexist.

As a woman, if you say I can’t do the same job as a man, I will say that you are a jackass and kick you to the curb. Okay and you are a sexist.

As a woman, if you say that a woman should be qualified to be president or V. P., I will say that you are correct. I will alsol point out how qualified some of the men who held office were and you will walk away with your tail between your legs. But you are not a sexist.

As a woman. if you ask me if a woman can handle all the demands of being a President or V.P., wife and a mother, I will say women have had to multi task for years. So that their husbands or partners don’t implode. Okay, you may be a sexist, and if you are a man, I would say live a week in our shoes and then you will know that women can do it all. Mostly because they have to. So I would call you uninfomed, but able to be trained.

If you watched Saturday Night Live last week and felt it was sexist, (I am biting into something hard ), I will say that the difference between Ms. Clinton and Ms. Palin is that Hillary has the experience to be president. We know so little about Sarah except for what she has told us and yes, she can see Russia from her window. Is that sexism? No. That’s just a group of comedy writers putting together a sketch based on the info they have at heand. Please sign up for a Comedy 101 class.

I hear the term of sexism being used now instead of the word “uninformed” Okay, that and “stupid.”

If we started to talk about what really matters – like Wall Street going down the toliet, the country’s economy , hurricanes and other disasters (like texting while driving a train), gas prices soaring up again, health care in crisis, the homeless and affordable education for all, then maybe the term sexism could be put to rest.

Then being informed could be just damn sexy.

I’ll wear spike heels when that day comes.

As much as I would love to see a woman in the White House, I have very serious reservations about Palin. I think that women and all voters must carefully look at the important issues and the changes that must be made to move this country forward in a very positivie direction. We shouldn't base extremely important decisions on just race or gender. We need to keep our sights on making sure the candidate(s) we put in office are going to really make a difference for the better in our lives and the lives of our future generations. Voting is a sacred right and a real privilege. When we vote we should vote wisely.

I am deeply offended as a woman and a Hilary supporter that the republicans think that ANY woman can run for President or Vice President. Hilary worked many years for that honor. I would gladly vote for a woman, but only if she has the experience necessary.

I wonder how long before Biden fakes getting sick and Hillary is put on the ticket as VP.

And I would add one more thing, and it has nothing to do with the election. For those of you who have said that "Palin is stupid," or whether you think she walks on water: I have been horrified by the abysmal grammar displayed here. Many of you cannot even compose a sentence properly. This may have a negative impact on your hiring opportunities, and career advancement within the positions you already hold.

Read! Improve your minds! Learn the difference between "conscious" and "conscience," and so many other words, as well as punctuation, that single out your prose as that of someone without an education.

Wow. Such vitriolic blather on *both* sides. And so much misinformation--also on both sides.

I am very discomforted by the fact that so many apparently moderately intelligent women are espousing the same arguments, and the same tired postions, for which we would normally pillory men--and then say they were sexist. And what I read here frightens me--and encourages me--in the same moment.

The very fact that these discussions are occurring, setting aside their "accuracy," is heartening. I see so many folks involved in the electoral process for the first time. And anger, to some degree, is good--your blood is moving. Beyond that, though, it is not helpful, for it may blind you to logic.

Unfortunately, neither ticket is satisfactory to me--but unless I write in my Mother, I have to choose.

McCain is not necessarily any more likely to die in office than Obama is (perhaps some crazed racist would shoot him? Has anyone considered this, god forbid? But it could happen--or any one of another things. I have not seen his medical records. Have you?). Biden has had brain surgery--have we considered this? So, the imoprotance of each VP candidate is roughly equal.

How the contest got to be between Palin and Obama I do not know--but despite her relative dearth of international experience, she has a record of actual governance--like it or not--that NEITHER presidential candidate possesses, and neither does Biden.

Would HRC have been a better candidate? Well, she certainly has more experience--but the voters said that was not important, so she is not on the ticket--so those are false comparisons and hypotheses contrary to fact.

Let's see some debates between the candidates, let some of the dust settle so the facts are visible--and not the blogosphere rantings construed as such--and roll up our sleeves and analyze the real issues squarely.

I really hate to see women being sexist. It is just wrong on so many levels. So cut with the "can she take care of her family?" crap. How is Biden taking care of his? How is Obama? McCain?

I also think if we would not have had a VP recently, in the persona of Cheney, that the position would not be getting nearly as much scrutiny--but the debate clearly shows the tacit understanding that the recent VP has had more power and influence--and now that gnder and race are in the race--oh my!

And Roe vs. Wade--c'mon, people, read up, and find out what it *really* means--and what would really happen if it disappeared.

Ultimately, I don't think Obama OR McCain is prepared for the job. And I don't trust either of them--they have shown some of their true colours as time has passed. But they are what we have got. The candidate is NOT Palin, and NOT Biden--and if you are voting solely on the VP, you are really barking up the wrong tree.

It’s about time….
Sarah Palin is the most experienced candidate on either ticket. As a woman, mother, grandmother, real estate broker and much more I am glad something is finally going in the right direction for our Country, and I mean Sarah Palin. At last our young women have an alternative icon to look up to.

Ummm...I'm an African American female, 59 years old. This is the first time I have had major reservations about voting for anyone.

I heard of Palin long ago because I receive a wilderness watch newsletter. Didn't like what I heard then and don't like what I see and hear now. She's female, a mother - our similarities end there. She has the right handlers, but the reason for her selection still baffles me. She will not attract Hillary voters (like my Mom), stay-at-home moms, or ultra-conservative women. She seems like a pawn drawn into the fray for some media hype at the convention. Seems to have worked for some.

I want some grass roots interviews, something I can get my mind around, not just fluff. She seems to be every woman, good at everything we value, but I also read about her political career in Alaska and it ain't pretty.

I cringe when I think of John McCain dying and Ms. Palin becoming president. She is definitely not qualified for this. I could imagine Hillary coming forward in such a situation with her experience and contacts.

I'm not flying my Obama flag just yet either. Both have a LOT of convincing to do. I guess I'll be making an 11th hour decision this election.

I'm a Canadian and would just like to say that the world is watching this all unfold and I'm hoping that the majority of American women will vote with all the important issues in mind. The fact that Palin can see 'Russia' from her window says a lot about her. What a joke!!

I am quoting Bella from above here and just want to say that worldview is a heck of a thing.

"As a black business woman,I'm always battling inequality on several fronts.While Sarah Palin is a woman ,that fact does nothing but embarrass me.She ia a pawn in the Republican's hands not to mention annoying and not particularly intelligent.I believe women are smarter than to fall for more political games when there are issues that affect our daily lives that need to be not only addressed but resolved.I am fearful of this person being in a position to lead our Country!"

A liberal woman might see Sarah Palin as a "pawn" but I don't know any Conservative women that see her that way. We see a woman like ourselves being recognized for the strengths we possess.

A Liberal woman might think that the issues that affect her daily life are not being addressed, but so do Conservative women. It's just about which issues YOU happen to think are most important. Health care and jobs are important, but so are social and moral decline to some of us. I have three daughters I would like to know won't be abused by husbands that were raised in dysfunctional homes and without a moral compass.

Conservative women who support Sarah Palin are not falling for political games...we are seeing things from another vantage point...one that you should recognize is as legitimate as yours.

And that comment about S.P. lacking intelligence...says who???

What this election comes down to is who can best help the millions of people who are suffering in this country and get us back on track. I don't think John McCain or Sarah Palin are qualified or even understand what is going on in everyday America. He is deserving of respect for his years of service, but admits the economy is not his strong area and that he favors George Bush's agenda. She keeps talking about being a hockey mom; does she have any idea how many kids in this country cannot even afford to play hockey? The republican party is clearly out of touch and I have had more than enough of them. If they win, it is going to set women back years and I definitely do not think she is qualified to take over this country should something happen to McCain which is not so unlikely given his age and his health history. As far as Sarah's personal life is concerned, we should vote in every instance for the person best suited for the job, not what is involved in his/her personal life. All we heard from Bush when he was running was morals, family values and ethics and there has been more corruption in his administration than any other in history and he is leaving terrible problems for the rest of us to try to overcome.

My concerns regarding Sarah Palin are her credentials and qualifications. Frankly, in her only interview with Charles Gibson, I found her clueless. Stating that "Russia is the bad guy" and not giving an explanation of her wisdom, does not sit well with me. I was not convinced that she knew or understood the complexity of the International community. What I am looking for in leadership are smart individuals who understand the historical significance of each country. A leader that can go abroad and meet with leaders and be able to represent the very best of America and of our interest. I would have confidence in a Hillary Clinton or a Condaleeza Rice anyday. Did Sarah Palin leave her town for which she was a mayor in better condition than when she found it? Research says no! How is Alaska in the two years that she has governed? There were more qualified Republican women that could have been chosen....

Palin has alot of personal things needing her at this moment. What happens to her family if she is elected. Her kids are still very young and needing her. I feel she will not be able to meet their needs if she is elected.There will be to many distractions. IF she can't meet the needs of her family how can she meet the needs of our country?? With all the HOOPLAH happening around her she is caught up in the moment. I really do not think she has sat down and looked at the whole picture. A nanny is not MOM!!

I would like to make one further comment directed at a single issue. Should the McCain-Palin ticket be elected, it will have the opportunity to nominate at least one, if not two or three Supreme Court Justices. This one issue alone should cause every individual to think VERY carefully, for the choice is not the choice of four or eight years, it is the choice of potentially forty plus years.

On the one issue that concerns ALL women -choice - consequences can be literally deadly.

Women have ALWAYS made a choice regarding reproduction. Prior to Roe v. Wade, they made that choice in bathtubs with coat hangers and other sharp, unsanitary implements; they made that choice in dark alleys on soiled tabletops, with soiled butcher knives and caustic substances. They made their choice at homes for unwed mothers, foundling hospitals, church doorsteps, and garbage cans. Some even made an irreversible to choice to never have the opportunity to choose ever again. Yes, there was choice before Roe v. Wade; yes, there was choice before pro-choice, and choices will persist after pro-choice gets its way.

If only on this single issue alone, the CHOICE this election would be clear. But the Republicans are appealing to exactly this single-issue, one-dimension mentality.

Choice, or the belief that one has freedom to make a choice at any given moment is axiomatic to the concept of what it means to be human.

We have right now, this very moment, the innate right as humans to make informed choices. Complicated multi-dimensional choices with consequences far exceeding our lifetimes. We must not allow ourselves to be blindsided by a feigned to devotion to a single issue.

Choice right now is the choice to think hard and fast about the big picture, and not out of the finite box into which the McCain-Palin Republican machine has pidgeon-holed you.

OK, here where I am with all this. I cannot be for the McCain/Palin ticket for several reasons...primarily, the war, our economy and health care. And, I believe abortion is the right of the individual, not to be governed by the government.

Second, when are we going to get back to discussing the issues and forget about the personalities.

Third, I am a white female and all of my white female friends are not swayed to the McCain/Palin ticket because she's a woman. Please give us some credit for intelligence.

I am judging her on the issues that matter to me, not on her gender.

I feel that Sara Palin is a wise choice and an offset candidate to compete with Ombama & Biden. She certainly has shaken up the party/balanced the opposition. But with all respect, I don't believe in scrutinizing qualifications to death, because she is a woman. But I do believe in listening to/reviewing/weighing her qualifications (including education/ governornship/ beliefs and economic policies). Unlike McCain & Obama, when I checked online for her investment ventures/public info (none were found). I don't like the over exaggeration of her efforts to, "Kill the Bridge to No Where," but on the other hand she did stop the plans and allocated the money to better use/elsewhere. Is she a millionaire yet?

In the early days of this country, elected politicians came from all walks of life -- many were farmers, merchants, blacksmiths, etc. They didn't have any specific political experience, but they did know what they wanted to create: a free existence for all Americans. A place of equality where anyone, regardless of social standing, could make a go of it.

Today, we live in a global age, so experience does count for something. However, the true grit of a person can outweigh experience and that is what I think Americans are responding to with Sarah Palin. She's shown through her role as governor of Alaska that she will take on those larger and more powerful than her if the cause merits it. I admire that.

As far as her family life, that is private. In the old days, the media had the courtesy to uphold this boundary thus enabling Americans to focus on the politician's viewpoints - not if their daughter had a child out of wedlock.

We're getting too granular and losing sight of the big picture. America is in trouble and the issues are big -- not petty.

Who to vote for -- McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden?

At the end of the day, you vote with your head and your heart. The right candidate is the one who's there for the right reasons. Not to make the history books. Not to self-glorify. They're there to ensure America sticks to its roots -- freedom and equality.


In my opinion, as with many other women, McCain chose Palin to capture those votes left undecided by Hilary not winning the nomination. I don't really think he cares if she can step in and run this country on her worse PMS day! Palin has a lot of need in her family and if she's on an overseas trip and here children are missing their mom, do she cut her trip short? I have serious issues with McCain's choice for VP. In this situation, she'll be better off staying in Alaska with her family.

I have a question for every blogger who is in support of Palin, please list her qualifications, all of her accomplishments over the past 20 years, what college did she go to, what degrees has she received, who are her mentors and what are her plans as potential vice president? Once you can give me this list then I will comment on her. If you can not provide this information, then why are you for her as a candidate? Based on opinions or facts?


BTW - you don't get to jump out on the stage talking big noise about being a Hockey Mom as one of your qualifications then get POd because the opposition pounces on it and starts examining your work as a mom.

You don't get to refer to yourself as a "pitbull with lipstick" then get mad because the opposition talks about your clothes and make up.

You don't get to call out another woman for playing the sexist card then play it yourself and not have people jump on you for it.

And certainly if Palin cannot handle the silliness or prying eyes of the American media and wants to hide behind the pant suit of McCain then WTH is she gonna do when there is a real challenge from foreign dignataries!!!! OH WHY DID THEY NOT PUT CONDI ON THE TICKET?????

How sad! Many of you can't see the bias of the media against Palin. I'm sick of the liberal media and the hatred they spew for everyday people like me -- mothers, Christians, well-educated women who put their families first!

I'm very frightened after reading some of the comments. Remember School House Rock?
"Knowledge is Power!"
Obama is connected to the terrorist?? Please! Educate yourself. You might want to look into the Bush connection with the Saudis.
Which ever side you are on, please educate yourself. Read, read, read.

I believe this says it better than I can:


These things are simple enough for both liberals and conservatives to recognize.
Otherwise, our education system is not doing enough to improve the intellect.

If a person will play with logic this way during his campaign, he will no doubt do it as president.
Remember, this is a script we've seen play out before our very own eyes - and all too recently.

First, McCain is the candidate not Palin although the possibility is great that she would become the President. That thought alone terrifies me greatly.

Second, I find it fascinating that women are behind Palin when clearly she is not the most qualified Republican woman candidate. It is shameful and an insulting pandering move. Women every where who do work hard to get where they want without lying and talking submissively to appeal to the male dominated surroundings they may be in are hanging their heads in shame.

Third, I don't know one woman who was ever allowed to bring their kids to work and sit them on the desk while signing for packages and answering the phone. I don't know one woman who was not punished in either dollars, reputation or missed networking opportunities for staying at home with a sick child. That is one reason why so many go into business on their own.

Fourth, as a Veteran this ticket scares me. They will surely get us in another war cause it is 4 more years of the same thing.

And OMG finally, what are you teaching your daughters about what it really takes to make it in this world! You don't have to have experience, you can lie about your past, you can mess up the job and still get rewarded...in point of fact you can be a wallstreet CEO. For those women on here who said a woman will "shake things up" how is that when you want to elect the mean girl to a position of power? I thought we women were supposed to do things differently?

Why do they treat Sarah Palin like she is the second coming. I want to hear about the issues and not her canned responses as to what she did or might have done in Alaska. Every single speech I have seen with her in it has rehashed that same tired speech. She runs from the press when they ask her questions. What makes her any different from any other candidate that she can't stop and answer questions from the press? Does she have to rehearse. She's starting to remind me of a Stepford wife. I don't want a person in charge of this country who can't stand and face the music. I want change in this country to involve everyone. I want to feel proud of my country and our people for what we stand for. One Nation! Not yours, or mine One Nation! OUR country is falling apart at the seems and all everone is concerned about is sarah sarah sarah! Damn it, we have greater issues to discuss and work on than whether or not she is qualified.
I don't happen to believe she has what it takes to be VP or God Help US The President. Not being sexist, but being a woman doesn't qualify her and being a governor of ALaska doesn't either. I just think there were better qualified women and men than her out there. Period

Palin scares me too....just a little to extremist for me. You can be as conservative as you like, but ie: Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and I don't think the entire election should be run on the issue of Abortion. I believe it should be run on the issues that are currently affecting us,The War in Iraq--we need to get out--the economy, employment, and whether or not Americans can put food on our tables. Abortion, is an individual choice and although I don't believe in it personally even the bible tells us to adhere to the law of the land, in this case it doesn't mean that just because it's a law people need to go out and get one, and if you do it's something that you will deal with with your maker when you see him on judgement day.

Based on all the comments on this blog it certainly appears that this group is composed of astute, clear-thinking and intelligent women. Can you honestly say that you are not swayed by party rhetoric? If so, then our task at hand is to FORCE all of our elected officials to get off the “dole” and get to work to hammer out agreements to tackle these monstrous messes we have gotten our country into. It did not begin with Bush…it began when we all went out to get what “we” want for “ourselves”. We have become a nation of “I want it all and I want it now”. We are the only country in the world with the sole economic policy as consumerism. The government had nothing to do with the “McMansion” mentality run amok. The lending institutions were happy to throw money at us because they knew later that they would reap huge interests when the rates went higher. The “public” threw caution to the wind and signed on the bottom line…..ignorance is not bliss!
There is no one on this blog that would have wanted government to step in and tell us we could not buy the big houses, the fancy boats and the expensive cars. Now everyone wants the government to step in and “fix” our mess.
Most of us never see or are aware of the back room machine that puts these folks into public office. They do not get well-known and “in position” if the parties do not provide the muscle and money to put them out there. And by parties I do not mean the voters! The Chicago machine certainly helped Obama. And, I would bet that McCain would have much preferred having Lieberman on the ticket than Palin.
You will be electing a machine and not a person when you vote in November…but the power lies in the public to force whichever machine that wins….do the right job for everyone. Change will only come about if we, the voters and especially the women, force our legislators to come together to get the jobs done. It is not blue against red…this is not the Civil War….we ALL wear Red, White and Blue so let’s all work together!

It's amazing to me that everyone has clamored for a woman VP or Prez candidate for years--celebrating back to Shirley Chisolm and Geraldine Ferraro, ordaining Hillary Clinton...but wow we put up a Republican woman and somehow it's not so necessary for a woman to be in such a lofty position. So, as another comment said, I suppose it's just a necessary step in the right direction if it's a Dem female...
And, I don't know how anyone can look at the experience of a Governor (no matter the size of the state) and say that they are less qualified to serve as VP as a Senator--especially one who has been in office almost as long as I've been around. Tell me how living inside the Beltway and managing nothing but a small staff and committee agendas is similar to running the entire government of a state from the budgets to the bricks and mortar, the military reserve units to the future of a state in which she has to reside under the laws she enacts.

Palin scares me! If she were applying for the position, human resources would have tossed her ap on the first viewing. She would never even have been called for an interview. People don't quite view it this way, but the presidency campaign is a job application. We the people are the human resources department. We should be scrutinizing everyone involved.

Palin claims to be running on transparency and stopping pork spending, among other things. Then we see that she skirted the public viewing of government e-mails by using personal accounts to do her government business. We see that she used federal pork spending to the fullest for Wasilla and for the state of Alaska. She is politics as usual when the information comes out, as corrupt, or more so, than any other. The difference is, she didn't truly run Wasilla - hired a city manager to do her job - and had other people doing her work for her in the state government. She fired all of the experienced people that could have helped her run things efficiently and put in friends who supported her, who had no experience in anything applicable. Living in Alaska, that close to Russia, does not count as foreign diplomacy. She says she is for family values, teaching sex ed at home and NOT in school, though she married because she was pregnant, and now, her daughter, who she presumably taught abstinence, is also marrying due to a pregnancy. There are a lot of problems with this choice for VP.

Both she and McCain say they are for change, but they have not proposed anything that would be a change from the current administration. They continue to say that we have a strong economy, when it is more than obvious that we don't. It is just more of the same, no change. Considering the current health of McCain, there is a strong possibility that his VP could become president, possibly in short order. Her shortfalls are huge. This is a very scarey proposition!

The media is starting to make me sick. They tend to attack Obama more than any other candidate yet they seem to lean to sexism. If a woman wants to be equal to that of her counterpart, a man, then she should receive no special treatment. However, I do agree that the same type of questions should be directed to all candidates.

I can only identify with Palin to certain degree. I'm determined to jump start my career while taking care of my family (husband and six children). Thus, my first and foremost important job is to take care of my home. As a black female, I will not vote for McCain because of his VP's gender any more than for Obama because of his race. I may or may not vote based on the issues. My family and I have to deal with the high cost of living on a daily basis, limited healthcare and a failing school system. With that said, the only presidential ticket that supports my concerns is Obama/Biden.

I cannot, with a clear conscious, vote for either one of these candidates. What part of this equation are they just not getting? Picking Ms Palin for a running mate was nothing more than a cheap, selfish, theatrical ploy. My dog shows more common sense, loyalty and honesty! I wish we had options, like someone who listens to the American people….now there’s a novel idea! Have any of you REALLY heard them address the problems facing the hard working, out-of-a-job, no place to live, middle class citizen? Our jobs continue to be outsourced to other countries; our healthcare continues to spiral downward – while the illegal aliens in this country enjoy unlimited, free healthcare; we are an insanely debtor nation – how did we end up owing China billions of dollars while enduring their hazardous imports? All the while, a broken, useless Congress continues to be self serving. These buffoons can’t or won’t intelligently come together on something as crucial as global warming, alternate energy, poisoning from poorly grown produce or manufactured goods from other countries, outsourced jobs and the list goes on and on. How much more can we stand or take? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to wait until we have the “dubious honor” of being classified as a third world country and that’s exactly where we’re heading folks! It’s time we slapped these arrogant, egotistical, ignorant politicians back in their place….SERVING THE PEOPLE, for which they were elected. I am beyond disgusted.

In my observation, we women are our own worst enemy. Instead of reveling that we have made such a giant accomplishment, we beat each other over the head over silly ideological issues. Palin was right when she observed that Hillary and Geraldine paved the way. ALL OF US SHOULD REJOICE!

Sarah Palin, is a scary fact that could become the president. I am one of those white women who they say won't vote for Obama/Biden, I am here to assure you that is not a true fact, women in general aren't stupid. Once the dust settles the country and women all over thr country will see what a story teller, not truth finding n her comments, and yes, get over it, the lipstick issue her running mate has used it for years and years.
So if your life his good under Bush, vote for him and her and if it isn't as the entire country knows it's time for a change. I am a professional women, mother and grandmother.
Vote for the issues not because of gender!!!!!

I believe McCain and Palin is a better choice than Obama. I believe he is related to the terrorist Osama. Obama is no better ready to serve as president than Sara is as VP. I would rather choose a president that has served our country than one who can't talk without a prompter and can't answer a yes or no question.

Such a sad day for the liberals. What a hypocritical bunch you are!

Women in politics are good as long as they are Democrats.

Inexperience(?)is OK as long as it is a Democrat that is inexperienced.

And most of the women that proclaim as "pro-choice" are WAY too old to have children anyway. How nice that they want to make that decision for someone else.

Go Palin! Go McCain! They are the real agents for change - GOOD change.

As a black business woman,I'm always battling inequality on several fronts.While Sarah Palin is a woman ,that fact does nothing but embarrass me.She ia a pawn in the Republican's hands not to mention annoying and not particularly intelligent.I believe women are smarter than to fall for more political games when there are issues that affect our daily lives that need to be not only addressed but resolved.I am fearful of this person being in a position to lead our Country!

I just want to say that I really hope that This country is smarter than the Media. This is a woman that can not raise her family why should we think that she will be great at running our country? NO there is no perfect person in this world but when you throw your self into the light as she has done to her entire family you would think that it would look a little better than hers does, if having a special needs child is so important to her than why did it take her having one before she stood up for the millions who have done it before her who asked and begged for her help. While Govenor of Alaska her main focus for sex education was Abstainance but I guess she forgot to take her daughter to that class. I truly believe that women can do whatever a man can, But it should be the woman that has the responsibilty to raise our families. MOMMA'S BABY......DADDY'S MAYBE!!!!!!! Our children come from the inside of us, my son is alomst 2 andI have a hard time leaving him to go to work, she has a special needs child and was back to work within 3 days. I am voting for Barack not because he is a black man because everyone heres a news flash his mother is WHITE!!! That makes him multi-racial not just black! He is humble, he is intelligent, he is loving to his family, and he is genuine! Sounds like a great president to me!

I am very saddened by the comments I have read in this blog. Hatred spews from many of these women for some reason. I am a Christian woman and am very proud that we have a woman running for the VP spot that actually believes in protecting the lives of the unborn instead of the continuous support for murdering infants without giving it another thought. CHOICE??? What about the child's CHOICE??? We all conveniently (as a society) just push it aside. I am thankful to GOD, YES AN ALL POWERFUL GOD, that he has put Sarah Palin here for such a time as this. Fortunately, the MAJORITY for women in this country feel the same.Thank God for this!

The issues this country faces today are monumental - faltering global markets, wars, environmental disaster, poor public education,a healthcare system in shambles and the the list goes on. Under no circumstances is Sarah Palin of the scant resume qualified to serve as Vice President let alone, President of the United States. The same can be said of John McCain whose main claim to fame is that of war hero and maverick- whatever that means. Palin's selection by the 'good ole boys' of the the Republican Party is cynicism of the highest order based on the belief that 'Stepford Wives' are still the order of the day rather than of relics of the imagination. No thinking woman will buy into this ploy. I'm voting for brain power and thoughtfulness -Obama/Biden.

Voting on gender is not for me. Another four years of these policies would further decimate America. Sara just a political ploy IMHO, and a scary choice at best. Too bad, because I like McCain, just not the policies he represents. Choosing her further deepened my choice to go the other way. EQ

Both Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Pallin have made us women proud. However, it is amazing that none of the women blogging on this site mentioned the fact that Mrs. Pallin has 5 children, the youngest with a disabiity. If by chance something happens to McCain, Mrs. Pallin will become President of this GREAT Nation. In today's hostile political climate, wars, declining US Dollar, rising forclosures and unemployment, etc. do we honestly think that Mrs. Pallin will be able to lead this GREAT Nation in time of crisis if her own family is having an emergency - especially an medical emergency. Mrs. Pallin has made some good accomplishments, but she is a loving mother first. I do not honestly think Mrs. Pallin will be able to run / lead this Nation successfully with such a young family. Alaska is small. The rest of America is large and complex. Let's think about our future and be realistic about this VP pick. Regards. http://www.youtube.com/v/VELIG92GDXw&hl=en&fs=1

She seems like a nice person. However, she does not have what it takes to be the VP of the USA. What was McCain thinking??? God forbid if his old ass die...

The future of US policy will be determined by this election, and we need to have thoughtful, diplomatic leadership at the helm to guide us domestically and internationally. While Ms Palin's appeal is that she comes across like the friendly neighbor next door, I don't think many of us want our neighbor to sit at the table on international affairs, especially when the possibility of war is at stake or our economic success is in the balance. Ms Palin's experience is limited and still not completely veted. Her twisting of the truth on how she handled Alaskan policies is disturbing (ie the bridge to no where), as well as is her declining to cooperate on troopergate. Ms Palin owes it to the voter to be more accessible to the press and the public so that we can have the same level of information on her as we do on the other candidates.

How dare the men and the political machines of this country assume that I am so desperate for a woman president that I would cast my vote for an ill-prepared woman! As a former executive, she would not have made it past my secretary! I am unemployed for more than a year, I have lost my home to foreclosure, and I am trying to survive this republican fiasco at 45. Stop wasting my time with garbage!

I'm a very liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal, and haven't yet decided who to vote for. That said, I find the uproar over Sarah Palin's nomination to the Republican ticket captivating. Republicans seem to think that women in this country will flock to the polls and vote McCain/Palin simply because there is a woman on the ticket (note to Republicans - no, we cannot just swap one vagina for another). McCain is savvy, politically. If he had put just another "white guy" on his ticket, the Republican cause would be lost most certainly. Palin's nomination gives them a true "fighting" chance. Lucky for them, Sarah Palin is indeed an effective speaker and a natural leader, with charisma to spare. All great attributes, but again, I haven't decided who's getting my vote. I need to see hard facts, not flossy fables from both sides waxing on about "change" but not providing the details, the when, where, why, what, of all they proclaim that they would like to do. Fascinating was the Palin interview with Charles Gibson ("Charlie" when he's on GMA, but under the mantle of "serious news" he becomes "Charles"). Is Gibson going to snag an interview with Joe Biden as well? Is Gibson going to ask Obama how he can possibly be president with two young daughters at home? I've got no problem with hitting hard with interview questions, but to ask a woman who has been a mayor and a governor if she feels she can serve the country and her children at the same time is ludicrous. What males presidential candidate, let alone vice presidential candidate, was ever asked that question? How backwards are we pilgrims? How many world leaders are women who are also mothers? Women who have had children and remain caring mothers as well as dedicated to their civic responsibilities. Astonishing are some of the comments from other women on this blog (and in the beauty shop, market, workplace, et al). One would think that the young women today don't have any recollection or respect for their sisters from the 1960's and 70's, who burned their bras and fought for birth control and equality with men. If any one of us questions another woman's ability to lead while she has a child at home, then the message still hasn't sunk in yet. You can choose to be a stay at home mother or a working mother, but you must realize it's a personal choice. What is right for you may not be right for me, and as women we must respect each other's voices, each other's paths, and each other's dreams. We can't cast stones at any woman whose choce differs from our own. THAT'S what women have fought for, and for all the clamoring about glass ceilings and good ol' boys, all we need to hear is one woman going all holier than thou on another one and it sets us back a hundred years. I'm a woman with a daughter and a granddaughter. I'm a woman with sisters and mothers and cousins and aunts. I'm a woman with girlfriends. I choose to embrace them all, without prejudice. I don't need to vote for Sarah Palin to appluad her efforts.

I am beginning to wonder if this website isn't republican because I see only negative comments about Sarah Palin! My favorite saying is "you can always judge what someone will do in the future by the past" and if you look at both McCain
s & Palin's record, you'll see they've been agents for change. Sarah didn't receive an 80% approval rating in Alaska for nothing! Our economy will improved drastically when they take on the 'good old boys' network and corruption, waste in congress, wall street and in many other areas!! I've always said we need a good, gutsy woman to help 'clean up Washington" and now we have her!

It seems comical to me that women are rallying around Palin because she is the same gender. Yes, I do believe that we need more women in our government, but women who are connected with uniquely women values. Not women who put on a testosterone pant suit or throw an un-cocked shot gun over their shoulder and become like men to drink from the power fountain.
The entire “Maverick” campaign for Palin/McCain appeals to the same old “Cow Boy Politics” that has dragged this country down the tubes over the past eight years. The Dems have once again been out-maneuvered by Carl Rove. You have to give the man his due. He is a brilliant political strategist, to be able to manipulate the American People into believing that McCain is not more of the same last 8 years, who, by the way, needs a “Palin” to energize his campaign, divert voters from the issues, and run up the lipstick manufacturers’ revenues.

I believe some women of this country have totally lost sight to what the Presidential-Vice presidential qualifications are about. Not only do you have to be at least 35 and a natural born citizen, but you are also expected to have some kind of knowledge and experience of politics and how things work in the political world.

I respect the fact that Sarah Palin is a devoted mother and devoted wife, has been a mayor and a governor. That is all good, but we have to put all things aside for a few moments and really think about this question: If John McCain and Sarah Palin win the Presidential nomination, and if John McCain were to become deathly ill or even die during that presidency, would you honestly want Sarah Palin as your president? Never mind the fact she is a woman, we all want a woman in charge, but do you honestly think she is qualified to sit down with foreign leaders like Amedinejad or Kim Jong Il or the Castros without totally flubbing things up more than they already are? I don't think she is up to it--at all!

Plus she is totally against a woman's right to choose what she decides to do with her own body. I'm sorry, but if I were raped and had gotten pregnant by the rapist, I feel that it is up to me whether or not I want to go through with the pregnancy or not. And if I did decide to get an abortion, then that would be between me and my God. No one else has to answer for another person's actions.

I'm not too proud of the fact that her pregnant teen daughter is being brought into front of the cameras of the media, but that is a decision that she chose to do. That is one of the things she should have thought about when the McCain camp called her and asked her if she wanted the job, but yet, she said during her interview with Charlie Gibson that she didn't think--that she instantly said yes, without hesitation.

For heaven's sake, when it was first announced that she was going to be the VP pick, she said that she didn't even know what vice presidents do. Yet she jumped on the chance. I believe that she was completely shocked when they named her because up until that point, no one even guessed that she would be considered. Her name was not known. The whole nation was under the impression that potential VP picks with a lot more political experience would be picked--not an unknown with practically no knowledge of how the federal government works. This was obviously a shovenistic, desperate attempt to get those Clinton voters who were hardened by the fact that Hilary was not chosen the Democratic nominee for president. And as they can see, the majority of them were not fooled. Hilary Clinton should not even be in the same category as Palin. Palin doesn't even come close to her experience or knowledge. So if those hardened Clinton supporters want to throw away their vote just because they want a woman in office, then let them waste their vote. It's just being silly and childish.

I believe the McCain should have just stuck it out and chosen another person because I believe it would definitely put the United States in danger if they were to actually win this election with Palin, waiting in the wings to step in as President if something bad were to happen.

I know that I am not going to vote for anyone just because of their color or gender. If that person seems more qualified to do the job and also shares many of my views on how the job can be accomplished, then they have my vote.

May God give us the strength, knowledge, and power to make the right decision.

As a single mother of 3 with an Engineering degree and a full-time job, I was thrilled, and still am, that John McCain chose Sarah Palin. Even if they don't win this election, he has left conservative women a legacy for the future. Sarah Palin is the other kind of liberated women, the kind that can truly have it all. She can have success and she can still be proud of being all the feminine things a woman is. She has proven you do not have to look and act like a man, or shun fertility and femininity to get ahead. She can be someone her husband likes to show off, she can raise her family with a Christian faith without being ashamed, and proves that little girls can hunt, be Vice President of the United States, and wear mascara (or lipstick) doing it all.

My main concern with this campaign is that we're actually voting according to race, gender, age & looks. It appears that we're not using our brains and our life situations. I'm tired of paying taxes on my Social Security that I've paid taxes on when I worked. I'm also tired of being punished by paying marriage taxes. I sympathise with those who are being laid off because of the failing economy that impacts the workforce. Let's get back to the issues at hand. Let's go beyond our feelings and use our brains and our life experiences when we choose our presidential candidate on election day.

Ah, nothing brings folks together faster than politics. Yes, thats sarcasm.
The McCain camp must think women are stupid to fall for the "woman for vice president" ploy. Any woman with half a brain should see it as the blatant insult it is. End of that story.
As far as Palins family life? I consider it a non- issue, but think of the uproar from the republicans if the shoe was on the other foot.

In the last 8 years, the deficit of this country is in the trillions. Remember when Bush went in we had a surplus. Republicans have cut education and health care, including that of our very precious veterans. How will our children ever compete in the global market if higher education is out of reach, or so expensive they are in debt over their heads before they ever start to live on their own.

For this reason and many others I will vote for Obama.
Don't listen to the same old rhetoric. Do your homework and check the facts yourselves. You'll be suprised.

Sarah Palin may be a nice lady. However, she is totally unqualified to be Vice President or (God forbid) President. I also think it is a disgrace that she and Senator Mcclain are using the fact that she had a handicapped bady for political gain. Because of this I have lost all of the repect I had for Senator McClain.

Why is it that anyone who dares to question the 'heir apparent' Gov. Palin, is vehemently attacked? I am sick to death of you all throwing around the terms arrogant and elitist as if we average Americans don't actually know the definition of the terms. We are cognizant enough to understand that this is just another form of what is commonly referred to as the "Jedi-Mind Trick!" We, the general public (not represented in any of the national polls) only want to know if the person being stuffed down our throats as the best option for the nation is, in fact, experienced, has the level of preparedness, has the credibility or anything skill-set necessary to assume the role as "leader of the free world" if she had to do so. Come on, I do not know if many of you live in the 'real' world, but if any of us were to apply for a corporate level position for any firm around the world, do you realize the kind of intense scrutiny we would endure? Heck the preliminary interviews or the panel interviews alone are more complex and intensive than what we know about Senator McCain's entire vetting process of Gov. Palin! Here we are about three weeks into this grand introduction of Gov. Palin, and she still has not come up off of the script! As someone who is trying to make the decision to "hire" Senator McCain/Gov. Palin, you know, that's those of us in "regular" America who are poised to cast ballots in a few days, her smug demeanor alone would rule her out as a possible leader of my corporation. Truly, it is hard for me to even hear many of the words that she reads, because I can't bear the smug, condescending manner in which she delivers her scripted messages. I wish more Americans would engage in open table talk and share their honest opinions on some of these matters. I am sure the real issues and concerns that are driving the surge in popularity with "middle Americans" which is code for "white America" will come forward. I wish that the media would take heed and also endeavor to speak the truths that we are all speaking in the comforts or our homes and in our circles of influence.

I believe that Palin should have passed on the Vice President because of her children crisis. Five months ago, two things happened she gave birth to a special needs baby and her daughter told her she was pregnant. We are only focusing on the lives of those two kids, the others will be under the microscope too. Her oldest is in Iraq that is another story.The 17 year old decided that she will marry the father of the baby. This 17 year old will have a separate experience that her mother had with her siblings.I had my daughter at 18, she was born with sickle cell disease. I did not want to wed, I wanted to deal with one thing at a time. I made a good decision, because the father of my child was not ready for marriage and children. He later was a great father to my daughter and his other children. What I am trying to say is that sure Mrs Palin will have a supportive system around her not just her family, but the Republican party will provide her with help but a child or children will want a mother there. Mrs Palin will have to focus on those duties of the vice presidency and if anything happens to Mccain issues of the world will be her focus. I know women can do all things and it is time for a woman but she is a mother first and in her family there are needs to be cared for.

Gee, I just wish to share some concerns. I do believe in the advancement of women into every area of American life, however, I do believe that Sarah Palin is being used. It is unfortunate that politics is such a dirty game. Why was she chosen? Did the McCain camp choose a woman to woo the discontented Hillary supporters, even those who do not wish to vote for Obama because he is African-American. I want a president who is a Civil Rights lawyer and taught Constitutional law, that is Obama. I want a president with a depth of intelligence as well as humanity. Obama is the candidate of inclusion, not division. The Republicans will never care about Americans caught on the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in this country, and I all so find them to be hypocritical, doing whatever is expedient to keep them in power. Obama did not call Sarah Palin a pig, he stated on the David Letterman show that McCain's policies is the pig and Sarah is the lipstick. She may well be a gifted politician, but I think she has hitched her star to the wrong wagon. So, she is referred to as a "Pistol Packing Mama, everyone knows what we need is gun control. The News testifies to the fact every day, where someone else has been killed with a firearm. I am not impressed. They really need to stop using religion and saying what God's will is because in scripture it states that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His Ways are not our Ways, so how do we know when we are doing His will and not our own......... My question is simply will I be able to find a job to support myself at the age of 61 in New York City, in New York State and in the United States of America. I do not exist to the Republicans, the Democrats know we are here they have at least reached out and allowed some of us to express our concerns.

The selection of Gov. Palin as a running mate was wholly political. She was chosen for gender, for her motherhood, for her religious affiliation and for her so-called "working-class" appeal. The selection of Gov. allows the Republican Party to direct their message to the groups they need to win in November. If it had been about ability or readiness to lead (an important issue with regard to John McCain given his age and previous health issues), Palin would never have even been seriously considered. Members of all the groups which are the target of her candidacy should be appalled and insulted that the Republican party apparently appraises the respective individual intellects of the individuals in these groups to be so marginal, so superficial and so one-dimensional as to be taken in by such a cheap and blatant political tactic. It is and should be viewed as a slap in the face to every working individual, every evangelical and most of all, every woman.
Women have striven for equality in the workplace and in society as a whole on the basis of their intellect and ability. The motivation for the selection of Gov. Palin was solely her gender and not her merit as a leader. This does not augment, but rather seriously undermines the sincere efforts of women to achieve recognition based solely on their merit as thinking beings, and not their gender. Shame on any women who is not insulted by this shameless behaviour on the part of the McCain campaign. If women are taken in, it will be the joke around republican male locker rooms for years to come.
Finally, elections should never be about faces or voices or suits or dresses, much as they have become since the advent of television, and more recently the internet. Elections are bout philosophy: the philosophy held by an individual regarding how this country should be governed. Elections to the highest office of this country should thus never be reduced to a superficial contest of looks and personality, and now, sadly race and gender. I ask everyone who reads this to vote for your most dearest beliefs about what is best for the future of this country regarding economic, foreign and social policy. Never vote for who you would most like to have dinner with, or watch a game with. Vote your conscience. Vote your allegiance to the decisions you have made for yourself, alone at night, when you ponder the direction of this country and the world of which it is part. Never allow your vote to be reduced to your accident of birth.
As for me, I am a Democrat and will confidently vote for Barack Obama, because he able and because he is the nominee of the party, the platform of which most closely espouses those values I hold dear.

Regarding Sarah Palin from a non-Republican and non-Democrat:

She seems to be very slanted and narrow-minded. It's insulting to women in general for McCain to have chosen this woman because she is "merely" a woman rather than the right PERSON for the job.

My feelings, for what it is worth, regarding politics and running this large and diverse nation is as follows. You can have your personal views and how you run your life and family. But when dealing with the public and doing the best for many, your personal belief system might not be wide enough.

She is pro-life. That's fine for her. But once again, stupid people think pro-choice is anti-life, which by blatant definition is false. To have a view but not inflict others with that view is the point of pro-choice. Sarah Palin doesn't feel that way. It's all about her way. For a man to weigh in on it at all has always seemed dumb to me because he'll never know what it is to be in a position to have to make the choice. Even if it's between keeping a baby and putting it up for adoption, it's still a choice. Being an American is about having choices.

She is seemingly very religious according to a specific version of Christianity. That is great for her that she has a strong faith. But I don't agree with those sensibilities being used to run my allegedly free country. Religion should be kept personal. Any thinking person in a mixed-race/religion/ethnicity society as our nation is, should welcome doctrine from all faiths to better understand who our neighbors are. That is truly being a good faithful person by my definition. All religions have some good advice for all of us. Even those who do not believe in a G/god. (Please note - you don't know what my beliefs are in this because what I buy into is not everyone else's truth - I won't push mine, don't push yours.)

I do not like the McCain ticket running on the fear of terrorism and do not like Palin joining this rant from the "soccer mom" perspective. America has lost it's edge by promoting fear tactics instead of encouraging being strong and fearless. They want us to trust them with the military to keep us safe. It's not smart. We need to feel safe and strong in our homes, on our streets, in our cities and states. Each individual taking care for and of each other. Let's focus on the American day-to-day becoming prosperous and solid rather than fighting off the bogeymen that will always exist. Terrorism is not about the "terrorists" which have come to be defined as those of an Arab nation hellbent on destroying our nation. It is about any individual or group of individuals who seek to destroy anyone or any group by fright tactics. I'm still more frightened of a rapist or mugger or life-threatening illness than a foreign "cell" of "terror". And in all of it, I'm not afraid of anyone or anything. What a waste of energy.

When Clinton was in the race, the Republicans always pushed the woman agenda, instead of seeing her as an individual with clear vision and a vast experience unrivaled by anyone else in the race. Now they're all in defense of anything they'll spin to make it seem that Democrats are sexist. It's a comedy, but there's nothing funny about it.
This is not sports where there are winners and losers per se, but making a decision that doesn't help me but seems to assist more of my fellow countrymen - what is good more for all than selfishly for me. Duh.

Palin doesn't get it, is limited in her life and world views, and is not equipped to take this job.
Not because she's a woman, but because she simply does not have the intelligence to wrap her brain around the daunting job this is. McCain made a huge mistake.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah. As a prolife, post 911 female who has dealt with the hypocrisy and pathology of the feminist left, I think she is great.

I think Sarah Palin is a joke and i despise the way this country is now acting like she is running for President and she is not - McCain is -the focus is being put on her so we can ignore the fact that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time - now they talk about change - wow - obama been's talking about change for over a year now - im glad they finally caught up.

She is dangerous for women. She is not an advocate for choice or sound decision making. We can't elect McCain. It's that simple

It's as though Sarah Palin was literally plucked out of 1950. Not only does she look it, but her beliefs are passé as well. She is not representative of the issue's at hand. She doesn't believe humans play a role at Global warming despite the evidence. She is extremely anti-choice, pro-war, and an avid hunter. How those beliefs go together, I don't know. She even sued the Bush administration for putting polar bears on the endangered species list because it hindered the oil companies drilling. She DID support the "bridge to nowhere" and received funding for it and then she realized what a disaster it was and KEPT, yes KEPT the money. She throws out false remarks that taxes will be higher under Obama, when that isn't true for the average American. Average being those that make under $225,000/year. Not average as the McCain/Palin ticket believe to be those that make under $5,000,000/year, yes they said that was middle class. All in all, it pains me to think that this woman could be the first female VP, and possibly the first female president considering McCain is 72 and has had cancer, despite her lack of integrity, experience, and education. Something to consider:
Occidental College - two years.
Columbia University - B.A. political science with a specialization in international relations.
Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude

University of Delaware - B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.
Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


United States Naval Academy - class rank 894 of 899

Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in journalism

Yes, this woman could lead our country and it really makes me wonder what is happening to our country as a whole that some people would even toy with the idea that she's fit.
Having the same anatomy as you doesn't mean she is pro-women and will improve your life.

It's as though Sarah Palin was literally plucked out of 1950. Not only does she look it, but her beliefs are passé as well. She is not representative of the issue's at hand. She doesn't believe humans play a role at Global warming despite the evidence. She is extremely anti-choice, pro-war, and an avid hunter. How those beliefs go together, I don't know. She even sued the Bush administration for putting polar bears on the endangered species list because it hindered the oil companies drilling. She DID support the "bridge to nowhere" and received funding for it and then she realized what a disaster it was and KEPT, yes KEPT the money. She throws out false remarks that taxes will be higher under Obama, when that isn't true for the average American. Average being those that make under $225,000/year. Not average as the McCain/Palin ticket believe to be those that make under $5,000,000/year, yes they said that was middle class. All in all, it pains me to think that this woman could be the first female VP, and possibly the first female president considering McCain is 72 and has had cancer, despite her lack of integrity, experience, and education. Something to consider:

Occidental College - two years.
Columbia University - B.A. political science with a specialization in international relations.
Harvard - Juris Doctor (J.D.) magna cum laude

University of Delaware - B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.
Syracuse University College of Law - Juris Doctor (J.D.)


United States Naval Academy - class rank 894 of 899

Hawaii Pacific University - 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters - general study
University of Idaho - 2 semesters - journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College - 1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters - B.A. in journalism

Yes, this woman could lead our country and it really makes me wonder what is happening to our country as a whole that some people would even toy with the idea that she's fit.
RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH before you vote!! Having the same anatomy as you doesn't mean she is pro-women and will improve your life.

I wish the candidates would stick with the issues. It's not about how many children Palin has, it's the values that she and her husband are passing on to them. It's not that her youngest has a disability. I wonder if his disability is being used to secure votes?

Let's discuss what Palin stands for and not McCain's experience as a POW. Tell us where you see this country in four (4) years and how you intend to get us there. Let's discuss Roe v Wade. Sex education in schools, for or against? What about the current mortgage and energy crisis, national education plan, your religious views, wildlife preservation? These are the questions I wanted answered.

The media is enjoying the sensationalism of the McCain/Palin ticket and doesn't want to get beyond the surface of their campaign. However, I believe the American people want more than that and should let our media outlets know that enough is enough.

Sarah palin tried to get a number of books removed from the library. This single act tells me something about her character. I will not vote for her though I have long worked for a woman in the White House.

We as people are ignoring that
The issues that are at hand are bigger then all of us. This countries has being destoy by the love of money. It is time Americans stop voting for people that are only looking out for themselves, it is time for us to come together as a country whether you are rich or poor, How can anyone that have has been blessed not want to be a blessing to others. That is the problem we have with people in the US. We say we want change but change is not an individual thing it is a country thing. MCCain needs to come up with his own style everything that Obama has said far as change now McCain want to say change, it is so funny that he don't even have his own style he has to copy. So if you want 4 more years of the Busch Administration then yes vote McCain. Your vote does count. We can all make change, it is time for us as a Country work with each other not against each other.

I think the fact a woman was picked for a running mate says our country has come a long way in the fight against discrimination against women. I think Hillary Clinton running for the presidential nomination and getting as far as she did is spectacular. But here is reality: If you truly care about the well being of our country you will vote for the presidential ticket based on what the candidates stand for and you agree with; regardless of race, age, gender, etc. To do otherwise makes you ignorant and the country at risk.
My only other opinion is this: For those who want to claim Sarah Palin is a bad parent because her daughter is pregnant~hmmm so what does that make Hillary in the wife department since her husband had numerous affairs and she seemed to "miss them" (because last I checked a Mom can no more watch her childs every single move anymore that a wife can watch her husbands)and if you want to dig into the candidates personal lives~how bout good old boy Bill Clinton that was getting "B**w J*bs" while sitting in the oval office and with an intern no less who was only a few years older than his own daughter? And lets not forget. Sarah Palin is running for Vice President and it is her daughter pregnant out of wedlock. Bill Clinton was the President and was having sex on the countrys dime and with a woman who was only a few years older than his daughter and technically was his employee since she was an intern at the White House. Do we really want to keep digging?

Before I start, I am allowed my opinion just like everyone else. Please do not be offended by my opinion. This is not a personal attack on anyone or anything. They are just my views. It's the fact the we can have our own opinions and freely talk about things like this that make this such a great country!

I think this election is wide open. Who knows how many of Hillary's votes were in complete support of her or just a way to vote against Obama (who, by the way, always talks about change but never really supports it with much detail on what that would be).

I think Palin's personal life makes her appear more real...like the stuff we go through, she goes through. Politically speaking, I think she's a strong candidate who does have experience in several key areas.

I never thought I would support a woman candidate for president or vice president, because honestly, I feel women can get too emotional and react off of that. I am rethinking that after seeing Palin and all that she brings to the table. McCain is a smart man to choose her as a running mate.

Palin doesn't have a thin resume- she's the only one who has actually run a government...Mayor, Governor. However, I'm voting for McCain on ideology. Big government in Europe has inflation rates that are higher than our, and many of the G8 countries economies are in trouble. Thats a fact.

I live in IL and suggest that if Obama runs the government the way his friends in high places run IL and metro Chicago--we're in deep weeds. Special interests, patronage, friends and family plan for hiring are inhibiting growth and opportunities here. We already know that Obama is beholden to unions - he will make a great mistake if he avoids free trade agreements. Ask the economists...don't take my word for it.

The fact is Palin has more experience than Obama. She has him running scared and now the media is attacking her. Why does the media not tell the REAL truth about Obama? Personally I am proud to be an American and even prouder to be a Texas. ENGLISH should be the official language of the US and I am not in favor of Democrats raising my taxes. AND yes they were alot higher during Bill Clinton's administration.

I am proud to support McCain/Palin.

Good Morning Ladies,

I am a young black american professional living in the DC metro area. Since the announcement of Palin's candidacy I too have heard great debates on both sides of this political coin. My thoughts are as follows: I respect Palin for taking the rather large step she has in accepting this nomination. However, I question if McCain and his camp truly believed she was the best qualified running mate, or female running mate they could have chosen. 1) I either question McCain's judgment in selecting a person whom he had admittadly limited knowledge of or 2) Am disappointed that McCain believe's this choice will sway women voters based upon gender alone and not upon intelligence, experience, and political savy. My only prayer is that Americans, stop quoting the media's one-liners and go read the records of these candidates for themselves. I respect any person or woman who makes a well infomred decision no matter what that may be.

In the time since the beginning of the Iraq war -- were something like 4000 men and women have died-- there have been 6,000,000 abortions!! This really made me stop. Now, both democrats and republicans can agree that this is obscene. I think Sarah Palin can bring about a change in the way we american toss out our babies so easily.

This should not be about the fact that she is a woman but rather how she will represent women! Not only would Sarah Palin and the Republican ticket not bring us forward, but they will seek to denegerate all women and not represent us or our needs. They want to have Washington make our choices instead of allowing us to make our own choices. A vote for the Republicans is a vote to lose our voices.

Woman should not vote for Palin just because she is a woman. She tried to charge woman 1200 dollars for a rape kit at the hospital. She is against womans rights and her past clearly shows this. Please learn the facts before you vote!!

I would like to respond to the woman that posted this:

Women can be divided into three catagories:1. Those who vote party line no matter what, 2. those who are smart and 3. those that are dumb.
Those who vote because of their party affiliation even if the country suffers will vote for Sarah if they are Republicans, those who are smart would never choose someone like Pallen just because she is a woman and those who are dumb will vote for Pallen just because she is a woman. Hmmmmm, I guess men fall into these catagories also........

— Posted by shirley coffman | September 6, 2008 5:12 PM | Comment Permalink

Ms. Coffman since you are so smart, please learn how to at least spell the woman's name correctly. Also, people who vote based on party even if it's a hazard to are country are definitely not considered too sharp. So, based on your info, there probably are only 2 categories: Dumb and Smart.

Hello eveynone,

Most times I'm not a woman of many words however, I believe these are important and I'd like to share them with you.

It is truly an accomplishment on how far the country has come regardless of the motive. And yet, it is so evident at how far "we" here-in have to go.

I personally find the overall current accomplishments as an inspiration, possibility, and will of God...Yet, at the same time, I find the current tactics to prevail discouraging, and irrational. I accept politics because it is a part of human culture however, I don't find degradation and meddling a positive influence. My concerns are in one’s previous experience and in the field at hand. I feel that we all are gambling on either side, and hope that the promises and views that match our concerns get carried out.

The problem is not that Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant, but, the Republican's holier-than-thou attitude. Unfortunately, Palin fits that mold as well. For example: The likes of Bill O'Riley and Rush Limgaugh, dragged Lindsay Lohan's and Brittney Spear's parents through the mud with the usual "bad-perenting skills" bit. Blaming the parents. If others' parenting skills are so bad and that is why their kids are so screwed up and get pregnant, why is Sarah Palin's daughter pregnant if her parenting skills are better? Vote for her because she's a woman? I don't think so. In fact, I originally voted for Edwards, then, Hillary. Are any of you listening to the facts regarding her "ethics"? Bridge to No Where, etc.? Try Factcheck.org.

I believe we should have the right to choose careers and family, but if we choose to have both it will be a strain on both. The kids end up raising themselves. The guilt associated with being a parent who is never there also stays with you. A demanding career demands 100% of your time. I have worked with the developmentally challenged and know the demands on the parents. Taking care of a special needs child is a full time job and should not be thrown out there for strangers to do. Especially if you knew the risks and decided to take that risk. I don't see the glory in that! Women know the risk of having a child after 35. Scientists do know that women age 35 and older have a significantly higher risk of having a child with the DS condition. At age 30, for example, a woman has about a 1 in 900 chance of conceiving a child with DS. Those odds increase to about 1 in 350 by age 35. By 40 the risk rises to about 1 in 100. It is not as if she was trying to have kids and had one late in life, she had four others. I may sound unsympathetic, but obviously Palin does not believe in birth control or abstinence in an over populated world, she appears self centered.
Thanks for listening... Donna

This is such a great discussion! I think professional women bring a very unique perspective to the debate about Palin. There's a similarly enlightening and engaged discussion happening on the only other professional women's site I know, Damsels In Success:

How petty most of you are …

And women wonder why they are not taken seriously?

The few who wrote mindfully should be proud, but for the most part, it is women like you who make the rest of us look bad.

Please, learn the issues … not from the media but from facts. Then vote on the issues … not on race or sex but for who you believe can keep this country great.

Then we can all sleep better knowing the country is safe, secure, and prospering.

Women can be divided into three catagories:1. Those who vote party line no matter what, 2. those who are smart and 3. those that are dumb.
Those who vote because of their party affiliation even if the country suffers will vote for Sarah if they are Republicans, those who are smart would never choose someone like Pallen just because she is a woman and those who are dumb will vote for Pallen just because she is a woman. Hmmmmm, I guess men fall into these catagories also........

It seems that the only people worried about Palin's personal life, is the Republicans. Who cares that she has a daughter knocked up, I don't. I don't like what she stands for and I will never vote for her or any woman who is an Republican.

I think it is a slap in the face because it is clearly a ploy to get the women voters who are jaded by the fact the Hillary Clinton lost the primary. It is also intended to do exactly what is doing, cause division among people and serve as a distraction to the real issue at hand - the policies of each candidate. That's what we should be voting because after the campaign is said and done, the policies are what's going to affect us and our livelihood the most. The candidates will continue with their personal lives and we'll be affected by the aftermath of our decision on November 4th. So, I dont think it makes any sense to focus on the fact that she is a woman, how many kids she has, etc. We really need to be focusing on each candidate's policies and their plans for once their in office.

Tracy - I think you need to take some of your own advice. Nothing you say here says anything about what McCain will do to improve this country. Do you really think that McCain/Palin will help your small business? I'm so tired of the cliches--"tax and spend liberals" etc. We're spending $10 billion dollars a month in Iraq under a Republican administration that cuts taxes for oil companies, and people still think Republicans have our backs when it comes to taxes? Where do you think the money for this war is coming from?It's coming out of taxes that people like you and me work hard to pay. End the war and they'll be no need to raise taxes for any new programs. And please, someone give me an example of how during the last Democratic presidency taxes went up and hurt business? It is under the current administration that all of our expenses have gone up. Let's lower those, and lower taxes for the middle class, as Obama has proposed.

I'm so tired of the cliches--"tax and spend liberals" etc. We're spending $10 billion dollars a month in Iraq under a Republican administration that cuts taxes for oil companies, and people still think Republicans have our backs when it comes to taxes? Where do you think the money for this war is coming from--the middle class! End the war and they'll be no need to raise taxes for any new programs. And please, someone give me an example of how during the last Democratic presidency taxes went up and hurt business? It is under the current administration that all of our expenses have gone up. Let's lower those, and lower taxes for the middle class, as Obama has proposed.

I certainly have to agree with the comment posted by AB, Sept 3, 2008 at 2:01 pm. I couldn't have stated it more beautifully!!!!! She hit it on the money - to state it briefly - that we should not vote for a candidate based on personality/gender and many other unimportant things that have absolutely nothing to do with Public policy and the REAL concerns of America. Electing Gov. Palin for VP IS a slap in the face not only to women, but also to every average civilian who are in the trenches (men,women & teen) who McCain/Palin and their whole entire entourage are trying to dis and undermine! And to think we don't recognize the B.S.?! These Republicans are a bunch of dummies.

I'm outta here. Peace.

I would never vote for McCain/Palin. A "hockey-mom" with a few years of experience running a state does not cut it. This is such an insult. Sarah is no Hillary and how dare McCain try to pass her off as even near as competent as Hillary. I am so scared of his politics he is way to old and just as arrogant as Bush that he would take this choosing a VP with little regard for our country. We need to think about how old he is and we really could have her as president of our country. Check out her views on the enviroment and wild life. SCARY

It seems very two-faced when the same women who would demand to be treated equally in the workplace actually suggest that Palin has "too much on her plate." No man is ever accused of this.

It also seems a bit naive to think that John McCain would not consider a candidate because she could influence a voter base he needs. Let's get real here-both sides are politicians and everything they do from this point out is to get elected. Does anyone honestly believe Obama actually picked Biden just because he idealogically believed Biden should be vp. No, Obama weighed in on all the candidates and picked one that he believes can get him elected.

Let's end this pointless finger pointing and simply vote for the platform we agree with and not delude ourselves that one party is idealogically and morally superior.

Sarah Palin has really shaken up politics. Wow! Hasn't it already proven what we women get tagged with "Catty", I am ashamed. It is wise to listen & educate yourself on the policy & voting record of any canditate including Sarah Palin but all I've heard before even getting this first thing out of her mouth, HATE & FEAR. I am not small minded enough to take what the press says about a person as absolute & I do my homework.Plus the press is freaking out because she does not come from the good ole' boy system. But look at all these blogs of women acting foolish & hateful about a person they don't even know. By all means,if your policy & interest differs from the canditate than do your American duty & don't vote for them but to be ugly & judgemental & petty just shows lack of judgement & a true waste of energy!Talk about taking women backwards.
This county has some serious issues to deal with now & unforeseen. Think! Plus isn't ironic that as much as the country dislikes & blames President Bush for all their problems the Congress approval rating is much lower! CHANGE is all I hear, so you would think that women would not be so hypocritical when a Republic Presidental Canditate proves he has the guts to bring a woman on board as a VP & a reformer for change. I guess the status quo & good ol' boy politics is what the women of this country really feel comfortable. From my prospective that is what Obama offers he choose Joe Biden "that's Change?" It took guts for McCain to choose this reformer & remember she went after people in her own party something I have not seen in Obama & he is the Presidental Canditate not the VP.
If you think taxing business is going to help this country & your pocketbook than you've never worked a budget in your life but it will help government get big. Great more red tape. Get the facts woman & than make a choice!

Sarah is a great mom just like all of us. I was so disappointed by her speach yesterday that she would never get my vote for any election. Sarah's new nickname the "attack dog" has proven that she's not really going to make any change. Nothing about the issues was worth mentioning in her so called well delivered speach (as Journalist trained in public speaking, I did not expect any less from her in that regard). I wanted to hear solutions not attacks in this very hard economic times. Barrack was right John McCain is out of touch and I say so is his running mate. She's absolutely no replacement for our Honorable Sen. Clinton.

Facts: Sarah has no experience because the so called Mayor position of a town of 7,000 people which by the way she left debt not surplus (couldn't manage 12million dollar budget).
As governor we hear about her approval rating of 80% why then is she hiring a lawyer to defend the troppergate issue?

I'll do everything within my powers to make sure none of my family members or friends cast their vote for Sarah.

It was so comforting to read many of the comments here and learn that women are not falling for the theatrics of McCain. To think that women are so shallow that the great majority of us would vote for a women, solely based on gender is disgraceful and a slap in the face. I need not echo the detailed objections, as they've been clearly articulated by so many women. I say, shame on you McCain.

The only glass ceiling that Gov. Palin has cracked is the one of the Republican party. It is to bad that she wasn't placed on the ticket because of her proven abilities instead of the hopes to sway Hillary supporters. Palin's views on right to life, gun control, and may other views that the majority of Hillary supporters don't view the same way will probably seal the deal with Obama/Biden ticket. Republicans you call the Democrats to liberal, but at least Democrats feel you should have the right to choose.

Can Governor Sarah Palin be a person of integrity, courage, grit, with strong leadership qualities (just like Hillary)? Sure, but the question is where does she want to lead us, and what are her PUBLIC POLICIES?
It’s not about her children, pregnant daughter, or her husband’s snowmobile racing skills. Just like it wasn’t about Hillary’s pantsuits, her husband’s infidelity, or the tone of her laugh.
Please examine the PUBLIC POLICIES on where these 'personalities' want to lead us;
To a country where women don’t have control over their own CHOICES? Governor Palin was able to make the choice about having her 5 children. Her daughter is allowed to make a choice about being a young mom. And I want to make my choices, legally. I want my daughter, her friends, my friends, and all women throughout the world to have the ability to make their own choices.
Does Governor Palin want to lead us to a country that mines, harvests, cuts and drills all its natural resources in the next 20 years? Or are we equally responsible for leaving something behind for the next generation.
Does Governor Palin have equal science to dispute her claim that global warning (which she admits is taking place) isn’t caused by human beings?
Does Governor Palin believe polar bears and their habitats are disposable? Or should we work to create a way to co-exist with these creatures?
Does Governor Palin believe science should be taught in our public school’s science classes or should faith based intelligent design receive equal coverage?
Does Governor Palin believe we should work to legislate different policy for urban versus rural gun ownership and carrying laws? Or should the NRA write the policy and laws for gun storage, ownership, and safety training?
Does Governor Palin have policies to achieve equal pay, health care, middle class tax relief, union representation, early childhood education, school voucher programs, family leave policies for sick children or elderly family members,immigration, diplomatic and/or defense/offense solutions towards allies and enemies? These are the issues and items that surround us and these are the PUBLIC POLICIES, not stories or sound bites, I want to know about and have as part of the public debate.
Governor Palin says she believes American citizens deserve politicians with a servant’s heart, and I accept her at her word. I then offer the thought that more than 50% of USA citizens want to preserve a woman’s right to privacy and choice. So her duty, as a public servant with a servant’s heart, is to respect and uphold that choice, and not to transfer her private beliefs into our public policies. The same applies to gun control safety issues, environmental issues, intelligent design versus evolution, and a host of other issues.
I am sick at heart about our elections being turned into personality contests. Who has the best ‘story’? Who do you want to have a beer with? Whose biography would make the best Lifetime Movie of the Week? The question is about policies that help our country move forward, embracing and respecting all its citizens and stand strong in the world. Most importantly it needs to be about COMPETENCY. Do you care about your heart surgeon’s personality, or is her/his skill and competency the most important factor? Intelligence, the understanding of complex issues that impact our country and the entire world are far more important than having a great personality. I have worked with men and women who had wonderful personalities, but couldn’t get the job done or weren’t competent, and I prefer to work with those that can accomplish the necessary work despite their less than winning stories or personalities.
We wonder why our country is struggling with many issues. IT’S BECAUSE OF US. We continue to be distracted by a story, a personality, and the newest bright shiny thing. FOCUS on what you want this country to achieve. How you want this country to compete internationally and succeed, not the story or the gender. Ask yourself where each candidate will lead us. History is full of folks with great leadership qualities that lead in the wrong direction.

We MUST look past the appearance of a personal running for public office and inspect the character of the candidate. Sarah and Hillary are both women and that’s where there similarities end. Sen. Clinton is a U.S. Senator, she has dealt with and voted on international issues and seen the affect of voting on treaties, policies, budgets and bills that affect not just a nation but the world. Gov. Palin experience is limited to city and state government issues. She is also the same Gov. that initially voted for a “Bridge to Nowhere” which she deemed that very term she now embraces as offensive. This is a treat we must look at as voters; she supports one matter and when it is convenient and beneficial to her she jumps ship. It did not benefit the people she represented or the nation overall to discontinue the bridge since she did not return the funds for the “Bridge to Nowhere.” She has NO experience with foreign issues and just received her passport in recent years and has yet to use that passport to explore many of the nations we have major ventures in. Her presence as well as her family situation is nothing more than a distraction. The McCain camp has repetitively and vigorously charged Obama with not being able to handle the presidency due to lack of experience yet he chose a running mate with absolutely no experience for the position. Americans are not that dim-witted and will not fall for the Good Ole Party's, GOP, attempt to distract us from the real issues of this election. Her daughter being a teen mother, the baby's father MySpace rants, her baby's metal defect, or her lack of common sense leading her to embark a flight back to AL after signs of labor or complications in TX are not issues that concern us as voters. The issue is CAN she run this country if anything happens to McCain, who is classified as elderly! We will not vote for her just because we were excited about having a woman in the White House. The majority of those who supported Hillary supported her politics, her character, her experience, especially the fact that she experienced two terms in the White House not just her gender.

Tory posed questions about Governor Sarah Palin and how female voters would judge her. Tory’s question was a follow-up to previous comments from Women For Hire readers about Hillary Clinton.

Will Governor Palin be judged on her policies and political views or her gender and personal life? The discussions posted here are fascinating and passionate. Overwhelmingly, the responses seems to be she will be judged foremost as a working mother and less as an acting Governor of one of our united states.

While watching the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats used comparisons of the Kennedys, Eisenhowers and Martin Luther King to offer demonstrations of what an Obama/Biden administration might look like. Their marketing message seemed to be “Greatness by Association.” To me, a list of specific platform items and potential policies of what the candidates want to accomplish was not enough. I want to know specifically what they’ve done for us lately.

A resume of Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin accomplishments would make more sense than expecting us to prejudge them according to those that have gone before with whom they may have similar philosophies (or gender). The Republicans will likely have a similar marketing message. Theirs may be to separate from rather than align with the current GOP administration to demonstrate their full “Greatness by Disassociation” potential.

Regarding potential, it is interesting that McCain has chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate. Are we expected to judge Governor Palin as a Senator Hillary Clinton replacement for the Independents? The audience here says, absolutely NOT.

Let us not forget that this election is nothing more than an extensive and long lasting job interview. We have failed to look at the job description and check the candidates’ resumes as to whether or not they can actually function in the job. Not just ideas, ideals, policies and political views. The conventions are a great time to educate the American public on the candidates’ records, their resumes, the proof. I’ve yet to see this from anyone.

Check out the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where the laws governing discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, age, and disabilities spell out by what an employer must not judge a candidate. I can only hope we are responsible employers during the interview process. http://www.eeoc.gov/facts/qanda.html

Raising children is not a job, it is a career/life choice. If a woman chooses wisely, she can have both. I do not see Sarah Palin as a "hands on" mother, and if ones own children are not that important, how can a country get her attention? The fact she is a woman will not make me vote for her; I'm not that desperate to have a woman in the white house.

I would have & will vote for Senator McCain regardless of his choice of running mate; however I personally feel Governor Palin is an excellent choice.

Sara Palin, NOT!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe what a slap in the face this is. The only reason she is on this ticket is for votes and i find it disgusting. She is not qualified to lead this country. It is a sad day when we choose a woman to help us win and not for their work/contribution.

I want to thank my sisters of all races, colors, religions and schools of thought for being strong and intelligent enough to realize that Sarah Palin was chosen by the Republicans not as a qualified candidate, but as a ploy to attract women voters. I could care less about Palin's personal, family life. What I do care about is the potential for the Supreme Court to be stacked against women. I care that Palin and Mc Cain, and because McCain supports Palin I must believe these are his beliefs, would fight abortion laws that give women rights to contraceptives, keep our children ignorant about science and reproductive issues, endorse gun laws that have helped see many inner city children into the grave by gun violence, and the idea that a woman, or female child, be forced to keep a baby born out of rape or incest, is utterly repellent to me, as a mother and a female. Forget the Hillary Clinton argument. These are basic human rights arguments. The United States is supposed to stand as a model to other nations on science, technology, and freedom. The McCain-Palin ticket is a mockery of everything that stands for. But most of all, how dare the Republicans believe that women are so vain and ignorant that they would vote for a woman just because she is a woman. I have more substance than that. Too many women have fought hard for me to be in the job I have today, a job that years ago was relegated only to men. I don't care that Sarah's daughter is pregnant- I care that Sara and John McCain don't care about women. Thank you for listening.

I view McCain's choice of Palin as a demonstration of his true feelings about women and as a slap in the face of all women in this country whatever their political viewpoint. Women are not stupid or naive enough to support a candidate just because she is a woman. The fact that McCain picked such an unqualified candidate as his running mate in large part just because she is a woman should be recognized by all people in this country who believe women deserve equal treatment in all aspects of our American life and citizenship as demonstrating how much McCain devalues and disrespects women and their goals, lives, and aspirations.

I thought we were striving for equal rights. Women should not be dumb enough to vote for a woman just because she's a woman. We are taking us women back just by this talk of women for women.

It is amazing so that so many other women are tearing Sarah Palin down because her daughter got pregnant.

Obviously all of the people who wrote negatives, have perfect lives and perfect children. This blog looks like a bad "Lifetime Movie" with everyone tearing each other apart.

I would just like to say that the people who think Sarah Palin is being judged for her daughter's pregnancy are way off base. What we can judge here is the stance Palin takes on sex education in schools and programs that are offered to teach our kids not only about abstinence, but about the steps they can take if they do indeed engage in sexual intercourse. WE NEED TO PREACH AND TEACh, about abstinence and birth control, male and female.

It would seem that one of Palin's policies has already failed, and very close to home!

I also can't believe another woman, my sister, would tell me I don't have a choice when it comes to my own body and own circumstances in life. We don't have to agree on the topic, but we should agree that the choice is private, and should be left to the individual. Just has her teen daughter's life should be kept private, unfortunatly, the issue itself, (teen pregnancy,) can't be ignored.

We are not looking down on Palin's daughter, but we can talk about the stance Palin obviously has, and that teen pregnancy is a huge issue in the United States.

I would never vote for McCain/Palin. A "hockey-mom" with a few years of experience running a state does not cut it. What was McCain thinking? Is this the judgement we will have in the White House? NO THANKS!!

This is my stance.


Sarah Palin is no comparison to Hillary Clinton. If Hillary's supporters voted for her because of her beliefs, they will never vote for Palin. Palin will take women backwards instead of forwards. She will be to women what Clarence Thomas is to African Americans.

I consider myself a woman with independent thoughts and opinions. I only vote when there is a viable candidate usually Democratic. The only times I have voted were for Clinton/Gore ('92 and '96), and now will vote for Obama/Biden '08. I mean no disrespect for Sarah Palin, but she has too much on her plate to run for VP. She has too much baggage and needs to address the issues within her own family while being Governor of Alaska. I am a mother of six with three Masters' degrees and look forward to beginning my career, but will never neglect them for any amount of money or success. My family needs come before mine.

I would love to see a woman in the white house, if she is qualified to be there, or a black man, brown man or better yet, just a person. We cannot continue to elect people because they are with a certain party or because they are a minority, war hero or a specific gender. We have to elect people because they have the peoples best interests at heart. I will reserve judgment on Ms. Palen's qualifications until I know more about her. I hope we as a collective people will research and vote on qualifications and not vote blindly. Her daughter's pregnancy has nothing to do with her politics, but it does say something about our countries government involvement in education, we offer children lots of freedom but not realistic sexual education. Let's look at those type of issues and she where she stands and then make decisions. Sorry, I have gone way off course here but in all liklihood I will not vote for her because even with the respect I have for McCain I cannot vote for him.

I have made up my mind regarding the Obama/Biden ticket. I'm not interested in voting for a woman because she is a woman. It appalls me that McCain thinks he can win voters by adding a woman to his ticket. American voters are not that dumb to fall for this trick. I could care less whether there is ever a black, woman or other minority group in White House. I just want someone in there who will care for all the people. McCain/Palin ticket will have us in war. Through out American politics, the only leaders have been White men. Look at the shape we're in. Diversity is needed to balance this thing. That leadership ought to be diverse to reflect the diversity of this country. and , it's not going to work until it's done right. We don't need more lily white leadership in the white house. This country is a diverse nation. I can't imagine either one of them (Palen/McCain) having effective foreign relations--they only know how to relate to White America. Diversity is needed in the White House. It would reflect our diverse nation. I am not going to vote for Palen/McCain because I think the better team is Obama/Biden. Not sure McCain is strong enough to work with Palen. He seems sheepish around her already. And if he were to die in office, would we want Palen as President? I think not.

I think Sarah Palin is in most likelihood a good leader, just like anyone else, Obama included. We should give them both a chance. I respect and admire both candidates for different reasons.

Let's not forget that Obama got to be Senator because our Republican candidate, here in Illinois, beat his wife and that news in all of its ugly details became part of the public record. Obama did not become Senator because he was more "qualified" but because he was in the right place at the right time. This is not to say that Obama is not fit to be president. It's just that when we diss Mrs. / Governor Palin for her lack of experience, we should also hold Senator Obama to the same standard.

Instead of dissing her on her personal choices, and where she goes to church, let's instead ask questions about her stands on the issues. If we need to be discerning about Governor Palin's inexperience, we should be more alarmed at her lack of understanding of foreign policy, than her baby with Down's syndrome, or whether or not she can skin a deer. Perhaps she was too busy raising five children and hunting for dinner to really bone up on the subject, but I'm not sure if the ability to hunt and kill one's dinner is really a bona fide qualification for the White House. On the other hand, I have watched my hunter friends bring home a deer they killed in the wild and then skin and prep it for dinner. It is not an easy task. But are these skills that can be translated to a political situation that is vast and wide in its complexity?

Shouldn't we ALL be focusing on the issues anyway? There's so many more interesting things to talk about than Mrs. Palin's wayward daughter. Or, if we (I'm speaking collectively here) do talk about her daughter, we should say that her daughter's situation is in all likelihood the product of "abstinence only" sex education. Why isn't anyone talking about that?

Issues, can we just focus on that folks?


Sincerely yours,

A. Lebdjiri

Just because she is a woman is no reason to give her my vote and I will not. Yes, it would be nice to see a woman break that glass ceiling and there is no doubt in my mind it will happen, but not this time around. Sarah Palin is no more qualified for the job then many of the women I know and should not be voted for simply because she is a woman. She is no Hilary........

I had to stop at this posting:
Posted by patricia grassey | September 2, 2008 8:43 PM
You can blame hillary for her husbands cheating about as much as you can blame Palin for her teenage daughters pregnancy. Sticking with Bill through it all proves Hillary's strength, and perserverance which is a trait I hope Palin has, just in case she winds up in office..


I don't think Sarah Palin's gender should be a reason for someone to vote for or against here. Just as Barak Obama's race shouldn't be the reason to vote for or against him. Bottom line is, do you agree with their beliefs, their political agenda? Vote for the person who best supports your beliefs, who will work towards the kind of government you want to see. Do I think McCain was hoping his choice of candidates was directed at disgruntled Hillary supporters? It certainly gives that impression. Particularly since he only met Sarah Palin once at a meeting in February 2008. They spoke a second time, the Sunday before the announcement, when he called her about being vice-president. Then he offered her the position. A Vice-President should be someone who can step in and fill your shoes if something should happen to you before you complete your term. Sarah Palin's entire political experience consists of 6 years as mayor of a city with a population of less than 6,000 and 2 years as Governor of Alaska. Pretty slim pickin's if you ask me....

I think it's outrageous that people would judge Sarah on her teenage daughter's pregnacy and then turn around and vote for Barak Obama! He himself is telling you that is wrong and that her child should be left out of this. Oh and he also states his own mother was 17 and unmarried when she got pregnant with Barack. Can you live with being a hypocrite? I am still unsure who I am going to vote for but the more backlash this woman takes for something her teenage daughter did (and Obama's Mama) the more I want to give her my Hillary sympathy aka I'm a sore loser vote.

Sarah should be elected or not based solely on her credentials, ideals, positions per one's own views and political persuasion.

Her personal life should not be a factor unless of course, all of the other candidates that run for public office are scrutinized in kind

I think it's catty to even comment on Gov. Palin's children's lives. It has nothing to do with her ability to do her job. None of us are in a position to judge someone elses children's lives. What's going on in her personal life is nothing more than a fair amout of the rest of us have had to deal with.

it is a nice idea to have a woman on the ticket, however I would never consider voting for any candidate based on gender alone. Sarah Palin does not bring women to the forefront, she actually sets women back.

As a rule I am hearing nothing in these comments that I haven't heard before, especially from those supporting the Obama/Biden ticket as if Hillary were somehow on that ticket.

Comparing Palin to Hillary isn't valid. The Democrats did the first viable female candidate in during a questionably conducted election and now object to any woman who wants to vote for a woman on another ticket.

We are not being given much credit by deciding that we are voting for Palin simply because she is a woman. She has been (incorrectly) compared to Phyllis Schlafy who I would not vote for even in this particular situation i.e. being a disgruntled Hillary supporter. Palin is a compelling individual who has accomplished (by all accounts) remarkable things as governor of Alaska.

I don't agree with her on all of her positions either, but we haven't had an opportunity to know where she really stands on this issues because the MSM and the Democrats have been raising such a rucus about her (rumored to be her grandson) Downs Syndrome newborn, now her pregnant 17 year old (don't let's go there), and now about her ineffectiveness as leader because she can't keep her family under control.

Have I heard these things somewhere before? The argument about Hillary being an ambitous witch? Now it's Palin being so ambitious she is putting her selfish ambitions ahead of her family and her poor daughter blah blah blah. Frankly, I commend the family for supporting Bristol in such a lovely way; granted it's putting on a public face but I'd be pretty upset if I were her mother.

That said, how Palin will lead has yet to be determined. She seems to be destined for her own kind of rock star status which is incredible to me. It makes me think we really have a dysfunctional culture that we are so quick to turn someone into such a celebrity (positive or negative) and no one even knows her yet.

You might be able to blame McCain for that, but I think they are stirring the pot to get those viewers when Palin does finally come out on the stage to speak during the convention. I know I'll be watching. Plus waiting for other pieces of information to come out on Palin.

If it turns out I don't think she is the leader I currently think she is, then I won't be voting this year. Obama has not earned my vote. And while I warmed up to him after Hillary spoke, this current vindictiveness toward Palin is only more of the same given to Ferraro, then Hillary, now Palin and by many women not just men.

When will women learn to support each other and not ditch them for the first good looking guy that comes down the street (if you think that that is too harsh, consider what you've just said to me about switching one vagina for another; but somehow you are right, because well, you are right?).

I can't believe everyone thinks Hilary is so wonderful. As a woman, did anyone ask why she put up with her husband's infidelity? Then why be so interested in Sarah Palin's family? Sarah is a strong, breath of air compared to Hilary who has no personality.

I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and Sarah Palin's politics are so extremely different I could never consider casting a vote for her.

It's heartening to see Women for Hire readers unanimously reject Sarah Palin's qualifications for vice president. For the sake of your nation and mine, I wish for the US electorate to react like your readers come November.

Sarah Palin, the VP candidate, has more executive experience than the domocrat's presidential candidate. I am a registered democrat who always thought I would never vote republican. But this time, I like the McCain/Palin ticket. (I am also a Hillary fan.)

I cannot believe many of the comments I just read!! How can any mother, working or not, chaperone their teenagers 24/7??? That is just not possible. No matter how good a mother one may be we cannot control our children completely. I'm sure that the Palin's did not incourage their daughter to have sex or get pregnant. None of this has anything to do with how capable she is.

While she may not be as experienced as Hillary but then neither is Obama and that doesn't seem to bother his supporters. I would say that two years governing a state is more experience than two years in the Senate. Why is having a President without experience acceptable and not a Vice President. Sounds like a double standard to me.

I voted for Hillary and when she lost I reregistered as a Republican. While do not not completely agree with the McCain/Palin ticket I will be voting for them. John McCain is not George Bush so if change is all people are looking for I believe that McCain will better for this country than Obama. I believe that Mr. Obama has an agenda that no one has heard about and will not be good for this country.

Sarah Palin may have gotten in over her head and I think we maybe asking too much for the country to select an unknown. Let alone comparing her to Hillary.In short, she may be on the wrong side of history.

The fact that she is a woment plays no part in my decisions. She stands for all the things I oppose and that is why I will not support her.

I vote based on issues that are important to me, not not gender.

You can never trust a woman, who insists that contraceptives are not good, nor is sex education in school. No wonder her 17 year old is pregnant.
Also, I am a Democrat, women are NOT interchangeable!!! That is an insult. I would never vote for a Republican to begin with, I don't care if she is a woman. Her ideas are archaeic and destructive. She kills moose, and then eats them as burgers...she is a threat to our nation, God forbid McCain gets in, but if he does, and then drops dead, she's our Commander in Chief...ugh.

Sarah Palin SHOULD be judged for her politics alone. the truth of the matter is that ALL political candidates are judged by their personal lives - regardless if they are male or female.
Look at what happened when Edwards ran for President and his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He took a ton of flack for continuing to run anyway... I certainly did not judge him - if he had his wife's approval to continue the campaign -that was his personal decision. Of course no one knew at that point he was also having an affair. I will not judge Sarah for her daughter's behavior as I have four daughters myself. While one is 20 and the twins are 18 - none of them pregnant, all in college - I still understand that your children are going to make decisions on their own and some will not be the right decisions. Sarah SHOULD not be judged by this, however she will - it's politics.

And just for the record - I would vote for her politics over Hillary Clinton's ANY DAY!!!

To paraphrase LLoyd Benson- "You Sarah Palin are no Hillary Clinton."

The only reason John McCain picked Sarah Palin is to try and get those women who are still upset about Hillary Clinton not being on the ticket, it's as simple as that, and those disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters just need to grow up, and think about the bigger picture, do you really want a President who does not give a damn about the working class and plans on implementing some of the same policies as Bush, where's your common sense.

Let's remember that the Democratics was the first political party to put a woman on the VP ticket 20 years ago with Geraldine Ferraro, so the Republicans are 20 years behind the eight ball, and again the only reason she's even on the ticket is to appease those disgruntled women. If Obama had Hillary as VP, Sarah Palin would be a non-issue, because McCain would have picked a man, and let's be clear Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton and for her to invoke Hillary's words about breaking the glass cieling is just down right low.

Let's think about the bigger issues at hand and elect a President who will indeed implement change, have policies to help the middle class, raise minimum wage and get our troops home.

I think Gov. Palin is more likely to influence blue collar males than to pull in women voters who supported Hillary. The (ignorant) people who think Palin will appeal to women voters and in particular to women who supported Hillary will be in for a big surprise come election day.

Sarah Palin is a desperate attempt by the McCain campaign to draw attention away from the shining star that is Barak Obama. Nothing more, nothing less. McCain couldn't do it himself, so the only thing they could apparently think of to attract attention (or more accurately--to create a distraction) was to choose an attractive, former runner-up to the miss Alaska title who's made a couple of interesting things happen as mayor of her small town of 10,000 and her 20 months as Governor of one of the most isolated states in the country. None of it impresses me.

Palin, as Sen. Kerry so eloquently put it, is a member of the Flat Earth Caucus. She doesn't believe that Global Warming is a man-made problem. She thinks that a gas pipeline is the key to energy freedom. She is Pro Life, and yet she supports WAR. These views are old and dated.

McCain's attempt to make Obama's popularity seem like a negative thing didn't work. We all know that if McCain did a European tour, few if any would show up. By offerning Palin on the ticket, perhaps McCain will be able to draw a bigger crowd at his rallies and create the illusion that he's just as attractive to this country as Obama. It just isn't true.

Hilary Clinton supporters are too smart to vote for Palin just because she's female. Moreover, Hilary Clinton spent far too much time throughout her political career fighting for human rights to stand for anything so absurd. It goes against everything we stand for--namely EQUALITY. And seeing all humans as equal means selecting the best PERSON for the job.

And I happen to think that few on the far right will go for Palin either. She may have brought a downs syndrome child to term, be supporting her daughter through a teen pregnancy, and sending her oldest son off to Iraq, but that just goes to show how regular she is, and how she is too scattered to focus her attention on Leading the Greatest World Power - the United States.

The Vice President of the United States must be ready to take over as President on a moment's notice. Sarah Palin simply is not presidential material--not even close.

My vote helps determine the direction our country will take in the future. I admire Sarah Palin; she's an awesome woman, but her core beliefs about abortion, gun control, and the war clash with mine. I have to vote for the ticket that comes closest to my concerns about vision and policy. I'll betray my own beliefs if I vote for a person because I like her. I'm African American and I did not vote for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Why? They had one agenda and did not represent the policy and political agend that secure the future of my country.

I do not think that putting a woman on the ticket is going to get McCain elected. The women that supported Hillary are not represented by this woman. A person who is pro life cannot be a war and NRA supporter. I would rather see an early term abortion than have a child that has grown to adulthood be sent to war to kill or be killed. I want my daughter to be the only one making decisions over her body. I will vote for the candidate that assures her these rights. Note that when Palin took the stage with her pregnant daughter , the bump was covered by Palin's baby.
Palin should have spent more time at home chaperoning her own daughter. Now she is runnig for office and wanting to take away other womens' rights.
In reference to experience and vision, I look at those who back Obama and see the true face of America, still clinging to the American dream, even as our country tumbles in popularity , economics and ethics that have been in a decline since the Republicans took office. If McCain/Pallen are possibly elected and we know how the Republicans can work the chads), our country is going to continue to spiral out of control through the self serving efforts of those who really do not have a clue or sincere care about the sufferings of the greater masses of American citizens.

Frankly, I find it interesting that although Obama did not choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate, she continues to be talked about as if she were part of the democratic ticket. Obama and Biden might be the ones running, but it appears that the power belongs to Hillary.

I also feel that some women degrade Palin for her beliefs and I find that shameful. Bloggers and some media brought Palin's daughter into the political scenario by falsely proclaiming that Trig was her son. I ask, had Palin not been honest about her daughter's circumstances to what extent would this lie have been taken?

Some women who proclaim tolerance for others instead show hypocrisy by their behavior towards other women with dissenting views.

I, for one, look at the whole package a person has to offer; from the political to the personal -- it all plays a role. As an independent, I welcome Sarah as much as Hillary to the discussion.


I do not think that putting a woman on the ticket is going to get McCain elected. The women that supported Hillary are not represented by this woman. A person who is pro life cannot be a war and NRA supporter. I would rather see an early term abortion than have a child that has grown to adulthood be sent to war to kill or be killed. I want my daughter to be the only one making decisions over her body. The spin on the pregnant daughter of Palin is disgusting. On stage with her mother note how she covered her bump with Palin's child. I know teens need constant supervision. Five minutes of indiscresion is all it takes. If Palin had been home chaperoning her child, the opportunity to get pregnant might not have presented itself.
In reference to experience and vision, I look at those who back Obama and see the true face of America, still clinging to the American dream, even as our country tumbles internationally in popularity , economics and ethics. If McCain/Pallen are possibly elected(and we know how the Republicans can chew the chads), our country is going to continue to spiral out of control through the self serving efforts of those who really do not have a clue to the sufferings and needs of the greater masses of the American citizens.

If you want to consider lack of experience - no one has been president. McCain is tainted by his war experience and is fighting old ghosts. He is no more a maverick than Obama is. He gave up that right when he caved in with an unqualfied candidate that didn't meet the criteria he himself set for someone ready to step into the presidency. Maybe some day she could, although her policies are abominable to me. Vote for her because she is a woman? Ridiculous - she is against womens rights. If she were a man would she have been selected after being a mayor of tiny remote town and a gov for a blick in time? Nope. McCain is insulting and a liar. Palin is just plain scary. Who cares about her personal business - it's her politics that are scary. Obama may be untested but so far his judgement has been pretty sound - he's as political and untested as Kennedy, Carter ... look where the last governor in office got us...into a black hole that McCain Bush will only deepen!! Change - what world are you living in?

I do not think that putting a woman on the ticket is going to get McCain elected. The women that supported Hillary are not represented by this woman. A person who is pro life cannot be a war and NRA supporter. I would rather see an early term abortion than have a child that has grown to adulthood be sent to war to kill or be killed. I want my daughter to be the only one making decisions over her body. The spin on the pregnant daughter of Palin is disgusting. On stage with her mother note how she covered her bump with Palin's child. I know teens need constant supervision. Five minutes of indiscresion is all it takes. If Palin had been home chaperoning her child, the opportunity to get pregnant might not have presented itself.
In reference to experience and vision, I look at those who back Obama and see the true face of America, still clinging to the American dream, even as our country tumbles internationally in popularity , economics and ethics. If McCain/Pallen are possibly elected(and we know how the Republicans can chew the chads), our country is going to continue to spiral out of control through the self serving efforts of those who really do not have a clue to the sufferings and needs of the greater masses of the American citizens.

Sarah Palin is not qualified to do the job. Women should not vote for her just because she is a woman. She needs to be taking care of her Downs child if that is her child and not her grandchild. She is not to be trusted. She lets her personal feelings interfere too much.

There were so many other qualified women that McCain could have chosen whom he overlooked out of spite for Barack. Blacks built the White House, and should be allowed to lead our country. It is not the fact that he is black, it is the fact that he is smart and intelligent, and has a lot to offer this great nation of bigots who are hiding behind "oh we don't know him." The Republicans have screwed up things enough. No to Sarah Palin. Let her stay home and take care of her family that really needs her to be physically there for them.

I would also like to add that she has no concern for wildlife. She does not feel like the polar bears are endangered species, but there habitat is steadily melting away, cmon. She wants to drill where they live.

I am insulted that since McCain choose a women, it‘s felt that I'd vote for a Women. I certainly would favor a women but one that's qualified! There are so many talented and qualified women in the Republican side I'm aghast that he selected Sarah. I guess "beauty queen" mentality trumps experienced and savvy again. Her views are so radical that I wouldn't support her if it was a him! She can no way match Hillary’s ,intellect, background and experience (no matter what your political persuasion is).

The issue of children & career is an issue again . Thought we buried that 20 years ago! If she has the proper family support then fine. Michelle Obama at least has her Mom and personally took time off (from her own career endeavors)for her children.

I feel sorry for Palin’s baby. For him to achieve a bountiful life, even with his challenges, who will have time for him?
She just seems to “slick” for me!

While voting for a ticket simply to move women to a higher career level would be highly irresponsible, I am very satisfied and pleased so far with McCain's choice of Sarah Palin, and look forward to learning more about her. The fact that she is a woman is only icing on the cake. She has great courage and integrity, and has already proven herself able to stand against the poor judgment of others, even within her own party. More than anything, we need people in Washington willing to stand for what is right and best for the American people, not for power and politics as usual, and she's shown strong leadership ability to do just that.

In mentioning her daughter at all, I do so to address two issues only: 1) Regardless of what values parents work to instill in their children, they are individuals who make their own choices. 2) In questioning her position regarding sex education and its supposed results with her daughter's pregnancy, those who object to "abstinence only" education in schools are missing the point of the objections. I disagree with the opposite way sex education is presented in school. I object to the promotion of sex for teens and the assumption of teens' complete inability to wait until they are truly emotionally mature enough for the responsibilities that go along with it. Yes, in our sex-saturated society, our children need ALL the facts and responsibilites around sex, but the healthiest way is within the context of values, their best interests, and giving them the confidence requiring the belief that they are capable of making wise choices, as many do, instead of the opposite message. If that were happening at school, there would be no need for objections. I have no doubt that her daughter knew the full facts of protection, taught at home within the context of her families' values, and like many others taught either way, her pregnancy occurred regardless. I fully appreciate the positive support the family is giving Bristol, and feel it has no bearing on her Mother's ability to govern well.

With a large family and a small baby, Sarah has huge responsbilities to juggle, but that simply makes her all the more able to relate to the many of us doing the same. Do our "lesser" perceived roles in the workforce make it more acceptable to have careers at the supposed expense of our children? To beat a dead horse, no one questions a man whether the heavy or high-level responsibilities of his career are best for his family. While Sarah has a huge role to fill, she also has the resources to have all the support she needs.

Choosing someone for any position based on the promotion of gender or race would be foolish and unacceptable. If they are unqualified, it only defeats the purpose. I look forward to learning more about Sarah in order to vote for the best candidates.

Several websites and supposed news sources have begun asking for readers' opinions since Palin's daughter's pregnancy was made public. As a liberal-minded, independent young woman, my support is neither with female VP candidate Gov. Palin nor with the once-maverick John McCain. Nonetheless, Bristol’s unplanned pregnancy in no way reflects how Palin may or may not govern as VP. If anything, it reflects the ineffectiveness of Palin’s supported abstinence-only education. That is all. Criticizing Palin because her 17 year old daughter did exactly what so many 17 year old girls do (though at least while in a relationship unlike many other young girls) is ludicrous. Her effectiveness in office cannot be judged based on her nearly grown daughter’s decisions.

Also, I realize that once you enter the bright spotlight as Palin has, you’re family becomes fair game for the media. Still, I find the media and public’s attention to this very young woman’s personal decisions absolutely embarrassing. Private family matters such as these should not cause this stir – becoming “breaking news,” and a primary topic on mainstream news providers in addition to tabloids. Instead, the media should focus on Palin’s experience (or lack thereof of as many – I included – might argue), and her ideology as applied whilst holding office. Her daughter’s private struggles, on the other hand, should be left for Bristol, her boyfriend, and their families to attend to.

"...you can't trade one vagina for another..." anon.

If your values and political agendas aligned with Hillary Clinton, it is criminal for anyone to cast a vote for someone who is so much the opposite of what Clinton stood for just because she(Palin) happens to be a woman. WAKE UP people, it isn't about you anymore, it's about the future of your generations to come.

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton couldn't be more different. How could anyone who voted for Hillary cast a vote for Sarah - someone who has never seen anything outside Alaska....so much so that she commented that "It's nice to see another part of the country"? Is she for real? Is McCain for real? If I were a Republican woman, which I could never be, I would be insulted that McCain couldn't choose a more qualified woman, if being a woman was his main criteria for a running mate. What a slap in the face to those Republican women who have worked long and hard for their party and their country!! I hope her being a former beauty queen wasn't his second reason for picking her!!!

palberici, you mean that you are worried about something happening to McCain because of Sara Palin's inexperience yet you're not worried about Obama? If we are talking lack of experience, I think that the President is the one who needs experience not the VP.

...and another thought on the experience question. Hillary Clinton has been "near" politics and governing for many years... but she hasn't actually done it. Saying her "experience" qualies her to be President and Commander-in-Chief is like saying Lee Iacoca's wife is qualified to run an autombile manufacturer... or that Bret Favre's wife is qualified to be an NFL Quarterback. They may have a heightened sense of awareness about what goes on... but they haven't had to make (and live with) the hard decisions. When the phone in the White House rang at 3:00 AM, do you really think Hillary woke up for the conversation? In this light, Sarah Palin actually has more directly transferrable executive and leadership experience than any of the other three major folks in the race.

I could go on a tirade about why Sarah Palin is not the best choice as the Republican VP, but I believe there's a far greater issue at stake here.

I think it's incredibly selfish and egotistic that Mrs. Palin would decide that putting her 17 year old daughter through the guaranteed microscopic scrutiny and judgement of the international press and mass media was of lesser importance to her than this political opportunity.

Bristol is a young woman who has to deal with some difficult issues and is incredibly lucky to have the love and support of her caring family. But to have her situation dragged into the blinding light of day by political talking heads and gossip columns is purely the fault of a single-sighted woman whose ambition has run amuck.

Shame on you, Sarah. Shame on you.

I'm horrified at this woman and her pushing her 17 yo pregnant daughter to get married. This is part of her right wing fundamentalist Anita Bryant agenda. God help us all if this woman, who believes that abortion for rape and incest, should be made illegal is elected. And what will she do if anything happens to McCain...how will she handle Russia, Iran and all the mess that is the world? I will never vote for McCain now.

I can't imagine how daunting a task McCain/Palin present to Obama/Biden and their supporters. Imagine, two members of the organization with the lowest approval rating of all those measured (Congress) who are Lawyers (another low-ranking group) and preaching change... running against two non-lawyers (one of whom is from outside of DC). The only downside for McCain/Palin is that they may have to stop emphasizing Biden's poor judgment in choosing a running mate with so little experience. I think this election just got a whole lot more interesting. As for the VP Debate(s)... Biden had better not underestimate Palin's strength of character and tenacity.

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be the VP. I'm offended that John McCain would pass over qualified women to put her on the ticket.

I subscribe what Debbie R. posted above, today, at 2:30. It's exactly what I think!

How can we blame her for the 17 year old daughter's pregnancy? I have many friends and family members who raised their children in good Christian homes and they still had a teenage pregnancy. You can't tie them up and lock them in closets. At 17 the girl knew that having sex can lead to pregnancy. At least the teen didn't run out and get an abortion. Just because other politicians children don't have babies doesn't mean they never got pregnant.

As far as being a working mother goes, with the tax structure the way it is most Americans have to be two income families. Now if McCain and Palin do get voted in, let them pass the Fairtax so that all Americans can keep their paychecks, which in turn will also fix Social Security and abolish the IRS. Now that would be "CHANGE" we could all use.

She has grit and it's refreshing. To take on status quo and special interest and win. I am
going to vote for McCain as I want a maverick in
office. They are the 'change' team. Unless something I don't know comes out, any family issues don't affect how I feel about her ability to do her job.

I will for the right ticket for our country and Sarah Palin is part of that ticket. She has experience with tough issues, experience as an employee, as a working woman, as a working mother and as a government employee. The thing I like best is her principled leadership. Funny you mention breastfeeding and her and her husband's teenage daughter and not her son who is going to Iraq on the 11th? That omission ( you chose to include the others and not this one) says more about you Tory than it does about Sarah Palin.

Does anyone remember the TV show "Commander-in-Chief" with Geena Davis? Sarah Palin bears a striking similarity to her, especially in this photo and during her introductin/acceptance speech.

I was a Hillary supporter and have no interest at all in Governor Palin. She is a hypocrite, an apparently not very attentive mother and a person who indulged in less than ethical while pretending to be a maverick and a representative of change. We are learning of charges against her concerning firing a state official for not terminating her ex-brother-in-law and of accepting federal funds for the "bridge to nowhere" without using them. Now I also hear that she has been involved with an organization promoting the secession of Alaska from the union. And she wants to be VP? NO WAY!!!!!

I think it was very upstanding for the VP Nominee to go public with the news of her daughter's pregnancy. Many families in America have undergone the same experience. Therefore, many will be able to relate to her and the honesty of the family.
Her daughter should be left out of the equation. She is running for VP, not Bristol. Leave the kid alone and out of it.
We all know Women can do a million things at once and besides I am sure she will have a nanny available if needed. So in my mind, problem is solved. I would much rather vote for a ticket that has a women VP and mother of 5 than for someone who wants to increase my taxes by a huge amount and make the official language of the US NOT English. That is just unheard of. Also note that the whole Palin family had their hands on their hearts in the recently published photo of them. You wanna talk about change, I believe Palin and McCain will bring about all POSITIVE change. Change for the good of America and not the illegals and terrorist.

I believe that women are much more intelligent than John McCain and the Republican party give us credit for.

The 18 million primary votes cast for Sen. Hillary Clinton were cast because of Senator Clinton's experience and dedication to helping others....and for her beliefs....being a woman was just the icing on the cake. I believe (and hope) that the women voters will cast votes based on many more factors than a candidates sex. John McCain is to be commended for having gone through hell being a POW but that DOES NOT QUALIFY HIM TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. He has no clue with regard to the economy and has a bad temperament just to mention two. Just as having 5 children and holding a job, DOES NOT QUALIFY ANYONE (WOMAN OR MAN) TO BE THE VICE PRESIDENT AND POSSIBLY IN A POSITION TO BECOME THE PRESIDENT. I am so disgusted that there are people so ignorant that they would cast such an important vote based on someone's sex?????? Gov. Palin has NO EXPERIENCE AND WAS A HORRIBLE, NOT THOUGHT THROUGH CHOICE. This was McCain's first big decision and should be an eye opener...he had only met her once....absolutely UNBELIEVABLE that she was chosen by him. She has no experience at all and I ask my fellow women voters to please make an educated choice and show all that we are smart enough to make important decisions based on what is important.

I feel badly for Gov. Palin...when Joe Biden debates her, she is going to be in real trouble.

How could I possibly vote for Sarah Palin when her politics are not going to advance women but set us back. She can't compare to Hillary Clinton and I will not vote for a woman just because of her gender. Hillary was well qualified. Sarah not only doesn't have the experience, but is not pro-choice and against sex education in school, and much more. The fact that her teenage daughter didn't practice the abstinence her mother preaches only strengthens the argument that teaching only abstinence is not effective. This is not a woman for us to be proud of. Just because she has the parts doesn't mean she is good for her gender. It is indeed an insult for McCain to think she would capture Hillary's supporters votes. We need to move forward, not backward.

I like Sara Palin. She represents all the me and my family are. We live in Wyoming and love the outdoors and are hard working people. She is a fighter and an inspiration. I would like to see her run for President someday.

I would love to be able to vote for a women, but Gov. Palin is not the one. I was not sure about Sen. Clinton. I also, believe that voting for a woman based soley on gender is wrong, because all you are doing is setting that woman up to fail. We have to make sure that our President man or woman can run this country.

If the other candidates daughter was pregnant would we be asking this question?
Her politics - just like the other candidates - is the basis of evaluating her ability to lead our country. Holding any of the candidates responsible for other peoples' actions/choices is ridiculous. What family has never been touched by decisions a child makes that are outside the teachings or preferneces of the parents?
The Republican Party probably thinks they have made a smart strategic move to put a Woman on the ticket. So be it --- just get her elected. (Do you see they finally think it is an advantage to have a Woman in the mix?!HELLO!) The next growth phase will be for her performance to take a bite out of the "Woman in Office" issue and move toward a Woman Presidental Candidate (and getting elected) not being any bigger deal than any other qualified candidate getting elected.

I don't judge her by her daughter's pregnancy. I judge her on her politics and her judgments. I think being VP is a little more than being a career woman. As a mother I have a difficult time understanding how you can be VP, which will be extremely demanding, and be an involved mother of five, including an infant with special needs. To me, it seems to be all about her, and not what is best for her family. I know I will get attacked for this comment, but that's how I feel about it.

Thank you for asking my opinion.I am very concerned that the 18 million Hillary supporters who claimed their support was based on gender will be as narrow minded in their assessment of Ms.Palin. I take issue with the comparison to Hillary(even though I did not support her in this campaign because I honestlty felt that Obama was the better candidate for change)for several reasons.First is the fact that I don't find conservative and democratic to be comparable.Secondly I place a very high value on education.Thirdly I believe that every female has the right to decide whether and when to give birth to a child. Forthly,I am a humanist and do not believe that we should hold the right to bear arms for any purpose other than to defend oneself and only in the manner justified by the aggressor. I find it difficult to, as a mother of two daughters, ages 18 and 15 ,overlook the fact that protected sexual activity is required to protect oneself against life threatening diseases. To cousel them in any other way is less than responsible. I disagree with the fact that going up against the ole boy network in the political arena is such a right of passage. Any woman who feels that they have achieved status based on that today is totally unappreciative of every woman who has worked to dismantle that network for the centuries that preceeded .It is appalling to me that a former beauty queen in a state which shares so little of the quality of life issues and socio-economic issues of the rest of these United States has the guall to call herself qualified to stand next to women who have EARNED their right to call themselves accomplished by doing more than having 4 children and pretending that it is a great feat to have done so. It is ludicrous to me that this woman would actually allow her children to bare the pressure of such scrutiny when at least one of them has a lot to be ashamed of by most standards. This so-called woman is sure to stop at nothing to grab an opportunity to elevate herself to a higher standard of living. I am not ashammed to say that I have nothing in common with Ms.Palin and I hope that I never do.
Thanks again for the opportunity to express how I really feel about the matter.
Charlotte Ramsey

I think she should be judged on her politics and experience. I think the lack of experience is huge. I have always been for women having the right to work. I have two working daughters with children. I think the difference in Sarah is that she has such a young child with special needs. Families I know with a special needs child have extra work and I think the child needs extra attention and more time. If her special needs child was older and you knew the developmental issues at this time, I would not hesitate to approve her running. I am a democrat and wanted a woman in office but not this one. She does not have the experience to do the job if she had to fill in. If the dad was going to be a full time dad that may be a different story. Is he quitting his job to move to Washington?

The daughter being pregnant has nothing to do with her running. That is private. But anyone who is running for office should know what they are throwing their entire family into. Are they willing to subject themselves or the family to this.

Then back to her politics. Does anyone really know at this point?

I am a democrat and would find it difficult to vote for a republican, however I will comment on voting strictly on gender and personal life.

A politicians personal life will most likely be reflected in their views and opinions, therefore voting for someone who's personal life you admire would most likely result in a vote for someone who's views and opinions you admire as well. Based on this, it would be ok to place a vote based on personal life.

This said, if you are not given adequate details about a candidates personal life, it would be best to vote based on a persons published views and opinions. This would eliminate the risk of erroneously sterotyping a female candidate as a proponent of school and children when this in fact may be very wrong.

Dear Women For Hire;
I will vote based on who I think will make this a better country and better world. Hopefully the majority of voters can look beyond gendor and race to pick the human being best able to make the changes we want to see.
Thank you for asking this question. I look forward to seeing what the majority of respondents have to say on the subject.

I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Palin to have achieved all that she has and with a family of five. While I personally question one's ability to raise a new born let alone one with challeges, while holding such a demanding job, I think the more important question is her experience and what she brings to the table. She has not been to Washington, participated in the congressional process or dealt with the foreign policy issues. She's a reformer in the context of her environment - Alaska, not the entire U.S. Overall, I think she is a good choice in some ways BUT, there were other more experienced and better choices that McCain could have made.

I am offended and appalled by the insinuation that women who supported Hillary Clinton were only supporting her based on her gender and not on her stand on the issues and social concerns. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin do not share anything in common when it comes to the real issues. Clinton is pro-environment conservation, Palin is pro-big oil and drilling in wildlife preserves, Clinton is pro-choice, Palin is against a women's right to choose even in the case of incest or rape. Clinton has the experience and depth of knowledge about both domestic and foreign policy issues, Palin's view of the world is confined to the state of Alaska and 15 months as a Governor of one of the least populated states in the Union, a state that has often tried to break from the Union, yet another stand that Palin has supported. I'm sure Palin is a decent person who cares about her family and her country but her view of the issues, and of the world is very limited, and she is not prepared to serve this country as the second in command. McCain's poor judgement is disgraceful. His reactionary politics have always concerned me, but now his actions are downright frightening and condescending to all women.

Joan D. of Dutchess County, NY

Palin needs to take care of your children and perhaps work as Press Secretary for McCain and not the Vice President. She is no where close to Hilary Clinton. She is not experienced.

As a Hillary Clinton supporter, I could never vote for Ms. Palin. We having being a woman in common, but after that very little.
I voted for Senator Clinton because of her experience and the fact that she is a woman was great, but not the deciding factor.
I am pleased with the Obama/Biden ticket because I believe this country needs to change.

I don't think the personal tragedy that her unmarried 17 year old daughter is pregnant should have any bearing on her professional career as VP candidate or any other job for that matter. What control does she have on every action by her nearly adult daughter? This just shows it can happen anywhere to anyone. However, that all being said, I want to make it clear that I would never vote for McCain no matter who he had running with him.

I cannot imagine that anyone who was voting for the woman that Hilary Clinton is would find that same experience and quality in Sarah Palin. So I can't imagine that JUST being a woman in politics is going sway the 18 million votes for Hilary to Sarah.

I respect Sarah's life accomplishments. However, in this particular election and for a vice presidency to a 72 yr old president, she is not prepared. I think the Republicans have given us Sarah as a sacrificial lamb for slaughter.

I think it's great that there's an ETHICAL, FAMILY woman nominated on the Republican ballot. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. You should not be judged by what your children decide to do - think back to when you were 17 - were you LUCKY not to get pregnant? Should it matter her husband had a DUI 20 years ago? How many of you or your spouses/significant others have driven following even 1 drink? It doesn't matter or affect her policies or beliefs.

She has run a very ethical, family oriented career in politics. Her beliefs and policies are what's important and should remain important. Granted, if she stands for something and doesn't live it, then that's another story. Ie. - all the men in politics having an issue keeping it in their pants or at home!

Bravo for her and I hope everyone can get past the BS and see all the candidates for what they offer and can actually provide, not what they did or their kids did, etc.

I don't believe Sarah Palin is a qualified candidate. Hillary Clinton is in a different class when it comes to experience and understanding of national and international affairs. Hillary Clinton could have run our country. Sarah Palin could not run our country. A woman is not the right answer, the right woman is.

I will be voting based on politics and policies, not on gender. This election is definitely unique, in that we could vote based on gender, race or age, but none of these are the best factor in determining which direction the country will go -- only policies are.

I don't think Hillary's 18 million votes will help McCain / Palin get into office, as Hillary had extremely different political views than Palin does. If McCain thinks the 18 million people were picking her just because of her gender, and hopes to get them, he's going to be very disappointed come November...

Regarding Palin's personal life, more than anything else it's messy and proves that McCain did not properly vet her prior to selecting her.

That all said, Obama has been my candidate of choice all along.

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