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From My Inbox

December 12, 2008 2:51 PM

With all the bleak economic and job news out there, it’s no wonder that my inbox is filled these days with emails from many of you asking for advice. So many of the questions are the same, so we thought it would be helpful to share them, along with our responses. So here we go. Find advice here and also post your suggestions too. We're all in this together so we welcome your thoughts, your leads and your encouragement for all of the women who visit this site.

I sent an e-mail a couple of weeks ago, however no response, so I'm resending it to you. I wanted some advice in regards to how to tackle this challenge of getting employment. I have been in media sales the past 18 years, and my job was eliminated in October. I invested in having my resume re-work, which turned out great. However, due to the lack of spending with in regards to advertisers, media is not something I want to get back in. So, I have been sending out my resume to positions in other industries, such as, healthcare, technology, and non-profit. I have joined Ladders, and have had no success. I also send my resume to positions that are on Monster, and Career Builder. What advice can you give me in searching for a new opportunity? I feel like my resume is going into a black hole, and I need to search elsewhere. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Me: You're right: Your resume is going into a black hole. Don't rely on job boards. Apply online but then call the places you're interested in -- get to someone directly. If your cold calling doesn't lead to a name, then use LinkedIn to find a name. For example, you see a position online for media sales role at XYZ ad agency. You submit your resume online. (Always better to submit directly to the company website instead of through a job board, if applicable.) Then you call XYZ to ask for HR or for the person this position would report to. If they won't connect you, then try LinkedIn.com. Plug in the name of the company, location and general title of the person you're trying to identify. If no name comes up, eliminate the title and just search for names at the company in the location of your choice. It's very likely you'll get a name. Call or email to introduce yourself and explain why you're an ideal match for the opening. Ask for 10 minutes of their time, ask for them to pass your resume to the decision maker, ask for a connection. Bottom line: You can't just apply online and wait for the phone to ring. It won't ring. Good luck!

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This is great advice. I also suggest sending your resume "cold" to companies, even if they haven't posted an opening. You'd be amazed at how many people have found positions this way (my husband being one of them)!

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