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From My Inbox

December 15, 2008 10:41 AM

With all the bleak economic and job news out there, it’s no wonder that my inbox is filled these days with emails from many of you asking for advice. So many of the questions are the same, so we thought it would be helpful to share them, along with our responses. So here we go. Find advice here and also post your suggestions too. We're all in this together so we welcome your thoughts, your leads and your encouragement for all of the women who visit this site.

My question to you is: what advice do you give women who are in their 50's and have been out of the work force for 20-30 years? Where does one start? I fit in this category and do not have a college degree. My last job was in 1988 when I was a customer service clerk. My computer skills are very minimal. My fears are that my resume will look very bleak and that an employer would probably much rather hire a 20-something with experience/training under their belt. Any advice?

Me: You have to start with people who know you and would be willing to make referrals. Find a community college or YMCA program in your area that offers free computers skills and job training assistance. The biggest hurdle is making sure your technical skills are up to date. Join some networking groups in your area. You've got to get out and talk to people -- and aim for small businesses where your resume won't be as critical as it would be to a large company. Dont focus on age since you can't control that. And remember that 20-somethings tell us that nobody will hire them because they don't have enough experience. Everyone worries about age, but it's not worth it. Focus on what you can control! Good luck

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Hello Tory,

I have a question and I am really hoping you will be able to help me! I have been a teacher for the past 8 years. Once I had my baby, I decided to stay home with him for at least a year instead of putting him in daycare. With only one income, we have been really feeling the strain. I have been actively looking for a job that I could do from home making similar money to my teaching salary, the problem is, there are so many scams it is really scary. Do you have any advice as to where I could possibly look for an at home job to make a decent income? I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer me.

Thank you,


On November 26, 2008, I was told that I no longer had a job. My business was changing the job description and I had a apply for my job next year. They felt like they were paying too much in overtime. I live in a town of 300 people so the number of jobs available are very few. I have applied for two jobs and have been turned down both times, not qualified enough. I'm a teacher/dispatcher/forestry tech-timber of the United States Forest Service/noxious weed supervisor but none of those jobs are available in my area. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have a 23 month old baby girl. I want to give her the world but I can't afford to give her what she needs. I am willing to do anthing. I would love to work at home, if possible. I have computer skills(minor in computer programming). I am interested in virtual customer service, any kind of typing jobs, teaching on-line, or processing jobs. I'm willing to take classes needed to get a job. I would like to do medical transcribing but not sure what course to take. My biggest fear is I will pay for this course but I will not get a job. Can you help me figure out how to find doctors to hire me? Can you tell some places to look for medical transcribing jobs? Can you help me get a job? I can study anything and pass it but getting employers to hire me is the part I don't know how to do. PLEASE HELP ME !!!! I need your help so bad my insides hurt.

Hi Tory, I have a question... I have been an administrative assistant in the automotive industry for over 20 years. I've managed to work in various parts including sales and marketing, engineering, finance, etc. so I've had an opportunity to learn many diverse skills... my question is, how do I go about getting out of the industry... making a transition to ANYTHING. My husband and I both work in the automotive industry and worry every day about our futures... I am new to this but excited to have found it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Sherri

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