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Free Advice Call with Tory Johnson

April 5, 2010 10:31 AM

It’s career expo season for me. That means I am in the air far more than I am in a cab and my bags are never unpacked for long. I was just in Atlanta. This week it’s Dallas and Chicago. Is it hectic? Sure, especially since it also requires me to make arrangements for my 12-year-old twins at home while I’m on the road.

But, I love it. I love meeting you, hearing your stories, and putting a face with a name—or in some cases, a face with a Twitter ID! I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Years ago at my expos, I began sharing my story of becoming an entrepreneur—how I started in the corner of my bedroom, how I’ve grown the company, and how I felt more secure (especially after being fired unexpectedly from a job I thought I’d have forever) when my paycheck was dependent solely on me and my own efforts.

The lessons I’ve learned—and shared—have given hope and inspiration to many of you as you’ve launched and grown your own efforts. Now I enjoy hearing from the scores of you who feel the same as I do and are embracing self-employment—its challenges and opportunities—as you’re determined to make your mark.

Since our following is national and I don’t get to visit every part of the country face to face, I’m offering you a special call this Wednesday, April 7 at 1PM ET and again at 8PM ET to share some of my secrets for small business excellence.

During this free 45-minute call, I’ll reveal:

• 5 Super Simple Strategies to Grow Your Business Right Now
• 3 Huge Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching the Media
• Details on my new intensive coaching retreats

To participate in the call, just send an email now to RSVP@toryjohnson.com with your first and last name, email address, and preferred call time of 1PM ET or 8PM ET. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the call in number for Wednesday.

Space is strictly limited, so please RSVP now. (If your time slot is no longer available, you’ll receive an instant auto-reply letting you know it’s full. If you don’t receive that reply, you should mark your calendar and look out for the email with the call-in number and passcode, which you’ll receive within 24 hours.)

As some of you may know, I am hosting an intimate, yet intensive, retreat in Dallas, TX at the end of the month for just 20 women from around the country who are committed to creating exponential growth in their businesses (and income) this year. I'll then work with them privately for six months following the retreat and I'm looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and helping them achieve their dreams. (Learn more at www.toryjohnson.com.)

Still, since most of my personal programs are limited to only 20 women, I’m offering this FREE teleclass for you where I’ll reveal some of the things every small business owner should know right now to get her business moving.

These are real-world strategies anyone can use immediately. No theory. No fluff. No hype. This is the stuff that’s working well for me, which means there’s no reason it shouldn’t help you too.

If you’re running a small business and you know your business has untapped potential and profit, or you feel stalled or even in a downward spiral, you won’t want to miss this call.

For example, if you're a career coach without enough paying clients, if you're an author who isn't selling books, if you've launched a website but haven’t generated traffic, if you’ve created a product but can’t find buyers—you get the idea—then this call is for you.

And as a bonus, since I’m asked this all the time, I'm also going to share the top 3 mistakes people make when pitching themselves (or their businesses) to the media.

I hope you’ll RSVP now to join me live on Wednesday, April 7 at 1PM ET or 8PM ET for this 45-minute teleclass.

Comments (12)

It's a good piece of work.

I am 60+ and high energy woman. I have failed at almost everyhting in my life professionally. I am desperate to find my passion. Problem is that I fall in love with everything that I do and then get bored. I have been frustrated with real estate it does not pay the bills. My husband is ill and 69. I want to work and earn decent money. Please, please help me Tory.


Hello Tory, YES, please sign me up for tonight @8PM. Thank you!

Please sign me up for tonight at 8PM. Thank you for your time!

I'd love to sign up for 8 pm call.

If there are still open spots, I'd LOVE to get on the 8pm call!!! Thank you! :)

Heard great things about the 1PM call. I would love to be on the 7PM call.

Please register me for the 8pm call. Thank you.

Saw your twitter post for the 1pm call. Does this sign me up for the repeat at 8pm tonight? I hope so. Looks great.

I am interested in joining this call.

Call @ 1:00.

sign me up for both calls!

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