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Best of Dallas Conference Call

May 3, 2010 3:01 PM

There were so many gems this past weekend at my Dallas retreat (not to mention sparks too during our firewalk, which you can catch a glimpse of at facebook.com/tory). I wish you had been there to experience it all. I left inspired by everyone in the room—and determined to do whatever I can to support each and every woman to realize her professional best.

Now I want to attempt to bring the highlights to you. No charge. No travel. Just a nuts-and-bolts spotlight on many of the ah-ha moments and profitable strategies revealed to you in paint-by-numbers, implement-me-now simplicity.

Be sure to mark your calendar to join me by phone for 30 minutes tomorrow, May 4 for this free teleseminar. I'll share not only the bright nuggets from this retreat, but also a sneak peak at what I'm planning for our Spark & Hustle National Event in July because I want YOU to be there with me.

Just send an email to rsvp@toryjohnson.com with your preferred time for the 30-minute call (1PM or 8PM EST) on Tuesday, May 4. You’ll receive an email confirmation with the call in number and details.

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